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Thread: Matchmaking Abuse Report Thread

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    Download and watch yourself. What are these 2 matches.

    First match: 3191340844
    Second match: 3191408845
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    Download and see these 2 spoilers. One failed to do his quest then he blamed carry. Another saw the blamer then he started to throw.

    Match ID: 3192878595

    Steam link (Treant Protector):
    Steam link (Jakiro):

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    Match id: 3194116947
    Player name: [FHP]gimy[ar]
    Player steam link:

    Riki player just destroy our match, buy all courriers but not activate. In first minutes my friend dc and he control him and killed him twice. Also stay afk all time in mid and take our mider xp can we just do something about him?
    You can check full match and see what he is doing.

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    [*] The matchid of the game: 3215829352
    [*] The name of the feeding player:
    [*] The name of the boosted player:
    [*] The amount of games you found where the player got boosted (if possible including matchids)

    i think this is a rented bot, either that or he just goes mid lane and feeds .... also, he disabled public match data...

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    i need help to report some player that ruined my game.

    DOTA 2 Match ID: 3217820966
    2017, June 1. 1.44 PM

    Nickname: Click
    Steam ID:
    Playing as Ember Spirit
    MMR matchmaking

    he went for the first blood and feed the courier in the first minute and leave the game / abandon . but the game still count. it's not fair for me and the other three people who suffer minus MMR because of one ruiner in the first minute.

    please punish him or replenish our MMR

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    DOTA 2 Match ID: 3220756874
    02.06.2017. 10.19 PM

    Nickname of Feeder: батчер
    Nickname of Boosted guy: Forgetful
    Steam ID of Feeder:
    Feeder guy: Clinkz
    suspicious boosted mate guy: weawer
    Steam id of boosted guy:
    MMR matchmaking ( RD )

    we were winning a game, players can be in same game if they have similar ranks and searching game on same server and RD mode.

    no one blamed clinkz, no one did anything wrong. we were winning and team was so cheerful. then he suddenly stopped playing and feed someone in enemy team. made enemy team won, camp blocker wards, feeding couriers, selling items, feeding with hero etc.

    those guys have hidden profiles so I am not sure if they are mate or not. but we beileve so.

    weawer doubled his rank with new compendium feature.

    clinkz lost 25 points, weawer got 50 points.

    what if next time other guy feeds clinkz player?

    50-25 = 25
    50-25 = 25

    both guys get + 25 points without any risk for any week.

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    The matchid of the game: 3222370624
    The name of the feeding player: 317400453
    The name of the boosted player: 301645486
    sandbox user
    played eu east / spanish

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    Match ID: 3226345597 / 3226177105 / 3222074068 / 3222635707
    Name/Account of feeding player: 83577790 /
    Boosted player: 101820866 /

    Proof they play and queue together: 3222283121 / 3221853101

    Some of these plays are caught on livestream if needed. They follow a player and literally just throw the game if on his team.

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    Match ID: 3243369748
    Name / Account of feeding player: 105956014
    Boosted player: 250894867

    The feeder blamed the carry, but he was not playing bad at all. Looked like he made up that excuse to start feeding. This was a ranked match.

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