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Thread: Update Notes - January 23, 2013

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    Update Notes - January 23, 2013

    - Added Troll Warlord!
    - Added All Random to matchmaking!
    - Added tournament calendar view to the Watch tab!

    - The pathfinder now ignores obstructions that are due to units that are not visible to the pathing unit.
    - Crystal Maiden: Fixed Freezing Field channeling ending if you get purged.
    - Dazzle: Fixed Poison Touch slow and stun applying if BKB was used after it had been applied.
    - Drow: Fixed Drow Illusions carrying the double bonus from Marksmanship
    - Keeper of the Light: Fixed Chakra being castable on magic immune allies.
    - Keeper of the Light: Fixed Manta dispelling Mana Leak.
    - Lifestealer: Fixed Rage not removing certain buffs that BKB does (Empower, Haste, etc).
    - Medusa: Fixed Mana Shield happening after Stout/Vanguard damage block rather than before.
    - Meepo: Fixed Poof considering dead illusions as valid destinations.
    - Morphling: Fixed Replicate dying if Morphling dies with Aegis.
    - Timbersaw: Fixed Whirling Death sometimes taking too long to cast when used with Timber Chain.
    - Timbersaw: Fixed Chakram cast time behavior.
    - Visage: Fixed Attack and Defense type on level 3 Familiars.
    - Warlock: Fixed Aghanim Warlock Golems not doing enough damage.
    - Fixed MKB dealing bonus damage to towers.
    - Fixed ground courier being able to block lanes and surround Roshan.
    - Fixed being able to lifesteal more life than the target has.
    - Fixed Diffusal Blade cooldown being 12 seconds instead of 8.

    - Added Practice vs Bots option in the Play menu.
    - Added a privacy setting in the UI so that players can specify whether they want to allow external 3rd party websites to be able to access their match history (defaulted to private).
    - Least Played mode now eliminates each players' top 40 played heroes, up from 20.
    - Added completion cost to shop item tooltips, displayed if the player has one or more components.
    - Added tooltips to the shop category buttons.
    - Fixed the Repick option disappearing too soon.
    - Fixed bug where buffs would sometimes display an incorrect duration sweep.
    - Bringing up the combat log will now hide the killcam.
    - Fixed bug where sometimes spectators would, when inspecting a player, not see thier cosmetic items.
    - Fixed bug where Dota 2 would not track changes in the Windows default audio device.
    - When spectating a game in directed, hero chase, or player view, the mouse will no longer be locked to the window.

    - Added new item sets for Lone Druid and Necrolyte.

    - Added Necrolyte bot.
    - Added Witch Doctor bot.
    - Sven will no longer War Cry when doing a casual retreat.
    - Fixed Viper bot not harassing with his unique attack modifier.
    - Fixed bug in Sandstorm avoidance that always made bots maximalliy avoid it.
    - Adjusted the values so that bots are more willing to tanking creeps at high health/tankability ratings.
    - Bots now take into account cleaving when determining what neutral camps they're willing to farm.
    - Death Prophet bot will now use Carrion Swarm more when laning.
    - Fixed bug that would cause bots to fountain-dive sometimes.

    - Added a "Show Low-Res Model" checkbox that toggles between showing the low & high resolution LODs for imported models when in Loadout camera view.
    - Now automatically switches to showing low-res models in the Day/Night camera views, and high-res models in the Portrait camera view (since that's how they're used by the game).
    - Fixed "Other" submission type displaying a "failed to find content file" when submitting.
    - Fixed Preview not resetting background properly when moving from Portrait to Day/Night view.
    - Fixed Preview losing hero rotation when going to and from Portrait view.
    - Fixed a case where the Add Wearable slot buttons didn't work for some slots on some heroes (like Sven).

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    All Random, well done !

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    Quote Originally Posted by vladhood View Post
    boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow

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    All my work, all my calculations to the system of your thread posting, it is all ruined. You maniacs. You ruined it. You are no fun. It used to be so bootiful.
    Heroes this user should seriously reconsider ever picking again.

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    Damn, ChrisC always deliver on them bots.

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    Thank you!
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    <3 volvo
    nao rls tuksarr nt dtechiks


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