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Thread: Dota 2 Lore Megathread

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    The bouncer in the new Zeus/Arc Warden comic seems to be whatever species Brewmaster's none-celestial half is.

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    You should really update this thread, arc warden made things interesting and it would be cool to see what you think about him.

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    any website where i can read free dota 2 comics?

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    found an interesting thing. looks like abaddon connected with juggernaut and phantom assassin somehow.
    they are waiting for him at the entrance to his castle(?) when he was returning from an evening walk.
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    I find DoTA lore to be very interesting, but also very hard to get into. I see various videos on very specific aspects of the lore, but nothing going over the general overarching ideas beyond the stuff everyone knows (Mad moon, Radiant, Dire, etc.).

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    Legends say that Sun Wukong is connected to the (four?) celestial spirits, Dark Reef escapees (including Slark, who led the breakout). Once beaten up Razor in the Narrow Maze.
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    Any info on what all the dark moon is?

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