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Thread: API Requests

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    Also, while playing around with the jungling code and thought about how to code the Roshan attack (and how these functions might help ) I thought some might appreciate a little more control over the Aegis, by making UpdateRoshanDesire() return a table of the desire and a unit handle (similar to roaming). The unit handle would be the Aegis carrier, which could be read by a global GetAegisCarrier() (that would return the unit that is supposed to carry the Aegis, similar to roaming). Since I am doing a full takeover since it gives me more control, I am not sure how people using modes decide who should pickup the Aegis now (mainly, I don't know if the Roshan mode ends once he is dead or once the Aegis is picked up), so I don't know if this would help more or not, so it's open for discussion
    I plan to do a team wide carrier desire (based on role and then inventory space).
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    I would like one of

    a) a GetUnitToLocationDistance() that returns path-distance, not raw distance.
    b) GetNearbyTrees(vLocation, nRadius)

    Im trying to avoid hardcoding locations to stack/pull from. so the bots can approach/attempt from any starting angle/position and it looks natural
    my issue is they can just wait the wrong side of the trees

    b) would solve it by letting me work out the 'average tree position' surrounding the camp. The camp opening side is roughly the 'inverse' of this position with respect to neutral spawn location Lina bot which pulls small camp when 'laning' (Aim to work on pulling and stacking bots initially) Parsing data from bot games

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    Hi, I'm new and I would really like to try your API, it would be a pleasure, thank you.

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    Hi, I'm new and I would really like to try your API, it would be a pleasure, thank you.

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