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Thread: API Requests

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    That would kind of suck IMO, mostly because no one has worked out how to code different talent choice based on situation yet and if the defaults did it but scripter added bots didnt that wouldnt be very good at all.
    a function that we could use to make them do it would be nice, but i dont see how they would do it.
    Sorry to compare games, but Heroes Of The Storm bots actually level up randomly, have random skins and use all heroes.

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    Also, are the default bots now able to level up the new talents? If not, please fix this; some bot scripts have an automatic update function, so the default bots should as well in my opinion.

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    Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but it would be good if it was possible to assign bots to lanes in a different way from at present. The current system where you walk to a lane and the bots rearrange accordingly is ok, but it messes things up if you accidentally walk through the wrong lane etc., and doesn't really allow for solo offlane/trilanes. Maybe a way to assign lanes on the minimap during the picking phase? Or new commands to direct bots to a lane? Anyway I realise this is hardly the most pressing API addition but just thought I'd throw it out there in case - it would be cool.
    Also if it hasn't already been mentioned I think it would be good if the bot prefix in front of the bot names is removed. For example, there's a bot script on the workshop that uses pro player names but the (Bot) in front of the name spoils the effect lol.

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