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  1. [Suggestion] Display more information for the current live games.
  2. Hovering over the Top Live Matches
  3. Watch UI, Next Page does not seem to function
  4. The ability to automatically watch Dota TV
  5. Watch Searchbox
  6. Autocomplete in user and hero box
  7. Tab for Friends' Games
  8. [Suggestion] Add a "Downloaded Games" tab
  9. Recent Games Tab Bug
  10. Bug after spectating a game
  11. [Suggestion] Increase Replay Font Size
  12. [Bug] Recent Games Tab displaying wrong items
  13. [Suggestion] Be able to mark players for special view in the watch tab.
  14. Experience bar bug
  16. [Suggestion] 'Recent Game' filtering
  17. Hero handles to make filtering easier
  18. add details tab
  19. [Suggestion] stats tabs
  20. [Bug] Damage bonuses not showing until a new item is added
  21. 4 pages of games, showing blank 5th page
  22. [Suggestion] Search for matchID
  23. [Suggestion] Hiding the Winning team in Recent games
  24. [Bugs] Healthbar + standin near a tree
  25. first replay search = no result?
  26. [Suggestion] Ability to filter live games, and find Friend's Practice Games
  27. Watch page - sort
  28. Rate replays and similiar things
  29. [Bug] Item Tooltip in WatchTab
  30. [Suggestions] Refresh button please
  31. [Bug] Timebug for livegames on today's page
  32. Bug with Download Replay button
  33. [suggestion]scrim
  34. [Discussion] Spectator abuse?
  35. [Bug?] Filter List |Recent Games|
  36. [FEEDBACK] Names of people playing
  37. A search tab for live games?
  38. Watch tab letters to small
  39. See game rating
  40. Better Filtering of players
  41. A better DOTATV experience
  42. better for big screen TVs
  43. [Suggestion] Starting to watch a game
  44. watching players on "player perspective" widescreen to 4:3
  45. [Suggestion] Filter for Heroe and/or Player name
  46. Make Replays more Obvious
  47. Following friend's spectating games.
  48. Tooltip vanishes when spell is cast
  49. [Suggestion] Auto Join Option When Server Full
  50. [Suggestion]New tab to show skill build
  51. How to doenload replays?
  52. Change in Recent Games filtering behavior
  53. Filter by Hero Not Working for Heroes with 2 parts! ie Storm Spirit.
  54. The filter UI doesn't support 2012
  55. Replays servers down again? 1/5/12
  56. Seamless Streaming Option
  57. Subscibe
  58. Filter list in the Recent games tab
  59. [BUG] Items in the Details Panel
  60. [Suggestion] experience graph
  61. Things I feel could be improved with spectating UI
  62. [Bug] Wrong Spec number
  63. Teleport sound playing over and over again
  64. What is the quarter circle filled with bars on the watch top live games?
  65. [Suggestion] Gold used for buybacks
  66. [Suggestions] Player Perspective - Minimap
  67. Wrong item level (and price) in the game summary
  68. [Suggestion] Match ID Filter option
  69. No gold/min nor exp/min on the final score board.
  70. [Suggestion] Resize and relocate graphs
  71. [suggestion]add gold lost from deaths and buybacks
  72. Top live matches timer is incorrect
  73. [SUGGESTION] Flip the gold graph
  74. scorecard shows neutral kill as kill for opponent
  75. [Suggestion] Filter ongoing game by hero
  76. [Suggestion] Rework watch tab to be more like today's top games
  77. A bug to enable to you to view anyone playing a game.
  78. [Suggestion] Watch the Match LIVE with only stats and Minimap.
  79. Replay filter bug
  80. [SUGGESTION] : Observer Cursor Color Difference
  81. [Suggestion] Re-enable to ability to flip through heroes using the numbers
  82. [Suggestion] Hot Spot
  83. Let us organize Replays!!!
  84. [Suggestion] Remove Stash from the Items Tab
  85. The ability to go through pages seemlessly
  86. [suggestion]skilled ability information
  87. [BUG] searching for replay by player name is buggy.
  88. Question regarding number keys
  89. Game mode in Watch Tab
  90. [SUGGESTION] : Item Build Order
  91. [Suggestion] Preview of live game
  92. Hero Value Graph
  93. Filter by Hero Bug?
  94. cant write as spectator...
  95. Lone Druid / spirit bear item tab.
  96. [bug] Trying to watch a game that previously failed causes Dota 2 to stop responding
  97. Sentry wards display both "observer ward" and "sentry ward" as timer
  98. VALVe TV Channel
  99. SUGGESTION: Find games by player's steamid64 or customid.
  100. [Suggestion] Individual Player Tracking Graphs
  101. [Suggestion] Real Time Player Performance Average Graph
  102. Being able to kick specs in pre-game lobby
  103. [Suugestion] Search for player.
  104. [SUGGESTION] Improve the Watch tab
  105. Improve Watch tab please.
  106. The watch tab is not a replacement for streams
  107. Follow players ! Suggestion.
  108. Player specific gold/exp charts and build history
  109. Comments and suggestions re new interface - Watch tab
  110. Hero icons are too small and pixelated
  111. [SUGGESTION] Add 'Search' in Watch Tab
  112. Watch game redirecting to random game.
  113. Not able to download TI2 Qualifier Replays
  114. Broadcaster PoV doesnt show "Gold and XP"-Tab
  115. Filtering by Hero Name
  116. [Suggestion] Upcoming Matches Schedule in the Watch Section
  117. [Suggestion] add cancel button for Download Replay
  118. Can we please get top spectated games back please?
  119. [Suggestion] Hide statistics before revealing winner
  120. [Suggestion]:Show ward vision On click in spectators mode.
  121. [Suggestion] Allow commentators to zoom out on the game further
  122. Filter Live games by Heroes
  123. Filter Live games by Servers.
  124. [SUGGESTION] New Tournament tab, get what you pay for!
  125. When watching a tournament can you...
  126. [POLL]Will you use pay-to-view feature?
  127. [POLL]Will you use pay-to-view feature?
  128. [SUGGESTION] Dota2 tournanment tab
  129. [Suggestion]make the ppv subscription time based or permanent
  130. [Suggestion] Make replays available after some time
  131. Live Games doesn't show the number of spectators
  132. [BUG] Recent games not appearing under The Defense tournament
  134. [Suggestion] Add watch button next to details button on recent games (tourneys)
  135. [Suggestion] easy fix for hiding the result of bo3 matches
  136. [BUG] Last 5 games in tournament view can not be inspected.
  137. Pay per view for teams
  138. [Suggestion] : Health bars in Spectator mode
  139. [Suggestion] Tournament games notifications
  140. [Bug] Live games disappear after selecting a Tournament
  141. Can't see number of spectator
  142. [Bug] Incorrectly labeled teams in Tournaments
  143. [Suggestion] Add Ratings to Tournament View
  144. [BUG] Access Denied on tournament replays, no live replays showing at all
  145. Paid Defense game unavailable! NaVi vs NextKZ
  146. Suggestion: A "follow" feature
  147. [Suggestion]: Seeing the mouse drawings from other spectators/watchers
  148. Please by default hide heroes + items for replays of games in tournaments!
  149. Already Watched Check Box
  150. [Watching The Defense] Can't hear commentaries
  151. [Suggestion] Make People able to Subscribe to Each Other
  152. [Suggestion] Favs, Watch Later and Ratings
  153. Filter replays by SteamID.
  154. Replay not available on Tournament matches.
  155. [Suggestion] Catergorize current and past tournaments
  156. [Suggestion] Add "Spectating a Tournament" to Rich Presence
  157. Hide Time in Tournament replays
  158. The Dota 2 - Store Tournaments suggestion/wish.
  159. [Suggestion] Select multiple replays to download & many other reply suggestions
  160. [Suggestion] Page a tab/page for all replays that are downloading.
  161. [Sugestion] Search for Matches played with another Player
  162. A new tab in profiles
  163. [Bug] Search by hero
  164. [Suggestion] Suggestions for the Profile System
  165. You have to pay to watch?
  166. Tournament Tab feedback and other stuff.
  167. A mini-suggestion for "Live games" section
  168. [Suggestion]Being able to put different spectating options as default
  169. Fix the Replay Menu
  170. Infinite "Waiting to watch game..." window.
  171. [Suggestion] Provide Support for popular live streaming sites
  172. [Bug] Matches disappearing when switching tournaments while page nunmber > 1
  173. Live Game stamp not updating in real time?
  174. Winning team
  175. Old tournaments vanish in watch tab?
  176. Tournament Watch lists need Anti Spoiler of some sort
  177. [Suggestion] Keep original player names in the replay overview
  178. [Suggestion] Icons for tournament rounds, also a bracket of tournament progression
  179. [suggestion] List of broadcasters in a watch tab
  180. [Bug] Tournament popups
  181. [Suggestion] Icon next to Tornament you have paid for
  182. [UI] Tournament Double Page Selection
  183. [Suggestion] Empty 3rd Game
  184. Could we get a bracket system like the International for in game Tournaments?
  185. Tournament Tab - Add "Upcoming Games"
  186. Player Audio
  187. Tournament replays all missing
  188. Team Subscriptions
  189. A suggestion for the tournament watch tab
  190. [SUGGESTION] Show Steam friends' live games on top
  191. [SUGGESTION] Filter by popularity (upvote/downvote meter)
  192. [Suggestion] Tournament Games List WebApi
  193. Minor suggestion- why is the view button so small on tournament view?
  194. When viewing Tournament games, game time resets to 0:00 when game hits 60 min mark
  195. Game Time Bug (60mins+)
  196. [Suggestion] Show commentators and their language in the watch tab
  197. At Tournament results page show ratings.
  198. Tournament Playlist, Personal Schedule
  199. About avoid spoiler by browsing game from schedule.
  200. Recent games filtering by name
  201. In-client replays wont launch
  202. Gold difference in gold graph window.
  203. Hide game length/progress bar to avoid spoiler just like Starcraft 2?
  204. Cancel Button and a Replay Storage
  205. Filtering Games
  206. Searching by player name doesn't work anymore
  207. [Suggestion] Top Spectated Games for Each Skill Bracket
  208. Small Problem
  209. Drawing lines in spectacor mode
  210. PROPOSED FEATURE: Seach by team name!
  211. [Suggestion] Various ways to improve the Watch tab
  212. [Suggestion] Subscribing to players?
  213. Spectating an all-pick game. Allow us to watch the picks
  214. Net Worth Game stats graph
  215. Can't watch any TI2 games anymore, the tab under "Watch Live" is empty.
  216. Couldn't Spectate Game
  217. Recent games - do not show abandoned games..
  218. [Suggestion] Operation Shepherd
  219. Counter
  220. [SUGGESTION] Give the "Live Games" tab a "Featured Random Game"
  221. Can you please add tournament games to searches?
  222. [Suggestion] players swaping when watching
  223. The Dreamhack website link directs to a big League of Legends splash.
  224. Tournament Show
  225. Game isn't always tagged as "watched" if spectated live. Can we have a manual tag?
  226. [Suggestion] Move the paywall for tournaments one click further
  227. Feature request: subscribe to pros?
  228. Hero Equipments
  229. [Bug] Finding Timbersaw Recent Games
  230. Suggestions for spectating
  231. Hall of Fame
  232. [Suggestion] Sort tournaments by latest game date
  233. ISSUE: DOTA2 Lobby spectator cant connect the game forces everyone fails game launch
  234. [Suggestion] Extend spectating delay
  235. live game
  236. Improve Calendar layout
  237. [bug] cant view players' customes
  238. Bug: Abandoned or otherwise disconnectiferous matches show up as Normal Bracket
  239. [Suggestion] Fan-based system
  240. Zoom different in Directed Camera than Free Camera in Spec Mode
  241. [Suggestion] Show team banners for a team matchmaking game under the Live Games tab.
  242. What 'time'(zone) is used for the Even Caledar?
  243. [Feature Suggestion] Add under "Watch" a new tab "Saved Replays"
  244. I can't down or watch replay all game
  245. [Suggestion] New option for Directed camera
  246. "Watched" Tournament Games Resetting Every Time Dota is Opened
  247. Replay Bug
  248. [BUG] Naga siren and Tusk
  249. [Suggestion] Reverse the Gold and Experience Graphs
  250. [BUG] When looking for team matches, cannot see more pages of matches