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  1. Hero Hud suggestion
  2. Shop diversity
  3. Recommended item selection
  4. Shop Tabs
  5. Keywords in shop search
  6. Shop feedback
  7. Prioritize major items completion over lesser
  8. Idea for smart shop
  9. "Items you frequently buy on this hero" section
  10. Drag&drop quickbuy
  11. Searching renamed items
  12. Search hotkey
  13. Buying recipe items.
  14. Streamlining item upgrades and preventing mistakes.
  15. Hotkeying Items in the Item Shop
  16. Selling items
  17. Secret shop for newbies.
  18. Reselling items from Stash
  19. Item component hotkeys
  20. Dagonlvl1 + 1rec -> dagon lvl 5
  22. Search field improvement
  23. necronomicon book problem
  24. [Suggestion] personal recommended items
  25. Shortcut to buy specified items
  26. Graphical glitch and not being able to drag and drop items
  27. Keeping Groupkey when upping courier to crow
  28. Can we have "basic items" as a separate window
  29. Sell Item Hotkey
  30. Courrier able to sell items
  31. The stash is moving when you click on the button shop
  32. Buying items with same parts
  33. Shop not taking into account already comboed items
  34. Breaking and Combining Items
  35. Typing numbers in search bar
  36. NO suggested items after patch
  37. Let us set custom guides for each hero and release them
  38. Quickbuy with more items
  39. [Suggestion] Get your own Shopinterface
  40. Items bought while dead spawning at the location of my dead body
  41. Add Cooldown to couriers..
  42. Urn of Shadows recipe has a team wide message
  43. Notification when buying Smoke/Dust
  44. My suggestions regarding shop
  45. Some interesting moments
  46. Shop Button Color
  47. Shop Auto buy on start of game.
  48. select the searchbar when pressing hotkey to open the shop
  49. Optimizing Shop buying interface
  51. [Suggestion] Dead shopping.
  52. Search box visibility
  53. [Question] Opinion: Suggested items
  54. Item Icons change.
  55. My Issues with the Shop (Item Visibility)
  56. Put Consumable Items on a Side Tab
  57. Shop Button Functionality while being dead near Shops
  58. Courier
  59. Add hotkeys for items
  60. Suggestion: erase text after purchasing an item
  61. [Suggestion] Allow me to look up upgrade options by selecting items in my inventory
  62. [Suggestion] Linking Items in chat
  63. Shop can't handle buying items too fast
  64. Range of sale
  65. Change Catagories in Shop Option
  66. [Suggestion] Courier Upgrade
  67. [Bug] Courier
  68. shop range bug
  69. [Suggestion] Selling off the chicken
  70. Orchid of Malevolence Didn't auto-build
  71. unsell option
  72. [Suggestion] Easier Hotkeys for buying
  73. Import Builds From Codes
  74. [Suggestion] Courier grabing items
  75. [Question] Unlock?
  76. [Suggestion] Cost to build items
  77. [Suggestion] Tab choice: recommended items or quick-access tab
  78. [Bug] Courier + Quick Buy interaction
  79. [Suggestion] Shop window size
  80. Mouse Cursor Discussion
  81. [Suggestion] Multiple Courier Warning
  82. [SUGGESTION] Hon/DotA-Names for search
  83. [SUGGESTION] Inventory Undo
  84. [Question] How do you disassemble item?
  85. [Suggestion] Item tabs in shop
  86. Courier should show Flying Courier as a possible upgrade in shop
  87. [Suggestion] Shop Hotkeys
  88. [Question] Selling items from stash/courier when not in base
  89. [Suggestion] Shop issues
  90. Boots of speed is not "arcane"
  91. Selling Item From Stash
  92. Anyway to remove the Sticky Item?
  93. Courier suggestion
  94. Rightclick menu not appearing - new in november 03 patch
  95. [Suggestion] Items that cannot Stack!
  96. [Suggestion] Shop- Search for items when i start typing.
  97. Give heroes a higher pirority at shopping.
  98. [Suggestion] Left click items in inventory to show their item tree when shopping
  99. [Suggestion] Re-selling with courier
  100. [Suggestion] Store filters
  101. Shopping when another hero is selected
  102. [Suggestion] Courier cooldown
  103. Quick-Buy Item Priority and Multiple Items
  104. Buying complete items
  105. Kurier? Courier!
  106. Courier blocks shopkeeper
  107. [Suggestion] Show ward cooldown under recommended item slots.
  108. Older Eyes
  109. Shop UI in LoL works better...
  110. [Suggestion] Selling wards should replenish stock in store.
  111. The shop needs work
  112. [Suggestion] Building panel
  113. [Suggestion] About "consumables"
  114. [Suggestions] General suggestions
  115. [Suggestion] Allow selling item from courier and stash.
  116. [Suggestion] Selling Items
  117. [BUG] Died near enemy shop, home shop didnt work after i spawned
  118. Veil of Discord not listed with Robe of the Magi
  119. How do you drag to sell?
  120. Helm of Iron will - No veil of discourd shop recepie tree
  121. [SHOP IMPROVEMENT] Edit "suggested items" section.
  122. [SHOP IMPROVEMENT] Pre-order Lists.
  123. [SHOP IMPROVEMENT] Hot-key shop.
  124. [SHOP IMPROVEMENT] Right Clicking Bought Items.
  125. Right Clicking Upgradeable Items
  126. Can we expect better item icons?
  127. [Suggestion] Selling misbought items
  128. League of Legends layout
  129. [SUGGESTION]Two Shop in Base
  130. Vladimir Tooltip
  131. [Suggestion] - Allow multiple items in the "Quick Buy" pane
  132. [SUGGESTION] Accurate Price Representation
  133. Extra courier buttons
  134. Suggestion: Remove drag an drop from shop, RMB is much better
  135. Suggestion: Another tab, with upgrades made from owned items
  136. Drag n Drop to custom item list 2 tabs (general / specific hero)
  137. (Tweak) Buying with the Search Function
  138. Multiple Dagons
  139. [Suggestion] Tabbing in shop
  140. Shop Difficulties
  141. WArds need timer?
  142. please bring the old shops back
  143. Shop Hotkeys Disappearing?
  144. Purchasing items from secret shop with full inventory
  145. Custom Shop Hotkeys
  146. How to customize your starting items
  147. Things The Courier Should Steal From HoN
  148. [Suggestion] Remove top category toggle.
  149. Right clicking advanced item recipes in shop
  150. Suggestions: Make Stash minimizable
  151. [Suggestion] Consumables, Courier, Fortify UI Change for Ease of Use.
  152. [Suggestion] Keep Shop Open When Switching Unit
  153. [Suggestion] Customize Reccomended Items
  154. [Suggestion] Automatically open shop interface when you click on shopkeeper
  155. Swap shop hotkeys
  156. [SUGGESTION] Auto-select search area when oppening shop
  157. Adjustable opacity of shop UI?
  158. Diassemble and Item Creation
  159. [Suggestion] Faster access to Buyback
  160. I dont see the ...
  161. [Suggestion] Alt+ left-clicking shouldn't universally trigger pings
  162. [Suggestion] Unique category icons and accompanying tooltips
  163. [Suggestion] Ability to manually bring up stash
  164. [Suggestion] Show shop tree when item from inventory is selected
  165. Sell from stash
  166. Gold display - shopping when dead
  167. [suggestion] tp scroll should be a recommended item for every single hero
  168. [Suggestion] Drop item from inventory to quick-buy.
  169. [Bug] Flying the courier with items currently on courier
  170. [improvement] Shop could to better with different hotkeys
  171. Side/secret shop should be part of the main shop and not replacements
  172. Courier gets deselected upon upgrade.
  173. Put shop on first tab of 'basics' by default
  174. Show item trees from inventory.
  175. I think there should be a Classic (Split) Shop option.
  176. i dont like the way the shop feels
  177. Item Dragging/Swapping Bug
  178. Recipes read "Requires Secret Shop"
  179. [Suggestion] Make the shop more pretty/fantasy like
  180. Sniper - recommended item Shadow Blade
  181. edit your items?
  182. All items should be accessible by 2-clicks
  183. [Suggestion] Flying Courier as an upgrade path
  184. Swapping Items on invetory slots, Moving items from hero to courier..etc
  185. Courier should be auto-dropped from stash upon entering the well
  186. Better structure for basic items
  187. [Suggestion] Add a custom build section
  188. [Suggestion] Item Favorites / Future Buys
  189. Kinda report to an item.
  190. Nightstalker's start items
  191. [Suggestion] Sell item hotkey
  192. [Suggestion] Consumables tab as a default tab when shop is opened
  193. [Bug/Suggestion] Quick Buy doesn't update if used while courier selected
  194. [Suggestion] Allow creation, sharing, and rating of recommended items for heroes
  195. custom tab keys not working properly
  196. [Suggestion] Erase text in shop once shop has been exited
  197. Splitting items and the stash
  198. [Bug] When dead and a purchase is made, reccomended items will not update.
  199. [Bug] Recipe completion fails when courier is holding the item
  200. Alternate / Custom Tabs for Shop
  201. Money from the start and the money lost
  202. Unable to add an item to quickshop that's in your inventory.
  203. Getting items in sideshops when i don't want to
  204. Make it so dagon can be upgraded with the same recipe.
  205. Customizable Quickshop?
  206. Have a UI for "advanced users"
  207. [Suggestion] Clicking inventory items with shop UI open should show recipes.
  208. Priority autocombine for multi-item purchases
  209. Auto-select the Search Bar
  210. Position of items in the shop
  211. Design change of the outpost-/secretshop
  212. Idle animations for the shopkeeper?
  213. TPs own item slot at top
  214. [Suggestion] Animal Courier tree
  215. Why cannot we sell items while we are dead?
  216. Upgradeable items should purchase the recipe, not an entire new item.
  217. Suggestion: Add "Gold needed to complete" to Item Upgrades
  218. Make Attributes/Stats Searchable
  219. Will the shop ever get more organized?!
  220. Adding 'Sell' option for items in Stash
  221. Buying items from side shop
  222. Flying Courier kinda blocking Dire shop.
  223. Courier>Player buying priority.
  224. [Suggestion] Show Shopkeepers portrait over hero potrait when at the Shop.
  225. Gigantic Shop Glitch
  226. Button for TPs that is always visible
  227. [Suggestion] Buying with no numeric keys
  228. Splitting Items
  229. Shop Suggestions
  230. Ok, why is stash usable from both shops?
  231. Learning the items is hard for new players
  232. [Question] Where can I find the shortcuts for buying items in the shop?
  233. Quick buy not permanent?
  234. [Suggestion] Customize item builds out of game.
  235. Suggestion: Make the shop window transparent and an option to auto close.
  236. Suggested Item Panel Not Appearing
  237. [Suggestion] Search shop by stats/bonuses. (+5, 20%, etc)
  238. [Suggestion]Hybrid shop Dota1+Dota2
  239. [Suggestion] Creating/ Customizing Shop Tabs
  240. Trouble with Dragging Items into the Quick Buy Box
  241. [suggestion] implement self-made recommended items for each hero.
  242. Lane shop improvements?
  243. Dagon stacking
  244. TP scroll should be on top for both shops
  245. Smarter auto-purchase, should buy most expensive affordable piece
  246. flying chicken return to fountain position
  247. Sange and Yasha [Quickbuy]
  248. [Suggestion] Shops and fog
  249. Smart Shop
  250. Suggestion: Include TP scroll as a core or situational item for ALL heroes