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  2. Fuck Steam SUpports
  3. [artifact] strange artifacts in darkmoon mode on Ubuntu with vulkan
  4. Pudge hook bug and tower attack range circle line (alt toggle) not working
  5. Throughout the world for fifa 17 points
  6. Dark moon: Steam consumed treasure
  7. 7.00 Sucks !
  8. The top part of the bottom lane secret shop can no longer be entered
  9. Cant See Minimap (Show in Blank Grey Color)
  10. Bugo meu mini mapa
  11. map bug
  12. minimap issues
  13. i have issues minimap
  14. [ASK] Why my MiniMap blank ?
  15. map issues bug
  16. i cant see map
  17. I Can't see the mini map
  18. Cant see minimap totally blank in grey
  19. minimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap????!!!!!!!
  20. Bug in game
  21. cheats bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Solo MMR
  23. Dire offlane creep pathing is messed up; canít block the creeps down the lane anymore
  24. You can go through mid barracks
  25. Map bug - can't move across map.
  26. bloodbar dont alway show?
  27. Map Issue - Shrines
  28. Coach Map drawing and pings
  29. The cam is higher , you can see 2 middle tower at the same time
  30. Reef's Edge - Out of the map.
  31. Incorrect Icon On Map
  32. Game-Losing Rosh Vision Bug
  33. Bug when placing ward
  34. Please help.. bug detected
  35. MAP BUG
  36. Vial Interface
  37. Island of Axe BUG!!!!!
  38. Mini map bug
  39. Tree trap in radiant base
  40. critical fog of war bug near roshan
  41. The Dire side of the map is a lot better than Radiant's
  42. Reef;s edge bug
  43. All map covered with fogged
  44. Gamebreaking bug
  46. The Silkmire pass
  47. Reef's Edge map bug
  48. Reef's Edge pathing bug
  49. i dont know if this is or not depends
  50. Siltbreaker 2, Invisible door
  51. Models appear to be offset
  52. Techies arcana TP icon.
  53. Radiant TP that makes you stuck in trees!
  54. Radiant Safe Rune Invisible Terrain Wall
  55. Suggestion : Pre-Game Mini Map to Drag Team Icons on Opposing Rune
  56. Tiny and Keeper can bring people out of the map
  57. Radiant's and Dire's Ancient
  58. Mini Map fix in patch 7.08
  59. Active Runes (Maybe bounty?) show on minimap even when taken.
  60. Imbalance jungling Radiant vs Dire.
  61. More imbalance radiant vs dire
  62. Missing DotaPlus Seasonal Terrain