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  1. clickable links
  2. UI
  3. global announcer - suggestion - dev only
  4. Adding time stamps to chat channels
  5. Talking during loading?
  6. clickable usernames in chat
  7. In-game chat log button.
  8. Channel tabs
  9. Annoying chat bug
  10. Scrolling issue in chats (participants)
  11. Making own channels
  12. Party bar
  13. names ending with > is "breaking" the chat
  14. Strange Glitch with Chat Rooms
  15. Chat Send Text Bug and other comments
  16. New status msgs below name in friend list
  17. Chat room friends list
  18. Clipboard monitoring/URLS
  19. chat input cuts off the end of your sentences if they are too long
  20. Typing in console types in the chat lobbies
  21. /j to join a channel and clear chat button
  22. Chat when picking heroes
  23. Party Chat
  24. Scroll box missing
  25. /j CHANNEL, /ignore USER needed
  26. Staff Create channel " Dota Latino America"
  27. Channel Create : Rus
  28. 7 Chat Channels +
  29. Clan Channels
  30. Voice chat in the party window.
  31. scroll bar tab missing from chat window
  32. A whole bunch of buglets and suggestions. in the lobby/chat rooms.
  33. Message indicator or chat box move
  34. visual glitch in new chat room
  35. Case-sensitiviness on room names
  36. Clicking on chat box should select input box
  37. Just Another Chat Room Suggestions Thread
  38. Cant move chat with mouse
  39. Chat room participants windows scroll bug
  40. Type too much in chat, then it goes over the box
  41. Timestamps?
  42. Send msg in chat not working..
  43. Party [unknown]
  44. Not sure if memory leak on friends list - need more beta invites to test for sure
  45. Chat Problem!
  46. Suggestion: Auto join channel
  47. "noone can hear you!"
  48. Asian languages in Chat
  49. Party x Dashboard
  50. Copy + paste
  51. cant scroll thro chat history
  52. Adding User Numbers in Chat Room / Channel
  53. chat channel
  54. My thoughts on menu and chat..
  55. alt tab, " i " key stops working
  56. Watch Game
  57. CPU slots
  58. copy/paste in chat/lobby
  59. Switching between different tabs
  60. MM timer bugged
  61. Post-game chat room
  62. 3 issues: Party, whisper and highlighting
  63. creeps give
  64. [Discussion] Channel UI
  65. [Unknown] Player names
  66. Arabic names in Dota2 are mirrored
  67. [Suggestion] Fixing Chat channels
  68. [Bug] letters going through sidescroll
  69. Channel FRANCE
  70. After the match chat
  71. Replace Recent Heroes with Recent Matches
  72. [Bug] Console BUG - cant typei i lowercase character
  73. Question] chat commands
  74. [Bug] typing bug
  75. [Bug] Last letter in lowest line in chat not showing up.
  76. Friends list
  77. Exclude Friends on the Friends List if they don't own DOTA2
  78. Friends List - Popup Menu out of the screen
  79. [Bug] Problems with the "I" key
  80. Report Player
  81. [Bug] Post-game chat
  82. [Suggestion]Remove the reconnect countdown
  83. No region listed in private match lobby
  84. Auto join option
  85. In game chat repeat issue
  86. [Bug] on six or more channel tabs displayed
  87. leaving all chat lobbies keeps user listing and chat
  88. [BUG]stat bug
  89. FriendList - Add In Group Message
  90. Win and lost not registring well
  91. context menu for players is not rendered properly when coming from chat room.
  92. changing options is inconvenient.
  93. Make tabs movable
  94. Matchmaking's SE Asia active/inactive button is not shown properly
  95. [Suggestion] Make text entry as simple as it is on Battle.net
  96. [Suggestion] Make pre and post chat have color similar to game chat.
  97. [Suggestion] Chat commands
  98. General Chat Room
  99. Sort chat channels in alphabetic order
  100. Chat Hero Kill Announcement
  101. Game does not show friend is not in a game and cannot spectate it.
  102. Repetition of message sent when chatting in party
  103. Time Stamps
  104. [Suggestion] Chat History Key Binding
  105. Scroll Bar - Chat Tabs
  106. How about to write more then once when paused?
  107. How to join friend's practice game
  108. Some suggestions and a possible bug in the chat room.
  109. game crashing constantly
  110. How can i create my own chat room?
  111. [Suggestion] Timestamps
  112. [Bug] chat text doesn't disappear sometimes when pressing enter
  113. Chat text too small?
  114. Chat stays up after you push enter
  115. Partys with 4+ players
  116. Chat when Game is Paused
  117. Reporting a Player
  118. Party Chat Log Randomly Stopping
  119. [Suggestion] KeKe Suggestions list
  120. End-Game Score Screen Chat Box "bug"
  121. [Suggestion] Chat Alarm
  122. [Suggestion]Add_Channel
  123. [Suggestion] Clicking on the chat-box enables you to type
  124. Chat after game ends
  125. Hero main stat attribute incorrectly highlighted
  126. Bug: Wrong hero icons in chat from previous games
  127. Philippine Chat Room Gone?
  128. Emoticons not working properly.
  129. Time left before abandonment announced after player has reconnected
  130. [Suggestion] Organizing Chat Channels
  131. Close pratice lobbies when host is afk for greater than 5 minutes
  132. [suggestion] New chan France
  133. Mouse Sensitivity
  134. [Suggestions] Host Symbol in Practice games
  135. Chat rooms are Pseudo-Case Sensitive.
  136. Show who dsnt ready
  137. Chat scroll npt staying down
  138. [Suggestions] invite friend to the lobby
  139. [BUG] Keyboard Key Not Working
  140. Default Chat Channel
  141. [SUGGESTION] Auto Focus Cursor to Chat Input Textbox
  142. How to change your avatar in dota 2 profile?
  143. [BUG] Chat input field [CTRL]+[Backspace]
  144. [Suggestion] Regional Chat Rooms
  145. Chat Room
  146. Party leader change
  147. [Bug?] Differing Times for Finding Match
  148. [Improvement] Spam Control
  149. Practice mode needs some love
  150. Chat channel list wrong sorted (after update)
  151. Why remove right click?
  152. Delete
  153. [Suggestion] Auto-Join option for channels
  154. How to insert a Team Logo in Practice Lobby?
  155. How do you draw in Minimap?
  156. Barely readable fonts for small texts in game lobby and game log
  157. Nickname strange inverse
  158. [Suggestion] Sort players by statuses
  159. [Suggestion] Ability to paste text copied from outside the game
  160. Cached Player Names on Final Scorescreen with Repeat Heroes
  161. Game lobby
  162. Chat Channels Redone
  163. [Suggestion] Save Chat Channels
  164. Stats while in party
  165. [Suggestion] Using HoN chat room template.
  166. Whisper to all buddies command
  167. [Suggestion] Looking for Group Channel
  168. [Suggestion] message box
  169. [Suggestion] Add column next to player's names for a status.
  170. [Question] How to report/commend after game finished?
  171. My dota 2 design
  172. typing in korean
  173. [BUG] Pressing Enter in a chat box.
  174. [Suggestion] Sticky Channels
  175. skadi question!?
  176. [Question]Dropdown List in Buddies section
  177. Memory
  178. Add a new Chat Channel
  179. bug in "lernen" tab
  180. Opening too many Chat Channel bug
  181. Creating chat channel ?
  182. Fonts issue with UTF8 characters - in game chat, scoreboard, chat rooms
  183. [Suggestions] Add features in Friends Tab (Invite /Observe)
  184. [Suggestion]Keep groups around even if 1 person leaves
  185. [BUG] Party Lobby
  186. In game chat field
  187. heroes pictures in party channel
  188. Party chat after leave from party
  189. [Bug] "Dead Games" aka "Game in progress"
  190. Can't watch Freinds play
  191. Lobby client unresponsive
  192. Some minor annoyances with controls.
  193. [Suggestion] Allow Expanding (maximizing) of Chat Channels.
  194. [Suggestion]Channel "alert"
  195. Chatting ingame
  196. switching between all-chat/team-chat
  197. allow player menu from chatroom
  198. Too many chat channels
  199. Inviting chat members into party
  200. Hero statistics screen suggestion
  201. Match de positionnement pour disposer les joueurs selon leur niveau
  202. ingame chat spamprotection while pause
  203. Chat needs timestamps.
  204. [Suggestion]Party Invite from Game
  205. Make the usernames clickable in the chatbox
  206. Chat Bug
  207. Highlight active chat rooms
  208. Chat Channel
  209. Chat bug when pausing a game
  210. Party Chat!
  211. Chat Rooms not saving when i start dota 2.
  212. View Names of Pending Players
  213. Voice Chat Enabled during Hero Picking Phase
  214. [Suggestion] tab navigation keyboard shortcut
  215. Typing chat channel to join instead of channel list
  216. [Bug] Ingame chat had wrong hero icons
  217. Pause Chat Suggestion
  218. Friend search
  219. Private Game Lobby + Chat Tabs + Learn Tab Errors
  220. Out-of-game Chat - some thoughts
  221. -roll command for competitive use
  222. Chat Rooms arnt getting saved
  223. member button
  224. [Bug] Pause Chat
  225. [Suggestion] Chat tabs flashing when there is new message
  226. AFK'ing in game
  227. Paus and other chat improvements.
  228. Chat content remains after hitting [ENTER]
  229. timestamps visibility
  230. Accessing player profiles from the chat
  231. Private Lobby Browsing
  232. Chat Rooms/Steam
  233. Chatlanguage
  234. [Suggestion] Chat curser stays in the chat bar.
  235. [ Suggestion ] -CM Mode Option?
  236. We should be able to copy text from chat channels
  237. [Suggestion][Chat-InGame] keep the chatting messages display on screen more long.
  238. [Suggestion] Access player menu from chat messages.
  239. [Suggestion][in-game][spectating]Seperate chat windows for spectators and players
  240. [Suggestion]Chat name: Give color to the name.
  241. [Bug] Chat missing?
  242. Dota2 host afk problem
  243. [Bug] Inconsistent Win-Loss Scores
  244. [suggestion] keep the chatimput from picking interface
  245. [Suggestion] In-chat bug report
  246. 2 games 1 bug = must be fix [screenshot]
  247. Suggestion Make a My Games tab
  248. [Suggestion][Chat-InGame] Give us the option of ignoring someones posts
  249. [sugestion] in-game squelch button
  250. [Bug]{Lobby chat] Input box not properly cleared after pressing "Enter"