This started only a few days ago. I am unable to join my local chat channel (London, UK). Usually it would automatically join the channel but it no longer auto joins. Attempting to add the channel manually, I select the channel from the list, but the list simply disappears and the channel is not joined.

I am able to join and chat in all chat channels except my local channel. I think the bug is that it thinks I am already joined (automatically) when I am not. It's incredibly frustrating to not be able to use this specific channel because it's so popular. If my local channel was anywhere else in the UK I may not even have cared to report it since I could still use the London channel.

Several attempts to restart both steam and dota 2 have not helped, nor has using "/leavechannel" prior to joining worked. There was one time I started up steam and dota and it said the client was out of date. This was the only time it successfully seemed to automatically join the London, UK chat channel. I hoped or assumed it had been fixed. After I updated the client it was once again no longer joining the local channel automatically, and I was once again unable to join manually also.

Please fix this, or help me understand why this is happening.