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  1. Sven Verbal Dialog
  2. Maybe I'm crazy, but did Axe's blink dagger dialogue change?
  3. its not in the bag?
  4. Beastmaster pet dialogue
  5. Furion voice
  6. Pudge's comments
  7. Juggernaut has no "you have chose me" sounds
  8. Morph Replicate
  9. "The Enemy's Middle Tower has been destroyed"
  10. Sheepstick line triggered when buying Scythe of Vyse
  11. Bloodseeker's Bloodrage
  12. Tinker
  13. Heroes dialogue too loud and sound effects too low?
  14. Spam click "angry" dialogue - soon or not included?
  15. Chen uses an Illusion orb but doesn't say anything?
  16. Night Stalker wants to kill a non-existent bird.
  17. Tiny's voice
  18. Windrunner dialog
  19. Lich dialogue suggestion
  20. Chens dialogue on my nerves
  21. Dazzle's voice
  22. [BUG?] Chen dialogue
  23. Jakiro's Dialogue
  24. It is time to have an off option
  25. Omniknight spamming "FEAR NOTHING"
  26. Pugna says "Area Blast" when moving
  27. Omniknight's voice
  28. Tide grammar FLame
  29. Pugna says Nathalie?
  30. No dialogue or monologue while left clicking
  31. Pugna's Voice Pitch
  32. Skeleton King verbal dialog
  33. Victory/Defeat lines and the victory/defeat music
  34. Warlock thinks upheaval is shadow word healing
  35. Puck Phase Shift Autocast
  36. Necrolyte's Aura and "hero under attack" sound
  37. Bloodseeker's Thirst sounds
  38. Crystal Maiden Voice is awful
  39. "Tuck your tail and run you mutt!"
  40. How to disable the voices manually ?
  41. Bot voice suggestion
  42. Increase the time between voice responses on attack/move?
  43. Enigma
  44. General Audio/Voice interactions within the game.
  45. Meepo only says his own name
  46. Rikimaru keeps saying "Post haste" on move commands.
  47. One of pudge's lines has a static pop like Sven used to
  48. New Jakiro Dialog
  49. "nature`s prophet" ?
  50. My hero never comments when killing another hero?
  51. Anti-Mage's personality in general is far too plain.
  52. Warning speech when being ruptured by Bloodseeker
  53. Eidolons
  54. Sniper voice-priority
  55. Kunkka's voice
  56. Chen Dialog [Suggestion]
  57. Viper kills... again?
  58. "Care for a cocktail?"
  59. Option to lower chance for hero to speak on movement?
  60. Lich's saying his ultimate failed all the time
  61. Where can I change the volume of the Hero Verbal Dialog ?
  62. Situational Voice Acting
  63. Illusions and game end
  64. Drow Mispronounces "Bitter"?
  65. Riki Getting Invis Rune
  66. Enigma
  67. Taunts / Hero messages
  68. Rival response lines overly formal and lack subtlety
  69. Omniknight misusing his first blood line
  70. "Silence!... I kill you!"
  71. Night Stalker DarkwingDuck easter egg.
  72. No more Zerg sounding untis?
  73. Leshrac should be more angry
  74. Overlapping Rivalry Comments
  75. Puck has a bad voice actor
  76. so how often are heroes supposed to use their 'alternate' rune pickup sounds?
  77. No Slayers references from Lina?
  78. omniscious this omniscious that
  79. Doom Bringer
  80. [Suggestion] Enemy Hero Spotted
  81. Night Stalker is hilarious!
  82. Would be cool of Skeleton King said something...
  83. [bug?] Skeleton King has two different voices.
  84. Lifestealer doesn't say his name when picked
  85. [Bug] Loud snap sound on Shadow Shaman movement voice
  86. Krobelus: "I am under attack" sound-clip playing, even when screen centered on hero
  87. Heroes say 'I better not drop this' when making radiance. Intended?
  88. Just throwing it out there for abbadon's voice
  89. Pudge sounds too jolly and not rotten corpse-ish enough. He needs more gruff.
  90. Windrunner bottling runes
  91. Tinker using Heat Seeking Missiles
  92. Pudge lines
  93. [Suggestion] Sniper Ult
  94. Beastmaster: Dragonborne!
  95. Void a bit too loud?
  96. Victory lines
  97. Funny Idea for Leshrac's Dialogue....
  98. [BUG] Clockwerk's rivalry lines.
  99. Resurrection dialog/sound effect playing after defeat or victory.
  100. Venomancer talks too much about his plague wards
  101. Weaver's movement response
  102. morphling
  103. Slardar's Voice is really lame.
  104. [Suggestion] "Denied" line
  105. Ursa bearly has any bear puns
  106. Enigma's new voice
  107. Death Prophet's Ultimate
  108. Beastmaster suicidal? - Voice when you give order to taken over Beastmaster units
  109. N'aix has the best kill quote ever
  110. Head... Bodyshot!
  111. Overall voice concept of dota2 heroes
  112. Speeches cancelling each other, importance of speeches.
  113. Storm Spirit
  114. Open source voice acting for other languages?
  115. Five enemies, five bounties!
  116. Rhasta's new voice - poor choice
  117. Gondar doesn't comment on denies
  118. Death Prophet: Exorcism
  119. The great and only nemesis thread!
  120. After-the-end "I'm under attack" voices
  121. Custom voice packs?
  122. More Rivalry Lines!
  123. New Dialogue suggestions for Enchantress
  124. [BUG. LIKELY] Warlock's Upheaval
  125. Stuttering when selecting hero
  126. [BUG] Batrider confuses Lina with Mirana
  128. Suggestion: Add Death Prophet's "HHIIIIIII"
  129. [Suggestion] Change game sounds
  130. [Bug] Ancient Apparition uses incorrect rival line.
  131. DOTA 2 hero voices bugged?
  132. "I mostly come at night... mostly"
  133. Dazzle Spech: "Dark Light"
  134. Mirana considers a Venomancer ward hit a "Bullseye".
  135. Chen: "Leap of face." > "Leap of faith."
  136. Shadow Shaman's death comment
  137. It's Hammer Time!
  138. Will older heroes get new Rivalry lines?
  139. Omniknight: "Hat Ya"
  140. Tidehunter Dialogue "I could eat a..." nonsense
  141. Nature's Prophet - "I am a leaf on the wind"
  142. Pudge cursing creeps
  143. Bloodseeker telling lies
  144. Axe sounds just horrible!
  145. Batrider uses a Mirana specific line after killing Lina
  146. Sven/Sandking hard to understand?
  147. Suggestion: make Sniper sound more like a dwarf
  148. Silencer`s voice
  149. Spirit Breaker's level up sound
  150. Death sounds too uniform...
  151. Pudge Voice (sounds like a pansy not a heap of flesh)
  152. Enchantress Beastmaster's Hawk
  153. Dream voice actors
  154. rikimaru said gondars line
  155. Play deny sound when heroes kill runes
  156. I feel that the voice acting in WC3 was way better
  157. Lion line to other heroes
  158. Hero Dialog with Spells
  159. Can Dark Seer say Sun Tzu quotes?
  160. Earthshaker should have more b-ball quotes
  161. Witch Doctor!
  162. Ursa threatening Roshan when Roshan is already dead.
  163. Slardar's reaction with Morphling's replicate.
  164. Please stop using the same voice filter over and over again.
  165. Invoker's Voice
  166. Hero voices
  167. Hero Dialog in Clashes
  168. Some dialogue suggestions on the new heroes
  169. Some heroes don't have rival messages
  170. Lifestealer's speech after killing a hero
  171. More Easter Eggs and References lines
  172. klinkz voice
  173. Microphone crackle at the end of one of Shadow Shaman's lines
  174. "I came a long way to see you die." -Slardar
  175. Sound for blocked heroes
  176. hero verbal dialogue, awesome idea
  177. Heroes speech lines.
  178. The ultimage Hero Speech Review Thread
  179. [Suggestion] Hero speech at revealing invisible units
  180. Impossible to understand Clinkz.
  181. Bloodstone verbal dialog
  182. Omniknight repeling Silencer
  183. Earthshaker's Voice
  184. Dialog Suggestion - "I had to go back to the shop anyway."
  185. Tinys voice
  186. Let TobiWan give his (awesome) voice to a hero
  187. Darkness heals you?
  188. We need a Left 4 Dead Representative!
  189. Ideas for Tresdin
  190. So Necrolyte has Syphilis? The dirty dawg.
  191. Suicide lines or teammate deny lines
  192. Could we get Enchantress to sing a song? She's so adorable.
  193. Increase Unit Dialog Frequency?
  194. Nightstalker and day and night
  195. Minor Dazzle verbal dialog mistakes.
  196. Tide's broken english
  197. A Treatise on the Language of Skeletones
  198. Different announcer for radiant and dire ?
  199. Offensive Morphling Dialogue
  200. Hero dialog too loud?
  201. "Events-Only" unit speech
  202. Spectre's phrase when you click on him in the learn tab.
  203. [Suggestions] Roshan Responses
  204. First blood lines
  205. The "LEARN" dialogue.
  206. Pugna refers to Outworld Destroyer as Obsidian Destroyer
  207. Enchantress Response Suggestion
  208. Anti-Mage and Necrolyte sound too similar.
  209. Let me guess, does Bane speak proper English too?
  210. Bane Elemental looks good but sounds gay.
  211. #1 issue with Bane
  212. Bane Elemental and his new quotes
  213. Cannot turn Hero Responses On After Turning Off.
  214. Make the Shitty Wizard Lines play when Rubick Steals a spell.
  215. Sven's New Lines
  216. Valve overdoing way too many puns/jokes in hero dialogue?
  217. Nature's prophet, new voice actor?
  218. Homophobic Naix = )
  219. Hero level up quotes overlap with kill quotes
  220. OD and Clinkz voice actors
  221. Make Axe Good Day line use correct gender
  222. Please implement this Bane voice clip
  223. Bane and Sven's new lines are not being used
  224. Suggestion: Team Wipeout lines
  225. Invoker: improper voice actor?
  226. Juggernaut vs. Dragon Knight line
  227. Juggernaut - Atropos - Balanar
  228. Kill Taunt for Shadow Fiend
  229. Caustic Finale Impoper Hero Response
  230. Doom Bringer Rivalry Lines
  231. Suggestion : Add dissapointed \ annoyed lines from heros when banned
  232. Rival speech error for Tidehunter when killing Pudge.
  233. Voice lines for banned heroes.
  234. Are the Shopkeeper responses going to be used in the future?
  235. Cheese voice lines
  236. We need a "Lich, please!" line by Lich (or another hero, when killing Lich)
  237. [suggestion] add tiger sound
  238. Critical death vocal screams.
  239. Voice after finish
  240. Venomancer and Faceless Void sound way too much alike.
  241. Bounty
  242. Shadow Demon's Skills
  243. Silencer isn't using his Rivalry Lines
  244. Doom Bringer/Shadow Fiend/Shadow Demon rival interaction
  245. Bane misuses his rivalry lines
  246. What a frozen waste, no?!
  247. Rival Hero Interactions: wasted potential
  248. Does anyone know what Lich's accent is?
  249. Streak ending dialogues for (certain) heroes.
  250. add an exception so the same response doesn't play twice?