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Thread: [Fixed] Broodmother Web Bug

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    [Fixed] Broodmother Web Bug

    If Broodmother levels up web while invisible on a web, she will become un-invisible as if she stepped off the web.

    Repro Steps:
    1) Stand on Web while invis
    2) Level up web

    Broodmother becomes visible to enemy units

    Broodmother remains invisible as she has not left her web.

    I believe this is an issue with her losing effects instantly when leaving the web, as I believe it replaces all webs on map with a higher level web when she levels it up. This was not an issue in past versions as she did not lose invisibility instantly.

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    Here's a match ID, standing on webs in top lane, I skill web and am visible to drow, who attacks me.

    Match 364351121

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    Confirmed, if you level up web while invisible, the invisibility breaks. Pretty serious bug IMO.

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