Before we begin I like to apologize for my writing. Hope people focus on the discussion, and not the presentation.

I’m making this post because I want to bring attention to this special ‘feature’ that I believe it’s seriously overlooked, but IMO is single-handily the most detrimental/sole(root)problem in Dota.
The ‘Public Availability’ of this system is what most problems in Dota arise from.
Everything ranging from Toxic Behaviors, Repostings,
to human effects such as anxiety, stress, depression,
to game social interaction and mmr class discrimination.

If you look back prior to the MMR system being unveiled to the public, Dota2 was a different game WITH a different social culture. The problem listed above was less frequent, and people ‘Enjoyed’ playing the game.
Dota Pre-mmr was like the friendly town social bar people would go to spend a few hours afterwork to hang with people, chat, and relax/have fun.
All that changed and in the course of several years the psychology of the community got rewired.
Instead it all that slowly started eroding. The pursuit of gaining a higher number became the goal. The desire to show others that they are better with their number became the focus.
Slowly the problems stated above dramatically increased, and still increasing every year.
People love the game, but they don’t enjoy it like they used too.
Jumping on a Ranked Game is Stressful. It’s brings unwanted problems, but yet they try because they feel ‘forced’ to increase that Number. They feel everyone is judging them based on their MMR and if they are not high enough...then the community labels them as failures.

Many disagree with Dendi, but he has an excellent point.
MMR is just a number.
Unfortunately the culture/community in Dota changed so much in the last couple of years after the introduction of the MMR system that they outcast-him, and label him(and many other)as failures.

So what do I propose?

I say VALVE should publicly get rid of the ranking system.
They can keep that data to themselves, but erase it from public view.
At the same time reintroduce a new FRIENDLY SYSTEM system that motivates, AND REWARDS people.

This of course will have many angrily voicing their dissatisfaction/displeasure with the direction the game will take. The sad truth is because they don’t want their HIGH Status to go away. They want to be special/different from the rest.
In time this will pass.

So how does this new Ranking System would look like?
How does it work, and how can it prevent the problems the current system has?
Would it be like a traditional sport?
Would it be none at all like in the UFC and focus on Heroes/Position played?

I don’t know, but we can start the discussion here 😊