should we have a stickied thread for useful things for people who have not done any scripting in valve games before?

as there's a lot of things I've found along the way that help me out writing stuff, that aren't really put anywhere on this forum or the wiki

list of things that would have helped me knowing about immediately:

console commands (some of these first require setting sv_cheats 1):
  • dota_bot_reload_scripts - updates bot code in-game. so you can fix error without having to restart game

  • restart - restart game without having to back out and create fresh

  • dota_start_game - sets timer to 0:00 and spawns lane creeps/stuff

  • host_timescale - allows you to speed up game to run through tests/checking stuff faster

and this
  • DebugPause() - if you have a problem in your code. add it where the problem is. when game pauses can make changes and then do bot_reload_scripts

there's also probably stuff other people are using that I don't even know about