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  1. Animation error with Top Live Matches
  2. Animation, Matchmaking
  3. Black box instead of scrollable news under "Today in Dota"
  4. Saved settings
  5. Current Version
  6. Tab highlighting error
  7. Matchmaking selection on Today's Page?
  8. Updates tab sidebar
  9. Top Live Matches flickering
  10. visual bug with party
  11. Show number of games last 24h/last week?
  12. Matchmaking Screen Cropped
  13. Matchmaking Level Familiarity
  14. Top Live Matches towers graphic
  15. Timer Bug
  16. main page bug
  17. Main Menu puts videocard under full load with windowed borderless
  18. party/stats
  19. Top right corner "close" button
  20. Friend's Live Matches / Matchmaking
  21. Mouse-over Animation of Top Corner Buttons
  22. Patch notes font
  23. Only placeholder text
  25. 'Active' button font
  26. DC -> Reconnected = +1 Abbandoned game?
  27. "Recent Games" should show YOUR games
  28. Visual Bug with "Active/Inactive"
  29. Today Page : Chat Visual problem on 1024 x 768
  30. Bug as you press Join after a Matchmaking game is found
  31. Search replay function and how much finds
  32. A detailed and comprehensive profile page.
  33. Game ready page
  34. Is this a Bug?
  35. Some additional info on main screen
  36. What is TEXT AREA?
  37. Ranking System
  38. You're aready dead!
  39. 1280x1024
  40. Top live matches doesn't update
  41. Broken W/L/A counter
  42. KDA Couter is bugged in replay viewer
  43. persistent matchmaking queue after closing game?
  44. Main Menu Issues (Disables TODAY page as well)
  45. Game In Progress Error When Game Finished
  46. [Bug] The highlight up-top doesn't change to updates when clicked!
  47. [Bug] Failed to download news items
  48. Random language on "Spectating a game"
  49. [Suggestion] Placement of Turkey in matchmaking maps
  50. [Bug] Party window visual bug
  51. Profile W/L/A counter (Bug)
  52. [Bug] Top Live Matches timer issue
  53. Main menu disabled?
  54. Cant press find match
  55. Animate menus
  56. [SUGGESTION] Automatically re-open Dota2 if a match is found while Alt-Tabbed
  57. Suggestion for Shop
  58. czech encoding
  59. [Suggestion] Hero Index
  60. [Bug] Channel Names
  61. Make tower lifebars longer.
  62. active/inactive button
  63. Better Server Filtering
  64. Bug UI problem
  65. Scaleable Lobby-UI after game resolution
  66. [ SUGGESTIONS] Concede/Surrender OPTION
  67. Visual language bugs [Swedish]
  68. [Suggestion] Profile/Party Tab
  69. [Fix] Update Tab
  70. [Bug] Update tab mouse scrolling
  71. Who Makes The Translations?
  72. Active/Inactive UI Visual Bug
  73. Cannot re-invite friend after they restart Dota 2
  74. Japanese UI bugs
  75. Little bug with changing nickname
  76. Mis-sized 1280x1024 resolution page
  77. Incorrect russian interface, fonts is not working
  78. Starting game with wrong patch
  79. Unable to complete update
  80. Game crashed after today update
  81. Weird trees after patch
  82. [Suggestion] Player Ready Indicator in Lobby
  83. Little bugs.
  84. Blank Home Screen
  85. Unable to See Win/Loss ratio when in a Party
  86. Something that bugs me
  87. Cannot reconnect to a game
  88. HERO Usage percentage(%)
  89. Hero stats
  90. Small bug in french version of the game
  91. Main menu interface problem
  92. Include whether game is "practice" or "matchmaking" in Online Friends info
  93. A few suggestions
  94. Recently Played Heroes
  95. Practice Lobby Settings - Team Name 1/Team Name 1
  96. NO lvl UP
  97. Game Setup 'Cancel' and 'OK'
  98. Remove keys
  99. I get this. -.-
  100. [Suggestion]
  101. [Suggestion] Cursor
  102. [Suggestion] Improving Party Invitation
  103. PAGE BLANKING after invite to party
  104. [Suggestion] Dominated creeps
  105. (Suggestion) Ask if ready to party before Finding match.
  106. Save/load function
  107. Game Ready Sound Effect
  108. Small tweaks about the button bar
  109. [Suggestion] Matchmaking System Modes Selection
  110. [IMPROVEMENT] Practice Games Lobby
  111. Playername glitch?
  112. [Suggestion] Add more hotkeys at inventory
  113. suggestion
  114. Warning Message
  115. Closing Console when it is enabled
  116. Serious Issue
  117. Finding a game loading .gif
  118. Thai Language Problem
  119. [Suggestion] UI size
  120. alt+tab
  121. Visual Glitch
  122. Problem in main menu with Russian language.
  123. No Score/Exp
  124. [BUG Learn Page] AA is not selectable
  125. How does the abandon pool work?
  126. Heroes portrait disappears from learn tab
  127. [BUG Learn Page] Doombringer and Alchemist not selectable
  128. question
  129. [Suggestion] Spell animation preview when selecting skill at learn tab/picking phase
  130. Profile and stats page aren't accurate
  131. Practice Lobbies: I want to insist
  132. [Bug] New learn tab - Anciet Apparition
  133. [BUG HEROES PLAYED] Unable to scroll to bottom of list.
  134. [Bugs] Unable to check all available heroes on "Heroes Played" list
  135. [Suggestion] Item and ability names showing states
  136. [Suggestion] Minimap swap
  137. [Suggestion] Attack damage info
  138. [Suggestion] Heroes played tab -> list your matches of a particular selected hero
  139. [Suggestion] Target frame missing
  140. [suggestion] russian filter
  141. Bug + Suggestion: Matchmaker timer
  142. Blog link not working
  143. [Suggestion]Show Time in the Main UI
  144. [Suggestion] Integrated Clan War Search
  145. [Bug] Bonus losses?
  146. Its bug or.........
  147. Can't see the Today page or any other
  148. [Suggestion] Allow shop to be browsed under learn tab
  149. Friends Stats Profile
  150. [Suggestion] Organizing most played heroes hud
  151. [Suggestion] Most played heroes
  152. [Learn Tab] extremely quick video animation after returning to the menu from a game.
  153. [Suggestion] Add a "topic" column to "Recent Games"
  154. Hi, i met a bug with starting dota 2
  155. [Suggestion] Health Bar Quick Show and Colour Gradient
  156. [Suggestion] Community tab
  157. The doors won't open in the mainmenu - Bug?
  158. [Bug] Game in Progress
  159. [Bug] Game not recorded.
  160. [Suggestion] Simulate Item Builds in Learn PAge
  161. [Suggestion] Ancient creeps too close to each other
  162. [Suggestion] Hilight 'play' item in toolbar
  163. we need remake and concede features in dota 2.
  164. [Bug]Matchmaking timer did not stop counting between games.
  165. Typo in Changelog
  166. Add items to learn page.
  167. Party
  168. Matchmaking with different Modes?
  169. [Suggestion] Give the host a Visual effect
  170. [BUG] Learn Tab in Main Menu
  171. [Learn] Lore frame size
  172. adding concede or forfeit button
  173. Private Lobby "Team 2 Name" Misspelled
  174. Last Recent Heroes Portrait Halved
  175. Suggestion - Show "Active regions" from the "Today" screen on the "Play" screen
  176. Learn page portrait animations
  177. wrong info on the learn tab for kunkka
  178. Suggestion- Overall Graphic is too undetailed!
  179. Select your familiarity with DOTA screen
  180. [Suggestion]
  181. [Suggestion] Auto decline invites when already in a party
  182. [Suggestion] In-depth interactions in the learn page
  184. [Detail tip][Suggestion] Most played Heroes
  185. [Suggestion] New Minisection Lore?
  186. graphic glitch
  187. Abandon/Leave button missing.
  188. Suggestion - Autodetect resolution?
  189. Suggestions ! (a lot ! ) it would be great if some admin or dev read this !
  190. Match W/L Unrecorded and Replay UI Suggestion
  191. replays and scrolling speed
  192. Learn tab bug
  193. Resolution 1280x1024 and the main menu.
  194. Most played heroes sorting
  195. Structures' Outlines
  196. [Suggestion] Prevent people who have not patched from queuing for a game.
  197. Punishment for leavers
  198. [Suggestion] Interim coaching/mentor system
  199. Learn Page Bug
  200. Bug in "Watch" tab
  201. Added Wins and Losses over the night?
  202. Learn Tab Suggestion
  203. Most and Least Played Heroes of the week
  204. IceFrog DONT forget!
  205. [bug] private games, no host.
  206. bug with statistics
  207. Cosmetic: Hero Portrait animation under Learn tab runs at 2x speed or more
  208. [Suggestion] Death Recaps.
  209. Resolution resetting every patch.
  210. Oops. Please delete.
  211. Remake cursor grafik!
  212. [suggestion] some enhancement : screenshot included
  213. [Bug?] Heroes played page cutting off
  214. UI of the Learn Tab
  215. Add timer to ready up for a game
  216. Font
  217. [BUG] Leaver statistics after losses
  218. make english language mandatory in team and all chat!
  219. Cycling through roles in Learn Page
  220. [Suggestion] Temporary/Permanent Information Page For The Game
  221. Aspect ratio for 1280x1024
  222. Add skill preview video to the learn tab
  223. disconnected
  224. Dota 2 changes related to WC3 Dota 6.73
  225. Alt+Tab Blackout
  226. [BUG]Hero icon in learn tab flickering.
  227. Loading Screen
  228. Player abandoned
  229. Number Glitch
  230. add items in the learn tab
  231. River colour suggestion
  232. Reconnected to a game and still got 1 abandoned
  233. "Item List" for the "LEARN" tab
  234. XP bar and successes
  235. Terrible edit to dota 2 (right clicking auto selects hero)
  236. The learning section
  237. (Suggestion) Rework mana burn
  238. Friends Box Suggestions
  239. [Suggestion] Win Loss Ratio Visible When in Partys
  240. update ?
  241. When signed off steam friends, you can still see friends playing.
  242. Server Indicator
  243. [BUG] Last hero in the 'Heroes played' list is bugged
  244. Visual bug on the front page for the dimension 4:3 - resolution 1280 x 1024.
  245. [suggestion] Water
  246. Watch Game Filter
  247. Where's the "Learn Items" tab?
  248. problems with dota 2 sync
  249. "Pending" is clickable
  250. Nice bug I have to admit