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  1. Replay functionality
  2. Items in replay details
  3. Replay model animation bug
  4. Replay Speed
  5. Lot problems with the command viewdemo
  6. Replay feature hard to find for new user
  7. Couple of Feature Requests
  8. Team chat and voice chat
  9. More replay features?
  10. Replay Speed bug (minor)
  11. Replay Invite & Moment Capture
  12. Replay sizes
  13. Last Replay Audio Channel and Team name on new replay
  15. Replay Pause/Fast Forward hidden during champ select
  16. Wierd bug
  17. add combat log to...
  18. Pugna's drain life always showing on an enemy hero, even when pugna moves / is dead.
  19. [Idea/Request] Tutorial Replays
  20. Camera not defaulting to Directed when changing to live game
  21. Add hotkeys to forwarding and slowing down
  22. Replay availability?
  23. Open DEM file while Dota 2 is running
  24. The International replays (old replays) with a lot of bugged.
  25. View Account page for players in replay
  26. anti spoiler replay feature
  27. Couldn't open file *.dem for reading?
  28. Failed to read demo header
  29. ESWC 2011 Dota 2 Replays Available In Game!
  30. Scroll speed when watching replays
  31. mouse over tooltips are not displayed during replay pause
  32. Downloading Replays Bug
  33. Fog of War option
  34. Captain's Mode and Replays: Unable to speed by character select
  35. [BUG] Permanent invisibility on hero using a Shadow blade
  36. Dota 2 TV rating system
  37. Increase speed in Captains Mode replays
  38. Official stance on replay availability.
  39. Bizarre replay glitches - Eyes of Sauron
  40. Bug: Play rate goes to .25x when holding left click on slider
  41. DOTA 2 Moviemaking - Movieconfig needed like in Counter strike : Source ?
  42. Filtering Function for Replay
  43. Strange display while watching replay
  44. Watching and downloading replays feedback.
  45. [Suggestion] Replay Management
  46. Auto- Save Replays
  47. Weird bug
  48. All(?) matches played on 11th November don't have replays
  49. Replays are still not viewable
  50. Tournament Games Update
  51. Regarding the search function and unames with spaces.
  52. replays speed affect ui speed
  53. Replay search gives a a lot of irrelevant results
  54. [Suggestion] Time frame bookmarks
  55. [Suggestion] "Search exact name" checkbox
  56. Shop doesnt dissappear on some replays
  57. Replay tiptitle
  58. Suggestion: Inviting people to watch a replay
  59. Pick Screen - blocks replay speed meter
  60. watching eswc replays and going to player perspective
  61. Suggestion: Adding percentage of total gold in gold differential panel
  62. Practice Games Replays Question!
  63. Rewind feature
  64. Replays should not reveal winner
  65. [Bug] Download Replay
  66. I need to feed on people QQs
  67. [Bug] Edge scrolling is multiplied by replay speed
  68. I can't see all the chat in the replay?
  69. Search function for replays doesn't work at all
  70. Replay Camera Free move ?? please help :(
  71. Panels have odd behavior when Replay is paused
  72. Filter rarely working + my last game isn't listed
  73. Can't Record Demos of Replays
  74. [Suggestion] Replay Watch Tab
  75. Not sure if filter is bugged or replays just unavailable
  76. [directed view]hooks and aa ult
  77. Tidehunters fish growing?
  78. Dreamhack replays
  79. Dota 2 thirdperson / free camera move please help
  80. (Suggestion)Windows during watching replays
  81. Crashes on channel change.
  82. Old replays with weird graphical bugs ( probably based on client version )
  83. Search by Replay ID?
  84. How do you save replays?
  85. [BUG]Crash while watching replay
  86. [Offer] Demo "auto" record script/hotkey/macro
  87. Replays For Specific Person (no search required)
  88. [Bug] Slow-mo in replays also slows down main menu navigation (Today Tab, Play, etc.)
  89. Filter search by your games
  90. Replay Save Time
  91. [Suggestion] Make replay download cancelable
  92. Viewable team chat in replays?
  93. Replay Question.. please help
  94. Key stats missing, "Gold Lost" and "Net Gold".
  95. Add Cinematic view
  96. [Suggestion] Item filter in replays
  97. [BUG] Player Perspective
  98. Replay Speed Bug
  99. Why doesnt my replays show up?
  100. Game crashed when watching a replay
  101. Player perspective shop bug
  102. [Bug] Cursor only moving vertical
  103. [minor Bug] Holding LMB on replay speed bar slows the game down to 0.25x after a sec
  104. Unable to find replays involving brackets and spaces
  105. Save my own replays?
  106. [Minor Bug] Replay Speed
  107. Replays weight
  108. "Camera bot" stoped following the action.
  109. Replays should have an easy way to fast forward or vise versa.
  110. There should be a "Replay" button with the "Live Games" and "Recent Games" tabs
  111. Copy past into Filter
  112. How to find replays
  113. Bugged Replay.
  114. How can I record my own replays with things like Fraps so that...
  115. last dreamhack winter & Star Championship Replays
  116. Replay problems with file path.
  117. Pausing during a replay should allow observers to move camera
  118. 80% of my replays unavailable
  119. i cant find any of my replays :(
  120. "Download Replay" not working at the moment?
  121. [BUG] Bad replay
  122. Suggestion: more search options
  123. Bug Report + Suggestion: Players are allowed to download replays into harddrive.
  124. Tournament replays?
  125. Private game replay
  126. Can you give an ETA on the Replays?
  127. Downloading Replays
  128. [Suggestion] Slow down sounds when replay speed is slowed.
  129. Replay Speed Displaying Previous Replay Settings
  130. Replay Fog of War
  131. [BUG]No option to view replays of games in 2012
  132. Pick table and replay table
  133. Replays from 2012
  134. [Suggestion] Option to hide game results (especially winner)
  135. Replay button?
  136. [Suggestion] Option to hide timeline in spectator menu
  137. View only own replays
  138. [Suggestion] DOWNLOAD REPLAY button
  139. 2012 not in the search in the resent game fliter list
  140. [Replays] recent games
  141. Pro Gamer Replays?
  142. Swap camera view while paused shop won't open.
  143. Holding left click on game speed slider changes automatically after 3ish seconds.
  144. Can't find my own replays.
  145. Replay Tab
  146. [suggestion] display item buy-times on score-board/ replay screen
  147. Where do replays save?
  148. Visual Bug Downloading Replay
  149. AutoSpeed global vs hero follow
  150. Autospeed game ending
  151. Demo commands in console not working?
  152. dot character in player name filter gets removed
  153. Missing Replays
  154. [Suggestion] Autospeed
  155. Autospeed minor issue?
  156. [Suggestion] Copypasting Names in the search bar
  157. [Suggestion] Like, Give score, Add comment on Replay (and link to load replay)
  158. Giving replays a number which can be used for searching
  159. Can't find my replays using my name, but can find them using my friends name...
  160. [SUGGEST]game speed key binding
  161. "My Games" Tab
  162. Replay shaking
  163. There is no cancel button for the replay download
  164. Most Replays From SEA isnt uploaded yet.
  165. Player perspective fog of war and invisible units.
  166. [Suggestion] 360 Degrees Camera
  167. [Bug] Clicking on heroes while replay is paused
  168. Finding replays with 2 or more people.
  169. [Suggestion] Replay Global 3D View.
  170. Suggestion about replays
  171. Pausing replays hide mouse pointer
  172. (suggestion) replay to especific time and go backwards
  173. a BUG I think... Camera Speed
  174. Rewinding and forwarding in replays
  175. Free cam
  176. Suggestion: Replay Library
  177. Suggestion: Dota 2 Ingame-replay-mail
  178. Private Game Replays?
  179. Replay pages past the oldest replay are empty but accessible.
  180. Tournament/Pro Game Replays
  181. How to view a Tournament replay?
  182. My thoughts of replays and improvements for it
  183. Filter for personal Replays
  184. My game replays are still unavailable up till now
  185. replay g3 between Dignitas and Panzer in the Skynet tournament, double Satyr kill
  186. in game commentating for replays
  187. How to skip to a certain point in a replay! *GUIDE*
  188. Combat log doesn't work while viewing replays
  189. [Suggestion] Action Jump (name is WIP)
  190. Replay not showing Autospeed option (old format)
  191. [BUG] Free camera screen scrolling speed affected by replay speed
  193. Availability of private game replays/Custom recording
  194. Suggestion - Hosting a replay
  195. Replay Availability Information
  196. Where is my replay folder?
  197. selecting a hero during a replay
  198. How to look up match ID's?
  199. Autospeed idea
  200. Replay - Rampage Sound
  201. [Visual Bug] Dead Selected Replicated hero
  202. [Suggestion] "Cinematic" View?
  203. Replays now showing private games.
  204. Dota not available for download anymore
  205. Corrupted Replay Download
  206. New Replay Format Specification
  207. Can't find any replays
  208. Saving a game after Observed
  209. [Suggestion] Ability to hide the entire UI in replay-spectator mode.
  210. Help: One missing replay
  211. Replay speed affecting screen scroll speed
  212. Replays causing crash either to summary screen then desktop, or just to desktop
  213. Shaking Stash / Shop Frame in Replays
  214. No "Grab All" button.
  215. Blinking Suggested Items
  216. No Quick Buy items
  217. Disappearing Quick Buy Tip
  218. Out of Circle Characters
  219. Strange Map Movement
  220. Stop practice games from recording if you're the only player
  221. Downloaded two replays at once, both games point to same replay
  222. Watch downloaded replay: ERROR
  223. Bug when searching for replays
  224. [Suggestion] make a tab in dota profile where your replays are saved.
  225. Replay Unavailiable
  226. Replay Unavailable Error
  227. Spectating a replay causes crash
  228. found my replay, downloaded it, but I can't watch it
  229. Some things don't update properly when going back in a replay.
  230. Searching For Outworld Destroyer
  231. Friend's Repplay Won't Download
  232. Trying to watch a replay, crashes DOTA 2 before it starts.
  233. [Suggestion] Watching replays with friends
  234. Replays Crash on Laptops When Jumping to a Different Time
  235. Can't download replay
  236. Replay suggestions
  237. Replay Idea: Overlay kills/death's on the playback bar
  238. [Suggestion] Recent Games search criteria
  239. [Suggestion] - make game histroy filterable
  240. Suggestion: Free Camera Hotkey Button
  241. Replay is unavailable for downloading.
  242. [BUG] Shopsettings getting modified on Player Perspective
  243. [Suggestion] Skip to a certain moment
  244. Replay Options for Movie Makers
  245. Endgame Score for latest games
  246. Save practice game replays
  247. [Suggestions] Move the "Download Replay" button to the list
  248. [Suggestion] User Interface for Saving, Exporting, and Importing Replays + More
  249. [BUG] TP cd is not visible in replay
  250. My friend uploaded a replay to a private game for me and I have no idea how to loadit