Yesterday, I have decided to write a small .cfg script to help me do some things in-game.
However, this script would rely on printing information on screen (using developer "1" and echo commands) and I ran into two problems with this:

First, I can't find a way to print a newline. I looked on some TF2 forums (as it shares similiar console commands with DOTA2) but none of the solutions worked, whatever I try all the text appears on the same line (and eventually goes off screen).

developer 1;
con_filter_enable 1;
con_filter_text !!!

echo !!!sampletext
Using this I can control what text gets displayed when using echo (and so that all the other stuff that appears on console doesn't on screen). The problem is that echo commands that start with !!! only display first word of argument. For example, if I say echo "!!!Type This" what gets printed is !!!Type and not the second word. Is there any way to print out the whole text (without putting !!! in front of every word)?