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Thread: Dota 2 Rankings

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    Dota 2 Rankings

    i wanted to do this just to see what people think i will rank and give my personal experience with every aspect of the development on controversial issues.

    Report/Mute System : 7/10
    Even with a lot of complains i found this system very effective i admit it was caotic the first's weeks but now people is more polite, haveing only 2 reports make the old report abusers think twice before wasteing one of their reports. This only applies to +500 wins, -100 wins is different world, the world of multiaccounters and there nobody cares thats why i took 3 points

    Solution: Hard punishments for mutiaccounting.

    Matchmaking: 9/10
    Again once you are a player with enoght wins mm works perfect, personally i think complaining about one sided games is just a lack of knowlodge of the mechanics of the game. On the other hand having no ranking make's the game boring and eventually pointless.

    Solution: I'm not a fan of stats i dont care about kdr or sensless shit like that but im always trying to track my personal improvemnt i really think a ranking system would be great and also will help people to improve, why? because as many people are afraid to be the lowest ranked player of a game and be forced to be the "team bitch" is a good thing for that only carry or midder players, they wont be the worst player in every game, the will be able to play important roles when they get the first spots and practice the supportive roles when they not.

    Local Servers And Languages: 3/10

    In my opinion this is one of the worst aspects of the game i found hard to understand this 2 topics
    - South America server: is only for portuguese and spanish speakes and that options are not in language selection
    - Ping: every online game has a ping limit if you have 300 ping you get kicked. ofcourse you cant apply this inside an already started dota 2 game but i think if your connection exceds the ping limit you shouln't be allowed to play in specific servers.

    Solution: Add spanish and portuguese and make the client ping the servers before a player can queue for a match this will also help people who are having connection issues and they dont know about it.
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