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Thread: Dota 2 Crash Randomly

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    Dota 2 Crash Randomly

    Hi there,

    Please help! My dota 2 will crash randomly in the middle of the game w/o an error message. It will just close out the window back to the windows desktop. My drivers are fully updated and I'm checking temps all the time, no overheating or anything.Currently, I'm playing on a 1080p and maxed out all settings since I know my specs can handle.

    Attached here is the dump files.

    My specs are:
    CPU: i5-6600k 4.4ghz
    GPU: 1080 TI
    RAM:16 GB
    PSU: 620w
    OS: Windows 10 PRO

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    RzDspSrv c:\program files (x86)\Razer\ingameengine\64bit\RzDspSrv.dll
    RazerHook64 c:\program files (x86)\Razer\ingameengine\64bit\RazerHook64.dll

    It's 99.9% because of Razer glorified spyware "ingameengine" software.
    Try first to disable that "feature". Or completely uninstall Razer stuff, devices will work just fine without it.

    The other .1%:

    Hyper-V Virtual Ethernet Adapter
    That does not sound right, DOTA should be played on a real network adapter, not a virtualised one (probably in promiscuous mode so having performance issues)
    Read this or this or this.

    Nahimic VR sound enhancement - Nahimic has a history of crashing games up and down, left and right (pun intended).
    I don't know how stable this latest instalment is, might need to disable / remove it until issue is fixed.

    - There are a few sound-related errors logged, did you verify integrity of game cache after the latest patch?
    - Exclusive Fullscreen + no launch option = worst experience, so use launch option -dx11
    - Use launch option -nojoy (or disconnect / disable your joystick device before launching the game)
    - Switch video mode to default Borderless Window
    - Activate Streamlined Push To Talk in DOTA Audio settings.

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    Hi there,

    Thanks for your response. I'll try to remove all razer apps later and test it out. On the other hand, I think the Hyper-V isnt an issue. I installed it for virtualization/testing purposes so I think I cant remove that one. I'll let you know the results once I checked it out.

    Thanks again!

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