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  1. "roaming to gank mid"
  2. AIs should buy courier
  3. Defending Towers
  4. Denying your own units
  5. Save runes if mid (or someone nearby) has bottle?
  6. Stuck
  7. HP Threshhold
  8. AI Backdooring
  9. AI feedback
  10. AI After Game is Over
  11. Pudge and instant victory.
  12. Couple of skill bugs.
  13. AI when playing solo mid
  14. They never came...
  15. AI prioritizes attacking dropped items over enemy heroes
  17. AI Can't React to Serpent Wards
  18. Juggernaut bot leaves wards behind
  19. AI selected selected heros do not display
  20. Natures Prophet can stuck bots
  21. Bots don't know how to treat invisibility
  22. Game beginning issues. (Music and some lag)
  23. AI Pudge selfkill bug
  24. AI needs improvements
  25. AI Earthshaker
  26. Bots afraid of Bloodseeker
  27. AI bugs out when trying to pick Aegis with full inventory
  28. Somethings about the Lina bot
  29. Something small about the AI laning.
  30. Sven ultimate suddenly stops him.
  31. Axe's Beserker's Call causes AI to stand there and do nothing for the duration
  32. Requesting an AI's consumable
  33. Bots don't really understand blink dagger.
  34. Quick Suggestions
  35. When will it be possible to do AI Captains Mode?
  36. Some problems.
  37. AI fails to defend the Ancients (Ironically)
  38. [Suggestion] Improve AI lane choices
  39. AI Bug report #1 by Narlya
  40. Make AI take advantage of your healing ward skill
  41. AI still kinda tunnelvisioning...
  42. AI seems hesitant to finish items from the Secret Shop
  43. Sandstorm
  44. My feedback
  45. Bots sometimes spamming
  46. Please stop AI from taking runes....
  47. Bots dont go mid if u are too fast
  48. Bots buy Courier but do not use it.
  49. Enemy Victory upon Practice recconect?
  50. Some AI problems
  51. Mid Ai unaware of my presence in jungle
  52. Tiny AI doesn't level Grow! to level 3
  53. AI doesn't want to spend gold much of the time
  54. Doombringer AI Brainstorm
  55. Bots re-buying courier if Magic Shield is used.
  56. AI interactions with roshan
  57. AI pathfinding fails at a certain location
  58. AI Lacks aggressiveness while laning & mid issue
  59. Enemy AI Team Backdooring Towers
  60. AI uses skills on The Swarm's bugs
  61. AI Hero Icon Not Showing
  62. AI cannot follow enemies through ramps.
  63. AI needs to recognize dangers
  64. AI still doesn't defend well.
  65. AI stutters during battles
  66. Bots getting compeltely stuck.
  67. [Tooltip?]A tooltip bug if you can call it that.
  68. Enemy AI, idles at Broodmother Web
  69. Suggestion - AI not pushing when it can easily win
  70. AI Chat Bug
  71. AI chasing Batrider through Firefly flames
  72. Hero Lineup in AI Games bugged?
  73. AI is not farming
  74. AI saying MIA/missing if their lane counterpart is missing
  75. Juggernut don't know what to do.[AI BUG]
  76. AI commands
  77. AI Bug
  78. AI Bots do not use reliable gold
  79. AI using Illusions
  80. [AI Suggestion] Create a open API for dota AI players
  81. AI - Enemy bots smarter
  82. [AI] Bots buy gem and dust at start against Riki
  83. AI names
  84. Salve'in bots
  85. Broodmother's web causing AI to act majorly weird.
  86. Spectators Controlling Practice Bots
  87. Bane?
  88. Dire Tiny hides in forest jukespot below Radiant bottom tower a few minutes into game
  89. Bots dont pick up items or use courier
  90. Suicidal Bots
  91. Windrunner AI
  92. AI and Hooks / Arrows etc.
  93. Enemy Tidehunter prioritized siege unit over attacking heroes during push
  94. defect
  95. Agression
  96. Crystal Maiden is being a pure idiot.
  97. Bot not healing
  98. DOTA 2 instal stops at 95 %
  99. AI confused by jungling.
  100. Zeus ulti reserved for stealing?
  101. Bots using runes.
  102. AI not using auto-attack to harass/trade hits.
  103. Considering bots and defending.
  104. Bot teleporting logic seems to need tweaking
  105. AI spining in circles endlessly.
  106. SK Ulti Bug..
  107. Bots killing Venomancer Wards
  108. 2 bugs about bots today.
  109. Bot upgrading every courier.
  110. Issues with Bots
  111. Bot stuck in fountain until new "threat"
  112. Bots don't pick up AotI
  113. Captain's Mode Bots
  114. Disconnected from bot game and got this on reconnect
  115. HP Bars Missing
  116. Bots are unnecessary damage from the towers
  117. Bots blink perfectly
  118. Bots Gaining Rediculous Amounts of Movespeed
  119. Tiny's toss
  120. Predictable bots behaviors
  121. Bot's using skills on Weaver's swarm
  122. Bot Bug Report and Suggestions
  123. Language Queing
  124. Veno Wards vs Bots
  125. Some Bots buy items they can't afford when the game begins.
  126. 2 "Buggish" Behaviors
  127. Dark Seer Ult makes bots go crazy
  128. Bots dont harass in lane.
  129. Giving orders to the AI
  130. All bot game
  131. enemy bot dying to sandstorm while farming in jungle
  132. Player Clockwerk vs Bot Earthshaker
  133. Just a few things I've seen
  134. Bots reaction time
  135. Bots vs Broodmother
  136. Bots too afraid to kill a creep in their own base
  137. Experience with bot taking over a disconnected player
  138. [Suggestion] Bots able to play Captain's Mode
  139. Bots vs Skeleton King
  140. Bots not focusing stuns on teleporting players.
  141. Suggestion - Varied Bot Difficulty
  142. Friendly Sniper bot loves the jungle
  143. List of Working Bots?
  144. Suggestion - Bot Team Balance
  145. X marks the spot ignored
  146. Bots Always Come to KS Roshan(Low Health)
  147. Bot Bugs
  148. Bot Debugging Tools
  149. Venomancer's plague wards
  150. Bots Didn't Defend Base Towers
  151. Bots diving from 2nd tower all the way to suicide into the fountain.
  152. [BUG] Kamun(Sniper) is on a Rampage! (without killing anyone...)
  153. Zeus stuck at top rune
  154. Two melee bots attacking a tower results in comical antics
  155. heartstopper aura and sentry wards
  156. I always play the same bots
  157. Same Bot Buys 2 Couriers
  158. Bots don't deny
  159. [LOL]The Way Bots counter Riki
  160. bots are "stupid"
  161. [BUG] - Dota 2 debug console persists
  162. Alchemist Level 2 abilities have no cooldown
  163. Bots not attacking Roshan
  164. Fortification is not reseted on timers like dota 1
  165. Weaver Swarm makes bots use abilities
  166. Kunkka - Admiral Proudmoore Headless :D
  167. communicate with the bots
  168. Bots Bought 2 Couriers
  169. Bug with game count
  170. N'aix Invisiblity problems
  171. bot stealing aegis
  172. A question
  173. Valve, what did you do to the bots?!?
  174. Bots are realy bad to play with!
  175. Bots and Gem of True Sight
  176. nercolyte aura suggestion
  177. Bots ignore pets
  178. Bots ignoring the Players Initiation
  179. Bots bought 2 chicken
  180. Bots not doing anything
  181. Loss bug?
  182. Bot controll in practice mode
  183. Starting a Game
  184. Bots and Blink Dagger
  185. Camera focus on AI matches
  186. two enemy bots running side by side racing towards bottom lane
  187. More options and cheats in AI games
  188. Leaving a practice mode game(me+9bots) result in abandoned game
  189. Bots stunning into Fog of War
  190. [Suggestion] Bots Playable During Server Problems
  191. Found new bugs (Bots)
  192. Bots playing with Dark Seer's ult like an inflatable Slip'n'Slide waterfall.
  193. [SUGGESTION]In case of Players leaving the game.
  194. Bots and Cold Feet
  195. Gem of truesight and Bots
  196. Calling miss?
  197. Practice LOBBY - Unfair time Waster
  198. Enemy Bot tpk on a tower
  199. Giving bots bottle.
  200. bot option
  201. Game ended prematurely
  202. [Suggestion] Bot Difficulty Scales Based Upon Hidden Elo Rating
  203. Random Picks for bots.
  204. Bots, blinks and invisibility.
  205. Bots letting creeps destroy barracks
  206. Weird bots behavior before game start
  207. Bottle and runes.
  208. Bots overall.
  209. [BUG] Bots wont attack Roshan
  210. Picking up aegis
  211. Bug/weird behaviour with -createhero
  212. Bots, dust, and Shadow Blade.
  213. can we make a REPORT forum so we can report players...
  214. Bots have trouble finding me near the secret shop
  215. Custom Bots?
  216. Tidehunter uses Ultimate for a single Juggernaut that is using Bladefury
  217. BUG --- Create a Botgame/Practisegame
  218. Some way to control the bots?
  219. Batrider Firefly = disoriented bots
  220. 3 Bots going around, without doing nothing (lane phase)
  221. When starting game with bots
  222. Bots in captains mode
  223. Bot behaviour Malfiunction
  224. Bots can still see invisible heroes
  225. Losses
  226. Bots do no gank properly
  227. Bots ignoring Summons & Conversions
  228. Mid-/Late game bot behaviour
  229. Bot Illusions use TP
  230. How to create 2v4 game with bots?
  231. Dark Seer Ion Shield can control enemy bot moving direction
  232. BOT Game - Pauses
  233. Bots do not attack always
  234. [Suggestion] Please add an easy bot difficulty
  235. Creep AI
  236. Blood Seeker's thrist doesn't reveal invisible low hp heroes on map
  237. Defending none
  238. Tidehunter spams gush
  239. Bot difficulties all saying "normal"
  240. Pudge ignored by bots
  241. Bot Randomization?
  242. Have Support Bots not CS Against Players
  243. Bots attacking plague wards way too long
  244. Bots Ruptured by Bloodseeker tends to run off and Die
  245. Cant Cancel Game Search
  246. Natures prohpet and his sprout against bots
  247. Bots trapped in trees will not attack their way out
  248. Player control during 5 minute re-connection timer
  249. Bots seem to choose who stays in lane randomly
  250. [Observation] Bot behavior and wards