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Thread: Russia and North Europe Server Support

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    Something's wrong with EU West servers. I live in Belarus and my ping to EU East and EU West was always like a 10 ping difference. Now check this out:
    My ping to EU West now is almost the same as to US East, a server cluster located like 2,5 times farther away from the EU West one. Might as well play on American servers now lol. My friends are reporting the same problem as well.
    And yeah, sure I can play on EU East and Russia for now, but more servers for queuing is always nice and separating the EU dota player community is not very good imo. Valve, please, look into the problem and fix it ASAP. Thanks in advance

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    so big leap of ping ( comes to 4000 ) every game. often have 400 ping during long time (30+ seconds).
    Dota tell "come on, lets play with 29 ping" (rus server)
    dont know what to do
    it had started from patch 7.00

    checking with "CMD" show thats result: average ping: 32 average ping: 60
    without some "leap"

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