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  1. Ward placement on angled cliffs
  2. Vision between trees
  3. About the fountain area
  4. Texture
  5. Tower pathing
  6. Venomancer Wards
  7. More than half the enemy base disappeared from the map.
  8. Screen gets stuck on right border of map
  9. Dire always win
  10. Creeps Pathing
  11. The most top left creep spot doesnt not work the same when pulling.
  12. pugna ward
  13. Possible to get stuck in your own base at front ramp and not be able to move.
  14. Ring of basilius
  15. FoW at secret shops
  16. Wrong hero rune voice
  17. Wierd extra delay when you put your mouse in the side of the game
  18. Map layout really bad or pudge hook too long
  19. Map layout
  20. Ancient creeps - dragons
  21. Neutrals aggro from dropping a ward
  22. Juke spot
  23. rax to close to each other
  24. Burrowstrike and map
  25. Is this area meant to be walkable?
  26. shop + vision at fountain
  27. problem with in-game and main menu interface
  28. Hero avatar
  29. Eating trees from low ground
  30. reconnect timer issue
  31. Unintended walkable cliff
  32. Radiant/Dire terrain
  33. Rune visible from the point where it shouldnt be visible.
  34. Vengeful Spirit - Wave of Terror Vision
  35. out of map ?
  36. Map bug - Forest and Wizard Creep
  37. Mis-post
  38. Warding the enemy base.
  39. Scourge bottom lane creep pathing.
  40. Creep pathing in midle lane.
  41. Out of the map storm
  42. Creeps
  43. Dire creeps on mid
  44. Is the night too dark ?
  45. Zoom out abuse!
  46. Juke Spot dire tier 1 tower mid
  47. Dire / Radiant "Mountain"
  48. You can see the "void"
  49. Neutral Creeps Mana
  50. dire bot lane creeps walk to wrong side
  51. [Question] Stuck on the ledge
  52. Trees and accessible spots behind fountain
  53. [suggestion] balanced roshan pit
  54. Don't think you're supposed to be able to put wards like this :)
  55. Clipping issue near the top lane tower of the Sentinel
  56. Ward by Dire side doesn't give sight below
  57. scourge mid lane messed up
  58. Delay in Minimap + Attack command + camera move
  59. Special "thanx"
  60. Roshan color
  61. why does the map starts at 14:58?
  62. Small gaps in trees next to cliffs, or otherwise inaccessible areas.
  63. when enemy tower gets denied
  64. Trees too slim?
  65. Tree seems to be missing
  66. Batrider Firefly lets you glitch behind Dire well
  67. Strange Fog in this tree cluster
  68. Map fog-Secret Shop
  69. Cliff / Edge walking
  70. Ward placement issues.
  71. Attack cursor
  72. Spectral dagger Map offlimits
  73. Unexplored areas fog of war is indistinguishable from explored areas
  74. Choke points for choke point jungling.
  75. Green Dot next to bot side shop
  76. Backdooring
  77. [Bug?] Hiding in solid stones
  78. Visual glitches
  79. Hero Icons (Minimap)
  80. Fountain Area
  81. [Bug?] Scroll on lore on picking screen causes map to zoom in/out.
  82. [Bug] Ward placement reveal/nc placement spot wrong
  83. [Minor Bug] Radiant Spawn camp radius too large
  84. Minimap colors and Map colors itself concern
  85. Ramp and fog issues
  86. Issues with big trees
  87. Get stuck in Radiant Fountain
  88. Axe tooltip on minimap typo
  89. Map glitch ... for creeps
  90. [Bug] Inconsistent ward vision for Roshan area
  91. Batrider can Clip Oustside the Map Using Firefly
  92. Some new maps?
  93. Map glitch ... hero pass wall
  94. Bug with visual
  95. Mid towers not quite equidistant from the ramps.
  96. Problem with vision and scourge secret shop
  97. the minimap fog of war should be more visible
  98. Filling on the trees.
  99. Tower Health Visible Even in Fog??
  100. i can see the message of xxx cooldown remaining through fog
  101. Puck cant be hit by creeps in the jungle
  102. Minimap fog dissapears
  103. Missing Trees causing visibility of rune too early
  104. old scourge forest:)
  105. Invalid ward location
  106. Sight in bottom lane out of trees
  107. Bottom Lane's 2nd Dire Tower's Range
  108. Pathing Variability
  109. Alt-tabbing causes enemy buildings to disappear from minimap
  110. Minimap bug
  111. FOV at nighttime is 2 small
  112. Huge issues with fog of war
  113. Spectre Dagger pathing
  114. Alt tab
  115. Pause Game
  116. Tiny's Avalanche
  117. When Dire's throne fall, units are standing in the "air"
  118. Huge Heros getting caught on Buildings/Towers
  119. Camp layout.
  120. Juke Spot at Bottom Dire Tower
  121. Death Prophet patch = No shadow?
  122. Terrain Glitch
  123. Side shop fog of war
  124. Venomancer Ward falls when the Radiant Wins.
  125. Units running after game is over.
  126. Blink out of the map
  127. Visual bug by top rune.
  128. Dots for buildings dissapear.
  129. Blocked at fountain
  130. Hidden forest paths
  131. Pudge Hook Misses over Stairs
  132. New ward spot
  133. Roshan Location
  134. [suggestion] loadscreen
  135. Missing blinkable spot
  136. trees
  137. New Ward Placement
  138. i cant see the Dire's structures!!!
  139. Bug: Minimap ignores input
  140. Tree Placement Incorrect
  141. Inconsistencies with heights.
  142. Invulnerable buildings when they shouldn't be
  143. Game music
  144. Fog of war weirdness (w/ ss!)
  145. [GLITCH] Reachable spot behind Dire's fountain
  146. pathing issue sentinel forest
  147. Strange fov in Jukingspot
  148. Much harder to pull neutral creeps on Dire
  149. Tree Layout in sent forest wrong.
  150. tree in sentinel base
  151. FOG OF WAR! Visible at strange places.
  152. Map design against fountain farm.
  153. "Report AFK'lers" Button! Yes or No?
  154. Access scret shop from center lane
  155. Hero Minimap Color Displaying Wrongly After Reconnection
  156. Hero icon changing
  157. Overall pathing and delay
  158. Disbalance of the map
  159. fog of war vs unexplored area
  160. Pathfinding issue at one particular spot
  161. [Bug] Wards can't be placed below (destroyed) rax
  162. Huneter's hall and Ancient of wind
  163. Top left + Batrider
  164. we need shadow demon
  165. You can go into rocks on the map [SCREENSHOTS :D]
  166. some players use immortal bug
  167. Multiple creepspawn
  168. Almost impossible to juke due to generous fog of war.
  169. Going through the texture (Batrider)
  171. Invisible Map Boundary [Screenshot]
  173. Noticable HERO Pathing
  174. sniper vs fountain.
  175. Down hill cant stuck there (if i cut trees)
  176. Missing icon for Lucifer (Doom Bringer) using Alt.
  177. TP bug
  178. This game needs a forfeit button
  179. Wierd Graphic and Dark
  180. Is it me or the map ? HELP
  181. Final graphic bug
  182. Fog of War updates far too slow
  183. Ward gives vision at rosh
  184. Fog problems.
  185. alchemist sound glitch
  186. ground graphics are not displayed correctly (And Trees and water)
  187. Roshan Pit
  188. Wildkin weird spawn in Dire Jungle
  189. Dota 2's river has a dead end.
  190. Clock's cogs and map
  191. respawn bug
  192. Ward near Radiant`s secret shop
  193. [Suggestion] Restore this paths?
  194. Inconsistency in the Radiant's bottom jungle spawn.
  195. Rikimaru size issue
  196. Constant Creep Pull(Dire top lane)
  197. Fog/ lighting issues?
  198. Tree vision / neutrals at radiant dota 1 vs dota 2 difference
  199. EndGame - end game summary fails to report everything
  200. Fountain block
  201. Slither ward block
  202. Pathing near Towers & Raxes
  203. ramp opposite Roshan - visibility
  204. Important changes needed for Dota 2
  205. "Select all other units" button issues
  206. Radiant Victory Bug
  207. Pudge knocked into inaccessible area
  208. Map Idea
  209. Buggy trees Radiant bottom lane
  210. Zoom bug.
  211. Night/Day
  212. sounds in fog of war can be heard.
  213. Colourblindness Issue
  214. Ancient Camp missing one more Variant
  215. Juke Spot Dire Top Tower
  216. [BUG] Unable to use the Minimap or selection box (Possibly found out why)
  217. Cant point on the minimap
  218. Map hole in the Lane on the top left
  219. pathing through map
  220. Map placement upon resurrection
  221. Ended match and dead F1 bug
  222. Map Pathing Bug, potential abuse
  223. MiniMap disabled
  224. Chat in game bug
  225. Bad location of map in HUD
  226. Stairs from river into either side no transition of vision of areas/lose of targeting
  227. Strange subcliff
  228. [Bug] Roshan being pushed uphill beyond reach with Cogs
  229. some map inconsistencies
  230. Courier invisible in certain spot
  231. Multiple couriers Bug/Change
  232. Jungle tree chokepoints not working
  233. Invis Removes Icon from Mini Map While Spectating
  234. Can Someone Help Me With This????
  235. [DOTA2 test critical map issues] Map bug causing hero to get stuck
  236. No more animals on the map
  237. map size / dimensions
  238. problem with map units
  239. Some map glitches
  240. So where is the tree in front of the rosh pit.
  241. Can't click on minimap
  242. My dota is like 4bit
  243. Stuck/Blocking creeps
  244. blink out of the map
  245. weird gem drop
  246. Graphic problem after Ancient defeat
  247. Bug with a fountain
  248. See through in between trees
  249. Higher Zoom Height: A Feature
  250. Y U NO give me back my greener trees, grass, blue-r water, brighter sun?