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  1. Sports lines, play lines, idk?
  2. [Suggestion] Toggle for right clicking the map
  3. Option to reverse minimap location to bottom right corner
  4. Brown painting line on minimap is too dark
  5. [Suggestion] Just my thoughts on the minimap
  6. Reducing mouse speed when drawing on minimap?
  7. Drawing on the minimap.
  8. Green player scourge
  9. Drawing on minimap improvement
  10. I think the best suggestion so far:
  11. Longer mini-map pings and multiple pings?
  12. minimap x marker & drawing suggestion
  13. Minimap Getting Stuck with Mouse3
  14. Minimap stuck with mouse 1.
  15. Being able to move location of minimap
  16. Roshan
  17. [Suggestion] Make the minimap bigger
  18. [Suggestion] The Current Ping System is Weak
  19. Range indicator on minimap
  20. Please Add "Ping" to Setup for Hot-Key Changes
  21. [Suggestion] Use Hero-Symbols instead of Heroicon's or X's and O's
  22. Minimap vision issue and...
  23. Neutrals spot bug
  24. [Suggestion] New enemy hero symbol on the mini map
  25. [Suggestion] Changing color
  26. [Suggestion]"illusions on minimap suggestion"
  27. [BUG] Searching map without intention
  28. [Bug] Players colors are wrong when one has not yet connected and people are drawing
  29. [Suggestion] Camera Grip vs. Old function
  30. [Suggestion] Minimap drawing suggestion [Transparent lines]
  31. [Bug] A bug when you click the edge of the map.
  32. [Suggestion] Mute!
  33. [Suggestion] Stacked Hero Icons Transparent
  34. [Suggestion] Minimap Placement
  35. Minimap Heros icons
  36. Fog of War seems to light
  37. Secret shop ping
  38. [Suggestion] Minimap drawing / coloring
  39. [Suggestion] Sharper Icons, Less Distracting BG
  40. [Suggestion] Shield Icon - "Defend this"
  41. [Suggestion] Mini map range indicators.
  42. [Suggestion] Multiple Amount of Pings
  43. [Suggestion] Notification on minimap when tower/barrack is under attack or destroyed
  44. [SUGGESTION] Add an arrow tip to minimap lines to indicate direction
  45. [Suggestion] Make it possible to change key to toggle hero names on minimap
  46. minimap background and creeps [Suggestion]
  47. [Suggestions] Pinging: Ping binding option, retreat Ping , general ping size/sound
  48. [Suggestion] Strategy Drawing
  49. Small UI Misplacement On Minimap
  50. Minimap missclick?
  51. Courier Icon Size/Color
  52. [Suggestion] Minimap opacity slider
  53. [Suggestion] More visibility on Mini-map
  54. Pinging on buildings and heroes produce a chat command and visual effect
  55. Unable to use minimap to view an area of the map
  56. player controlled units should have a bigger dot in the mini map
  57. [Minor Bug] Clicking on Minimap Border will cause movement.
  58. Courrier Aim-assist to the secret shop
  59. Pinging
  60. [Suggestion] Minimap Drawing
  61. minimap bug
  62. Invisible unit's minimap icon appears visible when the enemy team has vision of them
  63. Visualise pathing on the minimap
  64. Drawing on minimap: Useless altogether?
  65. [Suggestion] Hero portaits on minimap
  66. [Suggestion] Minimap Ping Throttle
  67. [SUGGESTION] Option to change minimap to right side.
  68. Minimap Right Click/Skill click malfunction.
  69. Hero Minimap Color Option
  70. [Suggestion] Alt+ left-clicking shouldn't universally trigger pings
  71. [Suggestion] High contrast Hero markers on Minimap
  72. [Suggestion] Enemy icon direction indicator
  73. [Minor Bug] Clicking Middle mouse button on mini map
  74. [Suggestion] Clear drawing on minimap function.
  75. [Bug]Certain clicks on mini-map are interpreted as double click rather than as single
  76. [SUGGESTION] Mouse trapping inside the Minimap
  77. [Bug] Occasionally minimap left clicks are not registered as such.
  78. Remove Fog on minimap in Practice
  79. random lines in minimap...
  80. Show path your character will take on the Minimap
  81. Dragging mouse on the minimap
  82. Suggestion: Larger Minimap
  83. [Suggestion] Retreat Ping
  84. Suggestion : Clicking bottom left of the screen.
  85. [Suggestion] Courier Route Tracking
  86. Resize the Indicator for Creeps.
  87. [Suggestion] Camera zoom in/out
  88. [Suggestion] Simple 1 or 2 Missing/Return from Top/Middle/Bottom Lanes button.
  89. [Suggestion] Better minimap colors
  90. Clicking on the corners/edges of the minimap issue
  91. [Suggestion] Always show hero names on map.
  92. Roshans icon.
  93. Explored vs Unexplored areas
  94. Remove map move when drawing
  95. Alt button for minimap
  96. Stuff dissappeared because aero shut down?
  97. More Noticeable Ping?
  98. [Suggestions]Minimap
  99. Simple colors : friendly heros + creeps = green?
  100. [Suggestion] Option for hero portraits on the minimap instead of colors
  101. Mini Map Too Busy!
  102. Minimap at Startup [BUG?]
  103. Interactive Minimap
  104. [Suggestion] Show ability ranges on map
  105. minimap heroes suggestion
  106. [Suggestion] "Lock" Minimap/HUD from changing your pathing
  107. Neutral Creeps
  108. Minimap sticked
  109. Defending Barracks Ping
  110. Ping Issues
  111. [Suggestion] Draw on the minimap with middle button
  112. Suggestion: Alternative Map Colours
  113. Minimap does not respond to input
  114. Moving map when paused
  115. Too easy for Radiant to accidentally click minimap
  116. [Suggestion] Allow casting by clicking on the minimap
  117. Cannot see your own non-hero units on the map clearly. And poor mini-map visiblity.
  118. [Suggestion] Pinging noise/visual
  119. COURIER under attack needs minimap indicator
  120. Allow us to bind pings to a single key
  121. Minimap camera stuck
  122. Icon to see where you last clicked to go.
  123. Let us draw on the real map, and appear it on the minimap
  124. [Suggestion] Minimap Click Hover Delay
  125. [ Suggestion ] Pinging the ground shows on the ground for your team too
  126. Suggestion: Make minimap ping last longer (unless it's spammed)
  127. Morphs Ultimate On the Minimap
  128. [Suggestion] Bigger Courier Icon
  129. Drawing on the minimap
  130. [Suggestion] Doubleclick on minimap to move
  131. Hero icons direction
  132. Is there any reason that when I draw a line on the minimap...
  133. [Sugestion] Target Hero Ping Alert
  134. [Suggestion] Hero pathing
  135. Pathing preview
  136. [Suggestion] miss mid top bot button
  137. Swap Minimap Position
  138. Relocate Minimap
  139. [Suggestion] Limit number of pings/minute to prevent annoying spam
  140. Minimap should have hero icons with team outlines(as in LoL), not colours.
  141. [Suggestion] Should muting also stop minimap drawing?
  142. [Suggestion] Minimap must be not clickable by RMB.
  143. [BUG] Occasionally clicking minimap does nothing
  144. Minimap too big > clicking top right corner when escaping resulted in many deaths
  145. [Suggestion] Jungle camps and Shop Icons
  146. Replace "X" of the enemyteam by arrow.
  147. [Suggestion] UI visibility during picking time
  148. Bug displaying Doombringer's map icon
  149. Function to disable minimap portraits
  150. [Suggestion] Option to permanently enable hero icons on the minimap instead of alt
  151. Minimap too dark
  152. Outpost and Secret Shop icons
  153. How can i see new minimap icons always
  154. Clicking on minimap border bug
  155. [Suggestion] Show runes on the minimap
  156. [Suggestion] Option to mute pings
  157. Broodmother's web showed on the minimap but not in the map
  158. [ Suggestion ] Pinging on a enemy hero put's a focus marker on him
  159. [Suggestion] Change Hero Icons to the...
  160. [Suggestion[ Resize (enlarge) the minimap
  161. [Suggestion] Freeze Heroes Until Hero Selection Screen Finishes
  162. Player Controlled Creeps on the Minimap show as White.
  163. [Option] Changeable Keybindings for Ping and Draw
  164. [Suggestion] Disable minimap drawing until 30s before creep spawn
  165. jakiro's minimap icon change[suggestion]
  166. [Suggestion] Map terrain OFF option (with mockup)
  167. [Suggestion] Allow drawing by ctrl + clicking on terrain
  168. Drawing on the minimap will change your camera position
  169. Pressing ALT will highlight your hero, even if you don't ping.
  170. Bug: move viewing area during pause via minimap
  171. Longer Pings
  172. swap the mini map option
  173. Classic Pinging
  174. Option: Default - Show Hero Icons
  175. [Suggestion] Making the minimap more user-friendly
  176. Alt+ left click while using skill or item
  177. [Suggestion] Shift clicking a minimap drawn an arrow.
  178. Is it just me or does clicking NEAR the minimap register as a minimap click?
  179. Double Right Click to Move to Location (on MiniMap)
  180. How to delete "killed by hero "
  181. Moving the minimap
  182. The mouse arrow
  183. Ward markers are poorly placed.
  184. That dark yellow player color on the mini map really needs to be changed.
  185. Draw lines on the minimap by holding ctrl and dragging left click in the actual world
  186. [BUG] After you spectate a game, clicking and drawing on minimap stops working.
  187. Continue panning map after setting the waypoint
  188. Idea regarding accidently clicking mini-map
  189. Option to show hero names on minimap when holding ALT
  190. [Suggestion] Please allow us to change the binding for map ping
  191. [BUG] Minimap not in right position
  192. [Suggestion] Ping on Runes
  193. -Delete/Ignore-
  194. Bane Update Broke Minimap
  195. Can't click on minimap ???
  196. Move command should display green arrows on minimap
  197. [Suggestion] Add a different sound for pinging Roshan
  198. [Sugg] Divide Status Bar
  199. Fog of War undiscovered
  200. Minimap quality
  201. ********Replacing cursor with dotA previous cursor*************
  202. [Suggestion] Accidental clicking of minimap
  203. [suggestion] Merge xp and gold graph
  204. Hero name instead of hero icon on minimap?
  205. Custom Minimap
  206. ping on minimap
  207. Lone Druids Spirit bear minimap icon.
  208. [Suggestion] Death symbol on minimap
  209. [Suggestion] Automated miss calls
  210. Allies Creeps
  211. [Suggestion] Directional generic enemy icons
  212. [Suggestion] Increasing Visibility of Player Markers
  213. [Bug] No fog on the minimap
  214. [Suggestion] Team-based configuration of display icons
  215. Alt +click extra option
  216. [SUGGESTION] Add color on chick/croe
  217. minimap aesthetics problem
  218. Problems with Always Show Names in Minimap
  219. [Suggestion] Enable Hero-Icons in Minimap
  220. BoT Minimap Ping...
  221. UI taking ALOT of space
  222. [Suggestion] Gesture recognition on minimap
  223. [Suggestion] Minimap Hero Names Size
  224. Minimap flush with the UI
  225. Straighten up the gap between portrait and minimap.
  226. Minimap not taking up entire space at certain settings.
  227. Hero selection screen allows minimap clicking
  228. Alt Click Delay
  229. [Suggestion] Mini Map Red dot
  230. Disable Alt-Click Ping when using an Item/Skill
  231. [bug] Hero names spill out of the map
  232. After May 3 patch, new minimap font is less readable than before.
  233. Muting players doesn't prevent their pings?
  234. [Suggestion] Minimap with a dual monitor setup
  235. [Suggestion] Death/Kill minimap
  236. [Suggestion] Improve minimap ping on towers
  237. Allow ping in area around rune
  238. Ping on map , not only on Minimap
  239. Screen moving by Mouse 3 over hud
  240. Changing your PING HOTKEY
  241. Advanced pings
  242. Customization of Minimap
  243. [BUG] minimap transparent
  244. Unintentional pings when using alt key as modifier
  245. Improve clarity for 1600 x 900 resolutions
  246. Don't center camera on respawn
  247. A Purple Beastmaster's minions look the same as Dire Creeps
  248. Names/Icons always in minimap: ON
  249. [BUG]Courier info shows courier respawn time but not all courier died
  250. Ability Targeting/HUD Minimap Drag