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  1. Lich - Chainfrost sound
  2. Pudge - walking sound
  3. Neutral creeps - spell sounds
  4. Zeus or Zuus?
  5. Morphling ulti sound
  6. Cant turn off unit reaction sounds
  7. Change Mirana Arrow sound effect
  8. Change Mirana starfall sound ?
  9. Doombringer and Anti-Mage attack sounds
  10. Enchantress sound bug when in spectator mode
  11. Illusary orb
  12. Lion's Hex
  13. Pudge ROT
  14. Sniper's attack
  15. Beastmaster's pets dying
  16. Death Ward's music ...
  17. Heroes don't talk when making the same command
  18. Add a sound effect when a hero dies from Ice Blast (AA's ulti)
  19. hero attack sounds
  20. Beastmaster Ultimate requires more bass
  21. Crystal Maiden Attack Sound
  22. [Neutral Creep] Ursa Warrior's Thunder Clap
  23. Pudge - Fresh meat, Fresh meat everywhere
  24. AA ice vortex
  25. Furion teleport sound
  26. Blood Seeker - Rupture
  27. Creeps
  28. Sound effects from other sides of the map
  29. Winning sounds
  30. Clockwerk's missile in fog
  31. Some of miranas sounds echoing.
  32. Crystal Maiden sound glitch
  33. Huskar - Burning Spear
  34. Heroes attack sound
  35. Doom stole skill sound ...
  36. Creep deny needs a rewarding sound
  37. Slardars stun sound effect
  38. toggling autocast plays the sound for the casting effect.
  39. [BUG] Pudge sound all over the map
  40. General Audio feedback.
  41. Nerubian Weavers Shukuchi sound
  42. No creep death sound effects (no section for this post)
  43. Creep hit/kill sounds aren't fleshed out/synced well
  44. jugger critical sounds odd
  45. Summon death sounds.
  46. Hold Position sound effet
  47. Timer sound for Unstable Concoction continues if Alchemist dies with it
  48. sounds disappear
  49. Anti-Mage mana burn sound
  50. Pudge's bite doesn't sound as good as DotA 1.
  51. Deny Sound !!!!
  52. Ownage sound
  53. Kunkka's ghost ship sound
  54. Pudge's rot/hook visual and sound
  55. change sound chain frost effect
  56. Drow Ranger attack sounds are hearable through fog
  57. [Suggestion] change some hero attack sound
  58. [Bug] Sound comes through opposite side of headphone in relation to hero location
  59. Lions Mana Drain
  60. Sound Effect of Tidehunter getting hit.
  61. "Lich gonna have your mana" - does not match to his ability
  62. Silence sound effect
  63. Night Stalker Attack sound
  64. Alchemist sound issue
  65. Lifestealer's attack sounds like the frying pan from tf2
  66. Lane creeps attacking hero
  67. turning off sound effects
  68. Faceless Void attack sound
  69. Add sound for Rhasta lightning
  70. Sound When missing an attack
  71. Krob's attack sound
  72. Most melee heroes' attack sound is cheap and bad
  73. Shadow Fiend: piercing Shadow raze sound
  74. Hero sound volume adjustable
  75. Ursa's W doesnt play sound.
  76. Yurnero blade fury sound
  77. Rexxar
  78. Enigma's new voice.
  79. Omniknights attack sound doesn't sound like a hammer at all.
  80. Respawn Music
  81. More audio settings
  82. Dazzle's walking sound
  83. "This will make a splash!"
  84. Tinkers normal attack sounds like a gun
  85. Krobelus (Death Prophet) ulti (Exorcism) sound
  86. Puck movement sound
  87. My sounds complaints (Dark Seer, Puck, Mirana etc.)
  88. Hearing hero skill sounds across the map
  89. Sounds differances
  90. Mirana's attacking sound
  91. Primal Roar
  92. Getting a kill with dismember skill of Pudge
  93. [Suggestion] Neutral creeps sounds
  94. Spiritbreaker Attack Sounds
  95. Should Global Silence = Global Mute for Enemies?
  96. Sound Effects are Poor, some are good.
  97. Invokers Sunstrike sound
  98. Attack sound triggering too early?
  99. Invoker floating orbs sound
  100. Puck's Voice
  101. [Bug] Alchemist Ultimate Panting Continues After Death
  102. Alchemist: Chemical Rage sound effect plays after death
  103. Echo on Mirana's voice
  104. Requiem of Souls
  105. More variations to Encchantress' grunting when using Impetus orb
  106. Clinkz has no unit reactions
  107. Static Remnants have no sound when they expire
  108. Melee sounds for Juggernaut and Rikimaru
  109. Clinkz footsteps
  110. Alchemist Heavy Breathing All over the map
  111. Sound effects should be more individual & recognizable
  112. Dazzle minor sound effect mistakes.
  113. sound of magic wand and magic stick being used plays through fog in proximity
  114. Puck's Phase Shift Activation Sound Plays When Enabling Autocast
  115. Global Sounds
  116. Splashing SFX
  117. Beastmaster's Kicking Attack Sound
  118. Phantom Assassin (Mortred) - ulti sounds
  119. Learn Tab Hero Sounds
  120. dota original sounds
  121. Dragon Knight attack sound
  122. Alchemist's asthma
  123. Invoker's Sun strike
  124. Sven's new auto attack sound
  126. alche acid spray
  127. Anti-Mage Manaburn Sound without Mana
  128. Last Hit sound
  129. Tinker's March needs a louder 4th measure
  130. (In-game) Can't turn off hero speech, neither global announcements
  131. Sound suggestion for Doom
  132. Sounds for neutral creeps abilities?
  133. Player only sounds.
  134. Ban sound.
  135. [Dota 2 Test] Leoric Reincarnation Audio Bug
  136. Too many units attacking at the same time causes sound issues
  137. Bane's ambient noise is sorta loud.
  138. Bane sound effects too low ?
  139. Some heroes does not speak when I click on them during hero selection and..
  140. Bloodseeker ult sound after its over
  141. Furion's Teleportation
  142. Bloodseeker Ultimate sound looping
  143. Vengeful Spirit walking noise to loud/short loop
  144. Shouldn't there be a sound for spell click?
  145. [Suggestion] Pudge has several dialog sounds when he dismembers.
  146. Anicent Apparition wind/float noise.
  147. Shadow Demon attack projetile launch/impact sound
  148. Hero attack animation noises
  149. The audio for Omniknight's hammer-attack is way better now!
  150. [suggestion]about denies
  151. [suggestion] An alert sound when your hero is under attack
  152. Lycanthrope Shapeshift Attack Sound
  153. Treants spawn sound sometimes not playing
  154. [suggestion] Unique attack sound for Earthshaker when he uses his totem
  155. Attack sounds too loud
  156. Dota 2 feels very quiet
  157. Mirana Starfall sound bug
  158. is it time to pudge or come to pudge?
  159. Clockwerk Rocket flare sound glitch.
  160. Hero_Lich.FrostArmorDamage
  161. Zeus' thunderbolt needs more of a...
  162. Impact sounds still plays even though you missed that attack
  163. Audio distortion after animation cancel
  164. Sven's Warcry
  165. last patch nature's call was fixed to not play through fog, but
  166. New ability sound effect issue
  167. Dark Seer persistent shell sound effect
  168. Rupture sound is looped even after respawn
  169. Doom Bringers Scorched Earth
  170. Morphlings Morph
  171. Lina's idle sound
  172. Faceless Void attack animation sound is so annoying in the latest patch
  173. Brewmaster Drunken Haze Sound Is Offensive
  174. Skeleton King's Attach Makes a tick
  175. Alchemist Shake/Concoction Sound Effect Continues After Death
  176. Broodmother Web Proposition
  177. Phantom Lancer attack sound
  178. Techies kill response
  179. Phantom Lancer and Dopplewalk
  180. Silence Sounds like an 8 bit computer
  181. Sylla bear denying in bear form
  182. Crystal Maiden - Crystal Nova
  183. Phantom Lancer Attack sounds lame..
  184. SpiritBreaker Bash Sound
  185. Lina's and Lion's ulti sounds should have more kick.
  186. Nerf Zeus Utli Sound
  187. Death Prophet crypt swarm sound
  188. Lone Druid Allied Attack Sound Effect
  189. Generic invisibility fade sound
  190. Sk sandstorm sound annoying
  191. [Bug] AA illusions
  192. Queen of Pain's ult sound is stupid
  193. Ogre Magi doesn't lip sync correctly
  194. [Issue] No sound effects
  195. [Suggestion] After "Kill Steal" sound effects
  196. Void attack sound effect
  197. New horn to start the battle suck
  198. Lone druid attck sound wrong
  199. Please bring back the hero sounds after activation a rune!
  200. If you are having issues with game sounds/voice, please verify your cache
  201. Shadow shaman's lightning sound is dull
  202. Bane's nightmare sound loop bug
  203. Certain ugly sounds which needs care
  204. Morphling sounds so evil!
  205. Puck's auto attack sound
  206. Please enable snd_legacy_surround.
  207. Earthshaker's enchant totem
  208. Svens removed shouts
  209. Phantom Assassin's Coup de Grace sound (maybe attacks too?) too dominant
  210. Ownage sound
  211. Rupture has sound effect on enemy heroes
  212. Rubick's Attack Sound
  213. Please do something about Wisp soundset....
  214. [Suggestion] Luna Ultimate/1st skill sound effect
  215. A word of praise about Wisp
  216. Wisp keeps beeping
  217. Dota TV missing a lot of sounds
  218. overarching sound-aesthetics has a strange space-battle vibe to it
  219. Saturation while Silencer ulting and playing PL
  220. Dragonknight makes sword swishing noises in dragon form
  221. Disruptor Ult Sound
  222. Calling miss hotkey with hero voice
  223. Queen of Pain - Blink
  224. When you mute a player, also mute their hero's laughs
  225. Creep sounds
  226. Puck and Windrunner have the same voice?
  227. [suggestion] add custom sound for Mirana arrow hitting Roshan
  228. Auto attacks of certain Int-Heroes
  229. Sniper auto attack sounds
  230. Nyx Assassin's Impale sounds like the AK-47 sound from Counter Strike
  231. Hero spell sounds play through fog
  232. [Balance] KotL's Illuminate too loud
  233. suggestion: new sound for naga siren's ulti
  234. balanar attack sound
  235. [Volume] Vendetta SE
  236. Ursa Overpower sound range
  237. [little bug] Rubick-Storm ulti
  238. Critique on Razor (voices and speeches)
  239. Pudge and Dazzles walking sound similarity.
  240. Keeper of the light "Recall bug"
  241. Gyro sounds just like Tinker!
  242. If a player disconnected, the hero still comments
  243. Shadow Fiend's Shadowrazer
  244. Tinker March of the Machines hit sound
  245. DK in dragon form firing a gun
  246. [Bug] Denying with a transformation skill plays the un-transformed sound.
  247. Rubick attack animation sound when stealing Alchemist ulti
  248. [Suggestion] Add Miss Sound For Hero's In Pub Games ..
  249. Heroes should say their rune activation lines when using a bottled rune.
  250. No spell sounds, other sounds work fine.