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  1. fountain
  2. Lane missing taunts
  3. Main menu BGM volume
  4. Battle Announcement
  5. Ping sound too soft
  6. Revive sound effect doesn't sync with your hero actually reviving
  7. Matchmaking "game ready" sound
  8. Game Ready Sound
  9. "Game Ready" sound way too loud.
  10. After finished game music loops in 1s intervals
  11. Selectable audio channels.
  12. Pick timer
  13. Shop sounds doesnt works
  14. Killstreak Announcer audio cut-off
  15. Announcer - When barracks is under attack
  16. Dire's 2nd mid tower destroyed, not announced
  17. Special Sound?
  18. Hero select sound
  19. Ping sound while paused stacks, create extremely loud ping after unpause.
  20. Occasionally the game ready sound doesn't play.
  21. rock sliding noise when pressing buttons on top
  22. Bug - Cant Attack Audio Blip
  23. Not enough mana
  24. [Suggestion] Option to turn off Tower Destroyed sounds
  25. Destroyed tower sound
  26. [Suggestion] Wards "cannot move" sound distracting
  27. Game found sound.
  28. Toolbar sounds when you hover over icons
  29. [Suggestion] Make mute also mute pings.
  30. Are the Unreal Tournament sprees placeholders?
  31. [Suggestion] Leaving/Dropping and Lane miss sounds
  32. Implement More audio options
  33. Minimap ping for tower defense sound
  34. Several sounds within Options missing?
  35. [Suggestion] Play a sound when the game is full
  36. [Suggestion] Play the Respawn sound while minimized
  37. Ingame Announcer
  38. Different options for killstreaks, please?
  39. Ingame Chat sounds
  40. [Suggestion] Play sound when matchmaking
  41. Tower deny sounds.
  42. Sound when you are silenced/stunned but try casting skills
  43. Kill Streak Sounds
  44. Accept game sound
  45. Mic not working.
  46. [Suggestion] Support voice from one sound device and game sounds from another
  47. [Suggestion] Option to disable the Unreal Tournament accouncer
  48. All Pick Announcement
  49. Main Menu BGM
  50. Background sound issues while playing Dota 2
  51. "Our tower/Barracks are under attack"
  52. Selecting an already selected hero
  53. THe issue with people having to lower their game volume to 10%
  54. Waterfall at top lane.
  55. Smackdown Suggestion
  56. Background Sound Issue
  57. Pings and Chat Sounds too Quiet
  58. Voice Chat Sound Location
  59. In game voice/ts3 issue
  60. In game sounds
  61. Illusory Orb Sound....
  62. [sugg] Announcer Voice-Pack selection menu
  63. Stuttering sound issue
  64. The "found a game"-sound when tabbed.
  65. Sound just play in one side from earbuds.
  66. Rooster crowing crashes game
  67. Mute ping spammer
  68. Audio channels flipped
  69. Rampage feels... bored?
  70. The Dire is ELECTRIC
  71. nature's prophets teleportation
  72. [Suggestion] Option to enable game sounds when window is not focused (alt tabbed)
  73. owning
  74. the new attack structure ping sound issue
  75. [Suggestion] Level UP Skill Sound
  76. [Suggestion/Bug] "Your <tower> is under attack" reoccurring frequency.
  77. Music upon destroying/losing a tower doesn't play
  78. Roshan defeat music..
  79. Game is ready sound Improvement Idea! Please read valve! :D
  80. No shop buying sound after 19/01 patch
  81. Screen remains in "stunned mode" after dying.
  82. [BUG] -heapsize 2097152 breaks my ingame sound!
  83. Blu tooth low quality sound
  84. End Victory voice is Weak Souce
  85. Sound gets really low when using microphone after last update.
  86. Chat needs sound
  87. Some soundtracks needed
  88. Ping Sound after Pause (Broadcasters)
  89. Where is the 'ownage' sound
  90. Announcer volume TOO LOUD
  91. Killstreak Announcer Needs To Be Changed
  92. Everything else running gets volume turned down
  93. Your top tower has fallen.
  94. the sound it makes when this silence, it bothers
  95. sound when click an ability
  96. The sound effect for a match being ready is not happening since patch
  97. Speaker settings canno't be changed.
  98. Ursa Sound Glitch under "LEARN" section
  99. HItting the Defaults button switches between 2 and 4 speakers
  100. Single draft announcer
  101. Announcer voice.
  102. [SUGGESTION] : Give Voice Chat it's own Volume
  103. clicking on "+" to add channel makes a glitch sound
  104. [Suggestion]Soundtest on Music and Voices availble on menu.
  105. Different Announcers?
  106. [SUGGESTION] Team Wipe Announcement?
  107. Profanity Filter Please
  108. Suggestion: Audibles
  109. Game Ready Alert: Deafening
  110. There's no sentinel or scourge (team) OWNING!!! announcement
  111. [Suggestion] Make unpause countdown have a sound audible in Windows
  112. Music Volume when someone is using voice chat
  113. Is there a way to have a custom clientside announcer?
  114. Game Stuttering
  115. Windows Sound Output Not Switching (Regression Bug)
  116. [Suggestion] Cosmtic Store Announcer
  117. Menu music stops playing when you adjust music level in options.
  118. Audio channel control
  119. Hero dialogue missing
  120. Divine Rapier Global Sound Cues
  121. Sound problems when using earphones
  122. Creep attack sounds seem to interrupt sound?
  123. [Bug] "now have mega creeps" never announced
  124. Changing sounddevice ingame wont change "READY" sound
  125. [Bug] Global sounds aren't following hero
  126. [Bug] Volume slider is not functional
  127. I Need new 6 killsteak in a row annoucement
  128. Is there any way to disable the UT-like commentator?
  129. [Suggestion] Add a brief drum roll at the beginning of the "Game Ready" sound
  130. Seperate Music, Sounds and Overall Volume
  131. [Suggestion]Auto Mute Players, That Have Neen Muted a lot / Reported for Verbal Abuse
  132. Awful sound before creeps make as was earlier
  133. [Poll] New game alert siren
  134. Announcement issue
  135. Dota2 sound problem
  136. OWNAGE
  137. beep beep dead sound
  138. meep moop
  139. Multiple announcements bug
  140. unpause countdown needs sound
  141. Problem with sound
  142. Add a click sound when you select an item in the inventory
  143. Item delivery sound stuck on the combined sound
  144. "Killed" noise randomly playing at hero select?
  145. in game MIC and SOUND problem
  146. Startsound
  147. Caster Sounf while watching Dota TV
  148. [Suggestuon]Add alert sound when matchmaking ready
  149. Sound Horn on Unpause
  150. Mic Boost
  151. Tab change sound too long.
  152. In game sound != Lobby Sound
  153. Overall Sound too low
  154. Implement VGS in DOTA2.
  155. add this Effect
  156. Menu tab sound
  157. "OWNING" announcement missing
  158. Need higher audio quality in tournament viewing mode
  159. Can't hear pings?
  160. Increase the Loudness of the Juggernaut Announcer
  161. Add a Master Volume control?
  162. Current Voice Communication NEEDS URGENT FIXES!
  163. My sound to low
  164. Tower destroying sounds for every hero
  165. Matchmaking alert sound stopped working
  166. Option for high-quality sounds
  167. [Suggestion] Announcer for Pause
  168. Speed Demon Courier has NO SOUND
  169. Sound out of sync
  171. [BUG] recording volume
  172. Have special announcers call out themselves?
  173. [Suggestion] The Audio Channel in replays needs its own volume control.
  174. "Yo base is under attack"
  175. [Request] Is DotA 2 implementing Opus Codec for audio chat when stable?
  176. [Suggestion] Using VGS to improve communication and remove language barriers
  177. muting someone, also disables us to read whatever he writes in chat
  178. Hook up random draft announcements?
  180. Storm Spirit's Mega-kill announcer is bugged
  181. Black Drake death is not using all sound files
  182. Idea for players to easily see if a different announcer is available for use
  183. Unable to upload my custom announcer pack from within the game
  184. Level up Sound...
  185. Default announcer not working
  186. [QUESTION] How to activate a newly bought annoucer?
  187. Adjusting incoming mic sounds from dota 2 sounds
  188. Sound is bugging at the beginning and the end of each match
  189. [Bug] No sound while Alt-Tabbed
  190. Seperate Mic Volume
  191. Option To Mute Allies Mic Sound
  192. Respawn sounds are not constrained by Game Volume
  193. Wave slider in MasterVolume goes down when clicking Dota2 Settings.
  194. International announcer's "versus" is more than terrible
  195. Major sound problem
  196. Key announcer segment missing "HOLY SHIT!"
  197. Menu always set to default, only ingame is changed
  198. Add a shortcut for MUTE SOUND + MUTE MUSIC
  199. Juggernaut Announcer bug
  200. Display notification when another player has a special announcer
  201. voice loopback does more than just let you hear yourself
  202. Unpause countdown should ignore "sound while alt-tabbed" option
  203. Kill streak announcement sound missing after halloween patch
  204. Make it be possible to use the announcer packs
  205. [Diretide] Kill announcer not working
  206. All Announcements(sound and visuals) missing
  207. Announcer voice cracking when watching tournaments.
  208. Cant edit sound files anymore?
  209. Dota 2 Audio Output Switching Problem
  210. I'm done playing dota2 until this is fixed [ping spam]
  211. L = reload
  212. Mute Voicechat?
  213. Reimplement the ability to use custom announcers.
  214. Binding "Call Miss to hotkeys"
  215. Announcer shared with teams member
  216. Mic permanently muted.
  217. [Suggestion] Ally has fallen or Enemy Slain.
  218. Sound is getting really loud sometimes
  219. The new sounds are awful
  220. STILL having problems
  221. Do I need music turned on to hear new sounds?
  222. Sounds go out for some reason
  223. [Feedback] Chat Sounds is Terrible
  224. sound chat box
  225. [Feedback] Is it possible to build an option to mute (voice)and not the text message?
  226. Test this, worked for me (chat clicks)
  227. Chat "click" sounds are annoying and can't be turned off.
  228. notification for announcer
  229. Is there an ETA when the chat sounds are going to be fixed?
  230. How to mute / reduce "PING" noise
  231. Way to extract sounds?
  232. Add an option to toggle chat sounds please
  234. Death Prophet Announcer update?
  235. Here is how to disable new chat clicks without editing game packages
  236. Bastion Announcer Sound is Low
  237. Option for Normal/Default Announcer
  238. Small Bastion announcer bug
  239. Did valve remove a line from the Bastion Announcer? The Mid or I feed one? Link here!
  240. [Bug] Can't use custom announcers while spectating.
  241. featured hero sounds
  242. Shuffle Announcers Option
  243. Permanently Muted Mic
  244. Mute everything but user-voice
  245. Valve, are you trying to FORCE people to buy announcers?
  246. Sound effects only heard when camera is centered on hero?
  247. The "Your game is ready" sound.
  248. Annoying Global Menu Sounds!! BOINK+Woooiing... wtf?
  249. Microphone completely unfunctional..What is being done about this? Feedback pls.....
  250. FR: A slider in sound menu to adjust width of sound effects placement