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  1. Item quantity/charge readability
  2. Strength, Intelligence, Agility listed on the hero pick screen
  3. Movespeed not viewable
  4. Mana cost
  5. Hero Hud suggestion
  6. Hero kills score.
  7. Stash - hide/show
  8. Level Up - Stats
  9. Selecting multiple units
  10. Hero select screen lore error
  11. Hero hud
  12. MS Paint Ability Icons
  13. The statistics panel is too small and unclear / Where are the names and titles?
  14. Hotkeys during gameplay
  15. Pickscreen titles
  16. Hero colors on scoreboard
  17. Creep score ingame
  18. Hero info little bit deviation ..
  19. Secret Shop Item Colour
  20. Action Bar Cooldown Legibility
  21. [Suggestion] Pudge ROT hard to tell if its on or off.
  22. Dead hero
  23. minor mouseover issue
  24. Indicator When Ability Is Out Of Range
  25. Hp and mana bars
  26. Item hotkeys
  27. Health Regen and Armlet
  28. exact amount of health inside healthbar
  29. pick phase / pick screen
  30. Enemy heroes
  31. Show Friendly Creep Mana Bars
  32. Target Persistence Through Orders
  33. The exp bar
  34. Item Charges
  35. Creep health bars don't quite reach zero
  36. suggestion about stats, armor and damage box.
  37. Hotkeying/Abilities and their subsequent uses
  38. + damage from items didn't show on two heroes in one match I spectated
  39. Illusions
  40. Puck Teleport Q + D
  41. Skilling Abilities / Hotkeys
  42. [Suggestion] One Click Skill Levelling
  43. Witch Docter heal hard to see if on or off
  44. Double damage visability
  45. No team scores/hp bars readily available outside of scoreboard.
  46. Ally Items Table (not sure what sub-forum this belongs in)
  47. necro book
  48. Add Mana cost to items
  49. Crystal Maiden ulti cooldown very hard to see
  50. Small delay when pressing Enter
  51. Tower Lifebars aren't comfortables
  52. [Suggestion] Cooldown graying out needs to be more visible on many skills.
  53. Predefined Item Slots
  54. death timer issue
  55. HUD Stuff i'd like to see
  56. AOE spell indicator highlight affected units
  57. Manacosts illegible
  58. Spectator HUD Buttons switched?
  59. Item avatar?? too big
  60. Yasha
  61. Anyone interested in having an icon for the currently active Orb/Buff placer?
  62. Hero camera lock
  63. XP bar bugged on level 25
  64. Hook/arrow stats in skills
  65. Hide stage botton
  66. Pinging heroes/towers/runes
  67. Leaver text should be colored red
  68. Player Excitement panel - barely shows, then disappears when reselected
  69. Leaver Hero Spells
  70. is it real ?
  71. Inventory Item Dragging
  72. Juggernaut's selection pic not being his hud picture?
  73. Leshrac's ultimate state is hard to understand
  74. my 2cents
  75. Ancient Apparition Ult Icon
  76. Hero Avatar button on the top left corner!
  77. Autoskill statlevels.
  78. Why not display enemy heroe's manabars in a more visible Way?
  82. Hero HUD overlaps shop. Screenshot included
  83. Viper netherotoxin
  84. Itemsize when moving item to another slot
  85. Border indicator
  86. Other player's hero information
  87. 6 Items Slots, Merely a War3 Engine Limitation
  88. Top right hero icon..
  89. Hero Level text too small
  90. suggestion to add hp bars to be togglable in settings
  91. Make toggeable skills flash when active
  92. Lettering bug on Accept/Decline pop up
  93. Option for health bar
  94. Skill menu: Hard to see how you can spend your skill points
  95. Creeps regen
  96. Show Elnglish name of Skills/Items in their description when using translated ver.
  97. Autocasting and more
  98. better visual's on ability buttons
  99. Unit checking isn't confortable
  100. About Search
  101. Respawning Text Wrong
  102. Traces of heroes
  103. Design concerns
  104. morph
  105. [Suggestion] Comprehensive UI Feedback
  106. Item icon stuck to inventory slots
  107. suggestion: Enable casting on hero portraits.
  108. Camera Acceleration
  109. Mouse cursor
  110. Add in game Ping/FPS on top of screen
  111. What happened to showing CS in the dropdown tab?
  112. Heroes and creeps health bars suddenly dissapears.
  113. Pudge's flesh heap
  114. Thai Language Problem
  115. Language? English!
  116. This is a bug?
  117. Buffs and Debuffs
  118. [Suggestion] Old-school health bars.
  119. Why the color change?
  120. [Suggestion] About the "Gold Earned Graph"
  121. Dark Red was better or not?
  122. [Suggestion] Unused Boxes Between HUD/HUD Scale Options
  123. resolution problem
  124. Multilanguage communication problem
  125. [Suggestion] Leveling up abilities
  126. Minimap player colors
  127. Suggestion: A different Ultimate Indicator
  128. Healthbars in group selection
  129. [Suggestion] Making Dota 2 a lot easier to get into for newcomers
  130. Color of portrait
  131. Missing portrait in scoreboard and top bar.
  132. [Suggestion] Multicolor Healthbars
  133. [Suggestion] Aghanim upgrade
  134. Statistics Panel
  135. [Suggestion] Attribute Bonus
  136. [Suggestion] Top bar suggestion
  137. [Suggestion] More Vertical Space Please, Shorten Hud
  138. [Suggestion] Comprehensive UI Feedback (by independent)
  139. [Question] Custom hotkeys?
  140. Disable ability 5 to activate ability 4.
  141. One Click Upgrade
  142. Multiple screenshots of UI problems(overlaps, cutoffs)
  143. [Suggestion] Inventory
  144. [Suggestion] Upgrading the Courier
  145. Show if courier is currently being used by who
  146. [Suggestion] Camera Follow Hotkey
  147. [Suggestion] Subskill using the same hotkey than the main skill.
  148. [suggestion] show ally HP/mana bar somewhere
  149. [suggestion] make all UI elements auto-hidable
  150. Notification on hero respawn
  151. [ SUGGESTIONS]Nevermore souls
  152. [Suggestion]~Double click/Double key skill for autocast
  153. [Suggestion]Switching to courier should not close the shop
  154. [Suggestion] Item usage notificator
  155. Misscaled ingame HUD
  156. [Suggestion] Increase the size of the text for the heroes attributes.
  157. [Suggestion] Auto-cast after a double type on the spell key
  158. Sand King - Sand Storm bug
  159. Hero Selection STR heroes
  160. [Suggestion] Making the HUD scaleable?
  161. Visual Bug When Changing Resolution
  162. [Unit Icons] Size
  163. Outdated icons
  164. Bring back Kunkka's fanart during the loading screen!
  165. [Suggestion] Bring back Kunkka's fanart during the loading screen!
  166. [Suggestion] Magic Resistance into numbers
  167. A small inconsistency on player order
  168. Black out icons of the heroes that were already picked.
  169. Bring back dota 1 buttons
  170. Make skill leveling clearer
  171. [Suggestion] Ping an enemy Hero
  172. Need more accurate HP/mana regen indicators
  173. Variable attack damage
  174. Aghanim Description
  175. Demon Edge not giving damage
  176. Interface Scaling/Minimal Interface Option
  177. Some small UI suggestions
  178. Please implement Color Blind mode ASAP
  179. Mandatory SC2esque control group interface and control group cloud sync for each hero
  180. [Bug] Hero name doesn't wrap around on button
  181. [Bug] Error messages in-game overlay over in-game chat
  182. Show Range of all abilities and allow a modifier key to bring up their range.
  183. [Suggestion] Hotkey to hide HP bars
  184. Ctrl and Shift keys
  185. Viper missing dmg on HUD stats
  186. Skills that are upgradable by Scepter
  187. Hold Position sound effect
  188. [Suggestion] Axe ultimate support!
  189. [Suggestion] Show visually on hero icons if someone disconnected or left the game!
  190. A Ping display?
  191. [suggestion] showing levels when hovering over potrait
  192. Autocast capable icons should be more distinguishable
  193. Making leveling up more visually accessible to newcomers
  194. [Suggestion] Zeus
  195. [Bug] Sniper does not auto attack when holding position at max range
  196. [Suggestion] Targetting Circles
  197. Hero group missing portraits.
  199. [Suggestion] Add a ping button for the minimap
  200. [Suggestion] Add a blacklist
  201. [Suggestion] Heroe selection
  202. [Bug] Icon hover image missing
  203. [Bug] Holding mouse to follow
  204. [Suggestion] Hero pick screen
  205. Hero bar tooltips
  206. Scoreboard escape
  207. AOE target circles
  208. Not enough post-game information
  209. [Suggestion] Casting cone beacon
  210. [Suggestion] Itemlist in scoreboard
  211. Sugestion
  212. some of my issues with the UI.
  213. Auto cast ON/OFF - Hold Key down.
  214. [Suggestion] How to make the two big grey space useful.
  215. Skilling when theres nothing else to skill.
  216. [Suggestion] Fluid Health and Mana Bars
  217. health bar always green = ok/not?
  218. Borderless Windowed Problem
  219. [Tweak] Button Like
  220. [Suggestion] Allow inventory customization
  221. [Suggestion] Widgets
  222. [Tweak] Show tooltip above icons
  223. [Suggestion] HUD Click Through
  224. Debuff/buff timers
  225. Fix Skills Hotkeys
  226. Courier hotkeys
  227. Radiant Ranged Creep - Lotr Witchking
  228. Shadowraze AoE Showing
  229. Hero Level Hard to See
  230. [Suggestion] Unbindable keys
  231. Show skill cooldown timers in 1 demical place
  232. (suggestion) HUD/UI Shrink and Hero Selection
  233. Show allied cooldowns
  234. [SUGGESTION] Bottom Interface redesign
  235. Number of abilities.
  236. [Suggestion] Add autcast circling light to Morphlings str/agi morph.
  237. [Bug]UI is misaligned in 1280x1024 resolution
  238. Micoring multiple units is extremely difficult compared to wc3 dota.
  239. My feedback on the hero HUDD...
  240. Pre picking heroes
  242. [Suggestion] Increase visibility on some certains skills
  243. Don't replace Hero skills/image in the bottom with selected target.
  244. Transparent health bars.
  245. Interface problem
  246. Feedback On Unit hit boxes
  247. Buffs and their sources.
  248. [SUGGESTION] Top Left Hero Symbol Like WC3
  249. Targeting other heroes without deselecting your own
  250. Mana bar on other heroes visible