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  1. Observers do not gain unobstructed vision when Nightstalker gets Agahnim
  2. SFs dmg display while observing
  3. Buildings Destroyed Visual Bug
  4. Press and lead round
  5. Mute Chat While Spectating
  6. Option to view teamchats
  7. exiting a live game
  8. Double click selection
  9. Spectator list
  10. Unit selection
  11. Not being able to chat
  12. cam mode: directed
  13. Top Live Games - how far in are they?
  14. Ingame refree scrolling.
  15. Observers & Pinging
  16. Bug with the inventory
  17. live games not updating/removing old?
  18. Can't watch games anymore.
  19. the shop
  20. Live Games List on main screen buggy
  21. [Suggestion] Player-Perspective Resolution Fix
  22. "Zoom" mode
  23. Invis cursor
  24. Autoselect in Directed mode
  25. HP bars
  26. wards and there duration
  27. Delaying/Pausing Live Streams
  28. Ability to browse the shop as a spectator
  29. 1 thing
  30. The ability to automatically watch Dota TV
  31. Add friend is ingame option
  32. CS scoreboard
  33. Owner of wards
  34. mark friends
  35. Split-Screen / Kill Cam
  36. Live Games tab only showing 10 games
  37. Show the time amount of the game
  38. Player Perspective invisibility bug
  39. 2 Live Games Suggestions
  40. One creep was a spy for the enemy team(apparently)
  41. More Flexibility In Directed Mode
  42. Zoom is stuck.
  43. [Suggestion] Filter Live Games
  44. CS counter reset if it reaches a high number
  45. Graph and Gold Buttons are the wrong way around
  46. Turning fog on/off
  47. Suggestion: select heroes from minimap
  48. More dynamic directed camera
  49. Camera falls into pit
  50. Auto Spectate bug
  51. Visual Bug with difference in gold earned
  52. Player name marking (Read this, just 1-2 lines)
  53. Suggestion: View friends Live game
  54. Searching for players
  55. [discussion] Watching games without dota2
  56. Souls does not shown (Shadow fiend)
  57. Watching live games and streaming
  58. why arent we able to choose the player we want to watch Player Perspective?
  59. Suggestions for Live Games/Watch Replay lists.
  60. Can't move camera as refree
  61. Setting dota_range_display through console while spectating makes game client crash
  62. Suggestion for spectating.
  63. Suggestion for new items order while spectating
  64. F4 and F5 do not work anymore!
  65. [bug] GPM tab doesn't work since patch.
  66. Bug with directed DotaTV
  67. [Suggestion] Spectator's listed
  68. Zoom mode
  69. Suggestion: Hiding UI in replays/live game.
  70. [Bug] Shop does not open
  71. Search Player Function
  72. finding game bar
  73. Chat bug
  74. Yet another sugggestion.. How long the game's been going on..
  75. [Suggestion] Allow Spectators to zoom out more and split screen.
  76. More convenient joining to observe games of friends
  77. Camera follow bug
  78. Spectating your own game
  79. Suggestion: Instant replay.
  80. Spectating Live Matches As Of Oct 12,2011
  81. Crash at picking phase while spectating a live game
  82. Gold difference graph doesn't update at start
  83. Filter for live games
  84. Brainstorming Spectator Ideas
  85. Blue player's name and hero name missing
  86. Not all hosted games come under "Watch" ?
  87. Spectator delay
  88. Sound/Microphone are louder when watching games live.
  89. Lobby bug
  90. [Bug] Combat Log
  91. [Request] Allow people to observe privately hosted games
  92. Statistic tab
  93. Doom bug
  94. In-game advertisement
  95. dota2 spectator version
  96. Steam wide top live matches promotion
  97. Top live matches, upcomming matches calendar
  98. [Suggestion]Live game/replay filter, rating, sort by option|caster language filter
  99. [Bug] Broodmother webs sometimes not showing up when spectating
  100. [Suggestion] A simple way to allow spectators and castors to show a teams vision
  101. [Live spectating bug] wrong minimap color
  102. [Bug] Kunkka's tidebringer not visible in spectator mode.
  103. Center view remembering Player Perspective but displaying Directed between 2 replays
  104. [Suggestion] In game Kill Cam like Call of Duty
  105. Spectator options panel hidden by store
  106. Tournament Stream Features Suggestions
  107. [Suggestion] Player Perspective Mouse Color
  108. [Suggestion] Friend's Livematches
  109. Selected Hero TPing "Respawning in -1744 seconds" as commentator
  110. Shakey screen
  111. [suggestion] Score
  112. BUG : player's perspective
  113. About time we get to ignore other observers' chat
  114. [Suggestion] Refresh hero's gold
  115. [Suggestion] Spectating while MM-ing
  116. [GUI Overlap]
  117. Bug with "+damage" not showing
  118. "Spectate Same Game" option
  119. For streams label wards
  120. Autospectate joining the same game/finished games
  121. spec camera - Fog of war
  122. [Bugs] Directed Camera does not focus properly on Hero HUD
  123. Spectating Pudge
  124. Why was the "Watch game" function removed form the right click menu in friendslist
  125. Live game limited observers
  126. [BUG]Weird death timer
  127. [Suggestion] UI Button Tool-Tips
  128. [Suggestion] More keyboard and mouse control for spectating
  129. [BUG] Moving players items while obsing
  130. [Suggestion] Rate a Live Matches.
  131. Spectator Mode should be 3 minutes delayed
  132. Show players how many are spectating their game.
  133. [Suggestion] Team chat when watching live game
  134. Disconnect from spectating a game
  135. Better deselect option?
  136. Additional Option to make it so Practice games can be viewed in real time.
  137. [Suggestion] Buttom to remove the whole UI temporary while spectating a game
  138. Spectating from a far.
  139. Resolution!
  140. [Bug] Camera angle doesn't adjust when changing "camera view" to "Player Perspective"
  141. Little problem with spectating
  142. [Suggestion] Allied-Spectating
  143. Directed, automatic observer and it's occasional weird priority.
  144. Cannot chat while spectating
  145. Spectating practice games and high rank games
  146. Able to see enemy location on minimap in player perspective
  147. [Bug] Clicking 'None' in Audio Channel crashes the game
  148. How to watch game
  149. [Suggestion] Party Spectate
  150. [suggestion]allow broadcasters to draw on the map itself
  151. How to use the Combat Log?
  152. [App Suggestion]Watching games from far away.
  153. Can't see the upgrade tree in shopping page
  154. Mirana arco iris
  155. Time Gap
  156. [Suggestion] View players' hotkeys when observing
  157. [suggestion] Add Timer At Roshan
  158. Discussion, The Gold Diagram
  159. [Suggestion] Integrating Player's Perspective into Directed camera?
  160. Allow spectating games without delay on friends
  161. [BUG] Game crash if you try to spectate a fullgame
  162. No tool tips for top buttons when spectating?
  163. Watching lobby games made by friends
  164. [DotATV]
  165. Free Camera Perspective - Clicking on Portrait
  166. Ideas for an improved spectator UI
  167. [Bug] Broodmother Web
  168. Allow more zoom when watching live games
  169. [Bug ]Game crashing when hitting "view recent event" keybind twice while spectating
  170. Broadcaster drawings
  171. [Suggestion] Temporarily vision key
  172. [Bug] Player Camera + Shop
  173. [Suggestion]Spectators able to zoom out further then players
  174. sometimes cant watch friends games
  175. [Suggestion] Live Games Name Search
  176. Doombringer bug when watching him live.
  177. [Suggestion] Follow caster feature for dotaTV
  178. Impossible data in live replay after i played a match myself and logged out and in
  179. Ignore Chat
  180. Live Game information
  181. [Suggestion] Switch to Directed when player dies while on Hero Chase perspective.
  182. [Suggestion] Add Commentator Tools/Features
  183. Filter for LG
  184. Watching what our friends are watching?
  185. Auto-spectating in Practice Mode
  186. [Suggestion] Allow chat from private chatrooms to appear while spectating
  187. [BUG] Audio Selection Crash
  188. [BUG]Dragging items out of any players inventory as a spectator causes game to crash.
  189. Spectator huge bug since patch.
  190. Directed feedback+misc
  191. Typed text erased during player perspective spectating.
  192. Item stats not showing on heroes in spectating
  193. Sudden death mode, making spectating less tedious
  194. Joining a game
  195. [Suggestion] Auto-Join chat channels (On login)
  196. Bug that causes dc?
  197. Brood webs when spectating
  198. Shop is in the way of changing cameramode
  199. scalable spectator system
  200. [Suggestion] Spectate statistic into the game
  201. [bug] broodmother's web
  202. [Suggestion] mark favorite players
  203. [Bug] Pudges Bonus Str Gain
  204. Filter live games.
  205. Spectators voting for MVP, that players are able to see votes at end of game.
  206. Suggestion on Top Live Matches
  207. Bug : auto-directed cam not changing heroes.
  208. [Suggestion] continuous automatic spectator mode
  209. Suggestion: Camera zoom when spectating
  210. [Bug] Shop resets chat
  211. [Suggestion] Audio mode for casters at LAN tournaments
  212. Suggestion - instant replay
  213. Suggiestion - Spectate Friends
  214. Suggestion - Spectate Friends
  215. [Bug] Not being able to see if somebody's in a game and spectate it.
  216. [Bug] DotA TV pausing when game pauses
  217. [Suggestion] Viewer list when watching live games
  218. Follow friends in private games
  219. [Suggestion] Option to mute chat when spectating a live game
  220. [Suggestion]Hotkey for Hero Chase and/or Player Perspective
  221. [Suggestion] Spectator Field of View
  222. [Suggestion] Holding 1-0 views that hero while in directed mode
  223. [bug] night stalker aghanims not for observer
  224. Real time spectating with no delay
  225. Que for spectating
  226. [Bug] Flesh Heap is not visible for spectators
  227. Boxing not visible while spectating
  228. Scoreboard
  229. +Dmg from item bought before joining as spectator not showing on HUD
  230. A way to cheat using spectator mode?
  231. Resizable item board/gold difference panels [suggestion]
  232. [Suggestion] Watch My friend Playing?
  233. suggestion Ult cd on herobars for spectators
  234. dota_spectator_auto_spectate_games 1 Not working anymore
  235. Suggestion - Allow spectators to zoom out more
  236. UI glitch
  237. Perspective -Tool tip bug
  238. Minor Bug when Spectated Player Choose Currier
  239. GetDynamicBaseline
  240. Stalking guide - How to spectate people outside your friend list.
  241. Ranking prioratized
  242. Watching custom games as a referee
  243. Camera shaking alot
  244. [suggestion] move the camera menu in spectating mode
  245. [BUG] Selection on BLUE hero.
  246. [Suggestion] Make it possible for streamers to stream through the game.
  247. [Suggestion]Should be possible to search in "live games" in the same way as in.......
  248. Can't spectate any live game since today patch
  249. Map signals as spectators - shouldn't be able to give "orders"
  250. Maphack?