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  1. Maelstorm/Mjolnir
  2. Bottle sound effect
  3. Orchid needs a sound effect.
  4. Diffusal blade needs a sound effect
  5. Sange&Yasha
  6. Etheral blade.
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  13. Mask of Madness
  14. Courier
  15. I Can Hear Salves, They Permeate My Dreams
  16. Recycling Half life sounds?
  17. Sound of Bloodseeker's Rupture does not go away after death vs. Vengeful Spirit
  18. Sound Uppon Recipe Completion
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  20. Diffusal blade sound effect
  21. option for turning of shop voice
  22. Smoke of Deceit
  23. Disarm sound effect - Heaven's Halberd, Defeaning Blast, Icarus Dive
  24. Buying Items Sound
  25. Sound effect for Blink Dagger cool down.
  26. Uppon Buying from SHop- Missing SHopkeeper sounds? BUG or?
  27. Different sound effect for 'Recharging' skill/item
  28. Buckler activation sound too low/non-existent.
  29. Replacing Courier Sounds
  30. "Courier bought" Announcement.
  31. Drums of endurance.
  32. Abyssal Blade
  33. [Suggestion] World sound effects
  34. TP Channeling Audio Indicators
  35. Mjollnir has no sound effect
  36. aegis of the immortal sound bug
  37. Sound of butterfly by slark
  38. did the audio of sr/urn change
  39. pak01_dir sounds folder is missing
  40. Soul Ring sound as of June 29th Main Client update
  41. Mek sound as of 10 July (Test Client)
  42. Change Mek Sound Please
  43. Sound effects in the fog.
  44. Radiance hit sound effect?
  45. Added a damage sound to Blademail reflect (only audible to attacking player)
  46. Taunt sound is broken
  47. Make courier sounds louder
  48. Crit Sound
  49. Boots of Travel Audio Bug
  50. Suggestion: Add a sound effect for when runes are denied
  51. Inscribed muh keen gun - Sniper [Bug]
  52. Double Damage rune sound stacks with more illusions/meepo clones
  53. Additional sound effect for Blink Dagger
  54. Colossal Crystal Chorus: Cancelling poof sound effect
  55. Duplicate items stack their on-hit or active effects
  56. [Sounds]Interrupted Town Portal Scroll's Teleport still play the end sound