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  1. Purpose
  2. courier upgrade
  3. Venomancer Wards
  4. Mass Serpent Wards
  5. Puck's Orb
  6. Razors Static Link
  7. Keyboard fails to work in game
  8. Plasma field
  9. Killing Blow (axe) does not affect courriers
  10. The way creeps (neutrals) act towards veno wards
  11. When picking up items - when your inventory is full
  12. Aggravation aoe is off?
  13. About stuff thats visible in the FOW
  14. Force staffing over ´big cliffs´
  15. Hero Stash doesnt work as it should
  16. chicken/fountain
  17. Hard to select hawk
  18. Cannot bind the Delete key
  19. Enigma hotkey 'b' bug?
  20. bala's ulti bugged ?
  21. Sandstorm and Freezing Field
  22. movement around trees
  23. Party MatchMaking
  24. Siege Creeps
  25. Connect with the console
  26. Morphling second skill
  27. Heartstopper aura (necrolite) activates autocast phaseshift (puck), should it?
  28. Sand Storm
  29. Courier Shop bug?
  30. Weaver swarm
  31. Tower's aggresion mechanics
  32. -refresh not resetting cd on dominated units
  33. Static link + reincarnate
  34. Pugna decrepify + physical attack
  35. Meat hook modifiers
  36. Frostbite + fountain
  37. Sand Storm vision
  38. Double Damage AOE effect
  39. Bottle on crow
  40. Shatter (aa ulti) does not kill graved (sp) units.
  41. Spectral Dagger vision
  42. Need help with testing some connection issues
  43. Crixa not dodging stuns
  44. i think i found a bug
  45. Building fortification before round starts
  46. Auto purchase gets me gem of true sight and dust of appearance
  47. Jugger ultimate
  48. Let's find all issues with Auto Purchase
  49. Item Pooling
  50. You cant destroy Aegis
  51. pugna
  52. Dryad (Ench)
  53. Problem with manta
  54. Germinate Attack
  55. Using tp and switching the item between stash/inv.
  56. Dark Troll Warlord
  57. Rosh aggro inconsistency [Requiem of Souls]
  58. AA ulti does not affect illusions
  59. Invisibility bug, Arrow not stunning SK in Sand Storm
  60. Clockwerk Bugs
  61. Sand King - Bring back entrench
  62. Bloodseeker silence
  63. Attack point/backswing seems off
  64. Armour not behaving correctly
  65. Kunkka's Tidebringer
  66. [Creep AI] overcommitting to un-attackable veno wards.
  67. Sniper-ultimate!?
  68. Couple of Creep and hero issues
  69. Enigma's Demonic Conversion
  70. Rylai's Frostbite
  71. cogs breaking pudge hook?
  72. Can't cast Wrath of Nature per minimap
  73. Smoke after towerkill
  74. Items Won't Always Assemble
  75. Clockwerk's Power Cogs
  76. Kunka & BS possible bugs
  77. About some anoying stuff which could be fixt
  78. BS ult + Force staff
  79. Bloodseerker's Thrist
  80. Mouse cursor flashing?
  81. Furion double click teleport
  82. Kunkka's TB and courier
  83. Console Error
  84. Lich and Denying
  85. Bloodstone charges on purchase?
  86. Legacy keys issue
  87. Blink Dagger Pick-up
  88. Doom didn't turn off Leshrac ultimate
  89. Bug?
  90. TideHunter's Kraken Shell
  91. Sprout not triggering Linkens?
  92. Lich Sacrifice doesn't count as Deny
  93. Items not combining if one is from a leaver
  94. Double Click Item Usage - DotA vs DOTA2
  95. Can you use blink dagger if you are ruptured and you dont move?
  96. AA's Ice Blast.
  97. Urn charge - suicide
  98. [Fixed?] Pudge Meathook interaction with Chen test of faith (fountain hook)
  99. Troll neutral creep
  100. Uphill Miss Chance
  101. Aegis in Stash
  102. Kunkkas Tidebringer animation
  103. Shouldn't Clockwerk's rocket sight block neutral creeps from respawning?
  104. Cleave Target Group
  105. X Marks the Spot
  106. invis disjointing stuns.
  107. furion backdoor
  108. Witch doctor and silence
  109. adaptive strike stops pudge hook
  110. mirana
  111. Pudge cast animation for activating / deactivating ROT
  112. Lost control group
  113. Linken's Sphere and no-targeting/ground targeting Skills.
  114. Viper's Poison Attack dot lethal?
  115. scoreboard
  116. Game setup in Practice games
  117. Unable to sell item(s) after rebuy (couldn't replicate it)
  118. Ogre magi frost armor.
  119. Euls
  120. Fountain stops Heart regen?
  121. Linken's Sphere and no-targeting/ground targeting Skills.
  122. Kunka Tidebringer bug
  123. Necronomicon
  124. Divine rapier bug?
  125. BKB Skeleton King bug (not sure so posting here)
  126. Mirana jump dodging SK stun (not sure if its bug)
  127. Identify who is teleporting?
  128. You cannot select a target (QoP ulti).
  129. A + clicking on ground
  130. Bug in the gpm count?
  131. Safe to leave matches counting as defeats?
  132. fountain healing buff icon
  133. Annoying item mechanic (with pictures)
  134. Lich ulti just pausing in mid air or something.
  135. Courier automatically returning back to base even with another command in line.
  136. Discuss: Why is there a casting delay on Dismember (pudge)? And should there be.
  137. Mirana's ult:
  138. Intended bugs
  139. selling wards
  140. Jakiro Dual Breath (Q Spell) slower than DotA 1.
  141. Huskar Burning spear Range
  142. Orb stacking order changed.
  143. 5v5 AI bots - Player spectator
  144. Hero and misc suggestions
  145. Multiple units - multitasking
  146. Is Sniper's Headshot supposed to work when denying?
  147. Dealing with leavers/spoilers is a disappointment and not easy
  148. Sniper assassination do not disappear
  149. courier issues
  150. Skeleton King Ultimate vision
  151. Why was Huskar's Ult given range?
  152. how to show stash?
  153. 2 razes kills medium satyr camp when it didnt in dota1
  154. Fiery Soul bugs on death
  155. SkK crit animation, BR SN stacks, invi auras, armlet suggestion
  156. Impale type stuns vs riki, brood
  157. Mirana's starfall can be heard in fog of war sometimes
  158. An potential bug with Clockwerk's ulti
  159. The case of disappearing creep.
  160. Blink dagger damage delay and transformation based spells
  161. pudge hook rotating target hero
  162. Omni's Repel / BKB removing buffs
  163. Dragon Knight and Armlet Bug
  164. [Dragon Knight] lvl 3 ultimate splash on towers + surrounding units
  165. Few bugs and Chick usage
  166. Why does the stash/ the courier only have 6 slots?
  167. [Bug]Battery assault does not target invisible units
  168. Scythe of Vyse and Shadow Blade Interaction
  169. Necrolytes aura having a global effect.
  170. Move camera while game is paused
  171. Creeps/Supercreeps walk past ancient and go straight for you in your fountain/well?
  172. Kill / Death message not displaying
  173. selling leaver items while reconnecting
  174. Manta makes hero & illusions lose target
  175. Matchmaking screwing me around
  176. Tiny still lacks war club scepter upgrade
  177. Sand King - Sand Storm bug
  178. possible Bug with Ice Blast
  179. Hero dies without giving exp, gold or kill credit. No death message is shown.
  180. Neutral exp when not in vision
  181. Witch Doctor's Maledict
  182. Mid-Air Creep Stun?
  183. Hook + Holy Persuasion
  184. Chen TP working on jugg during spin
  185. ULTRA KILL before TRIPLE kill
  186. (Discussion) New orb effect thread
  187. MatchMaking - how to tell where you place?
  188. warlock - rain of chaos tree destroy?
  189. Axe neutral pulling
  190. 2 Melees killing each other?
  191. [False] Shiva is so slow!!
  192. Auras & Invisibility
  193. Warlock: Fatal bonds seems to be tracking people in fog
  194. Epicenter in Chronosphere
  195. QoP ultimate feels very inaccurate and slow
  196. Firefly + Frostbite
  197. Dragon knight's Fire and Frost dragon splash damage does not stack with life steal?
  198. Why does 4th skill hotkey cast ultimate?
  199. Ground Courier -> Flying Courier: Ctrl-group not remembered
  200. Clutch item usage
  201. character moving while stunned
  202. berserker's call stays on heroes after axe dies; standing there doing nothing
  203. Stop changes focused target
  204. Repel + Wall of Replica
  205. Tiny combo
  206. Ground courier does not upgrade to flying if full
  207. Sven's stormbolt cursor misbehavior
  208. Necrolyte's Reaper's Scythe vs Dazzle's Shallow Grave
  209. [BUG] ? - Courier unable to heal your hero?
  210. [Bug?]Hero switching
  211. Dual Breath
  212. Ancient Apparation's ultimate and its visibility for enemies...
  213. Did Rikimaru's blink strike have a delay in the original?
  214. creeps react to invisible sandking after he ends sandstorm
  215. Phase Shift triggers off EVERYTHING.
  216. weaver doesnt do dmg to sandking when hes casting W
  217. [Bug?] If someone doesn't connect after the Ready stage
  218. Denying a hero
  219. Dire Escape Advantage
  220. windrun not building charges on magic wand intended?
  221. possible bug with sand king
  222. Mirana's Elune's Arrow
  223. Courier upgrades wherever on the map after buying a recipe.
  224. Power treads +attribute doesn't stack
  225. Radiance Directional Effect + Invis
  226. invis detection [ mid tower.. too HIGH radius ? ]
  227. Sand Kings Ultimate Cast Time
  228. Radiant/Dire Creep Aggro
  229. Night Stalker TP's Bug
  230. Disjointing
  231. Can't launch dota 2
  232. Hero model gone after lag
  233. Excessive delay on Alchemist skills.
  234. Unstable Concoction lacks the range circle Dota1 has
  235. Can´t play ?
  236. Dragon Knight ulti and Dark seer ulti
  237. Morphling's ulti with name tag
  238. Alchemist less dmg than it should
  239. [Intended] Spectral dagger - Spectral Path
  240. Creep aggro pulling slow?
  241. Rot should not interrupt attack actions
  242. Using SMoke of Deceit on Bird
  243. Leshrec's diabolic edict has no cast animation
  244. Crystal Maiden's frostbite
  245. Alchemist Unstable Concoction
  246. Dragonknight's tail whip multiple stun
  247. Bladefury against Pause
  248. Weaver ability: The Swarm
  249. Puck: Small range of illusionary Orb ?
  250. Void's ulti vs Lich's ulti