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  1. Item Feedback
  2. The butterfly
  3. Item icon purpose: unique visual signature. Background gradients only add noise.
  4. Satanic: What is it?
  5. bottle_regeneration cropped incorrectly
  6. Dota 2 starting to look like HON
  7. Too Low Resolution
  8. Some items need more contrast
  9. Boots of Elvenskin
  10. My list of feedback on several new items!
  11. Old icons
  12. I like minimalist design.
  13. The new items look out of place
  14. my opinion
  15. Ring of basilius.
  16. Cheese still looks pre-alpha
  17. Items with Significant Changes
  18. My biggest complaint
  19. Mjollnir Icon looks bland compared to Maelstrom
  20. New Mjollnir looks incomplete
  21. Bug : There is no cooldown for miniicons (eg consuming Tango)
  22. Updated DOTA 2 Item icons - Visual Comparison
  23. Make the Urn of Shadows show more of the Urn
  24. Item Icons Discussion
  25. Change Phase Boots orientation
  26. Point / Vit / Energy / Soul Boosters - Your Thoughts?
  27. Orchid Malevolence should have an orange flame
  28. Fixing the Icon problems people seem to have.
  29. Please centre the HP bar.
  30. More variety in staff colors, please
  31. change aspect ratio problem.
  32. Dota 2 BUG with Learning skills
  33. No difference between diffusal blade I and II
  34. "Dark and Gritty..."
  35. Tiny character portraits? Aren't we going to customize heroes? please make it bigger!
  36. [SUGGESTION] I have an idea involving skins!!!
  37. Unfawkable's new icons feedback
  38. Mystic Staff gem should be blue or white
  39. Here's My Feedback
  40. The new items look
  41. Vladmir's Offering
  42. Item Orientation
  43. New Item Icons with Appropriate Names
  44. Not backing the Cartoon feel
  45. My first sight when saw redrew item
  46. To everyone who doesn't like the new icon set.
  47. Most are great, but noticeably too dark, shiny, gritty
  48. Use Colors Wisely
  49. my thoughts about the new icons
  50. MDuh's Comments on new Icons
  51. List of item icons that have improved and things to consider
  52. The new Icons are great, Fantastic job by valve!
  53. Soul Ring doesn't look like a ring anymore...
  54. Scythe of Vyse change
  55. Best looking item icon so far!
  56. A GREAT IDEA for gathering opinions on items.
  57. All new icons are crap
  58. Demon Edge
  59. Remember, people get used to crappy design and use nostalgia to defend it
  60. Old: Clean, simple style
  61. List of Icons That may need improvement by Mayheamk
  62. New icons - mkb, shadow blade and abyssal blade does not look very good...
  63. Feedback on items: Vladimirs + Masks, Mjollnir, Dagon/Diffu/Necro, toggle items
  64. My Feedback on the New Item Icons
  65. Void stone!
  66. My take on the new icons.
  68. Gem of True Sight concept [with poll]
  69. Blink Dagger
  70. Upgrade a sword into a crossbow? (crystalis, daedalus)
  71. Suggestion: Item backgrounds
  72. New Skadi
  73. My new item feedback
  74. form China,poor english
  75. Demon edge, Satanic, Soulring, Diffusal Blade2, & few more icon
  76. Multiple Item Changes
  77. The new Hood does not look defiant.
  78. Eye of Skadi
  79. Divine Rapier = fish
  80. Armlet - backwards?
  81. New Item Icons: Thoughts and Ideas
  82. Darker Icons
  83. Make Vladmirs Green again
  84. New Icons Just a Bit Too Dark?
  85. April 26th Updated Satanic
  86. I liked the Blue Veil Better
  87. Scythe of Vyse Opinion Poll
  88. [Suggestion] Add a bright white halo/aura around Aghanim's Scepter's blue crystal
  89. Add the motion lines back into force staff
  90. Sange and Yasha
  91. New Bloodstone's white outline looks odd and out of place.
  92. Vanguard looks weak
  93. Item Power vs Icon Complexity
  94. Boots of Elvenskin are not boots.
  95. My Complete Thoughts
  96. I like the old icons of three boosters and reaver in secret shop
  97. Icon Feedback
  98. Mekansm and Daedalus
  99. Drums of Endurance
  100. Item review
  101. Overall Graphics
  102. Branches look horrible, inside for explanation + screenshots.
  103. Thoughts on particular new items
  104. Great Improvements come with Icon Iteration 3; Some Icons Are Still Too Flashy Though
  105. My 2 cents worst of new item icons.
  106. [Suggestion] The Urn of Shadow could appear closed when out of charges
  107. Get old hud/icons back via ui mod?
  108. Too Dark too Detailed for small icons
  109. [How To] Design Item Icons
  110. Satanic is now Mohawk Eel
  111. Magical Bottle
  112. My item feedback
  113. My Item Feedback
  114. Item Icons
  115. Item Icon feedback (Chair)
  116. My take on the new icons - Artstyle vs. recognition
  117. My item icon feedback.
  118. Oblivion staff vs Quarterstaff
  119. Rings + orbs
  120. Divine Rapier Opinion Poll
  121. Not A Penny Less!
  122. Too much colours in the new items
  123. Diffusal Blade level 2 - why no different from level 1?
  124. Item Comparison: My prefences
  125. My icon revisions
  126. Can we change them back?
  127. Full Item Feedback
  128. New UI changes - A bit more needed
  129. little suggession
  130. The new Urn of Shadows
  131. Rasiel's icons review
  132. What I bought, what I expected, what I got
  134. *Bad*: Radiance "on" state is a slow blinking. Blinking is for attention, not state.
  135. New icons are too hard to ID at the reduced resolutions. Also, too dark
  136. Small tweaks that are required
  137. Aegis looks like NVM passive
  138. General Item Appearance
  139. Perseverence
  140. Gem of True Sight speculations; Concept
  141. Poor Man's Shield Feedback
  142. General comments/suggestions and Some item inconsistencies that bug me
  143. My opinion
  144. Aggron Stonebreaker
  145. Good job, but...
  146. New Item feedback
  147. After some time, how many of you are now satisfied with the icons?
  148. Satanic Icon Idea
  149. Mithrill Hammer epicness
  150. Very disappointed with the new art style
  151. Feedback
  152. crying about new HUD and item icons
  153. New vs Old Ring of Health
  154. Icon Critique
  155. New items icons, is a crap
  156. "Mask" of madness NOT "Helm" of madness...
  157. Bring back the first remake of Reaver
  158. Wand
  160. good old icons (extended)
  161. Item/skills - more distinguished black colour when in Cooldown
  162. Square Icons for Items
  163. My own detailed Item Feedback
  164. [SUGGESTION] Some directions to follow during icon developing
  165. Urn of shadows forever alone
  166. Items with True Sight should indicate same True Sight symbol
  167. Aegis!
  168. Butterfly/Ethereal blade look too similar
  169. More active icon states
  170. Demon Edge
  171. Why the new icons are not an improvement, simple is better.
  172. [IMG] DOTA2 Items ICON SET Design Comparison CHART
  173. Items with black background look abnormal
  174. holy moly, what did you do to demon's edge?
  175. I'm having a hard time to recognize charges on items.
  176. Satanic background
  177. Sobi Mask should be Pink
  178. Activated Armlet too bright?
  179. tomorrow Satanic icon update?
  180. Goin to the rave.
  181. The Yellow Reaver Thread
  182. Suggestion: Change Slippers of Agility to Daggers of Agility
  183. Blink Dagger
  184. Lotha....eeeeh....Shadow Blade.
  185. "Suggestion Pack" Item Icons
  186. Scythe of Vyse Color Change
  187. What the item icons should look like [EVERYTHING REWORKED]
  188. Ogre Club(10str item)
  189. Mjollnir Opinion Poll
  190. Eul's Scepter
  191. Refresher Orb
  192. Background Gradient Opinion
  193. Boots of Elvenskin
  194. Urn of shadows design
  195. Eye of Skadi
  196. Ethereal Blade and Butterfly
  197. MoM/Mjolnir/S&Y Changes.
  198. Ethereal Blade and Butterfly
  199. Shadow Blade´s Icon
  200. Mjolinor Icon Set
  201. My courier icons
  202. Crystalis --> Daedelus?
  203. Collection of the nicest modified items
  204. [How to implement custom icons for your items] + Challenge
  205. [Suggestion] Flying Courier Icon in Shop
  206. item stats
  207. Items in learn menu
  208. Sniper Skillset Icon
  209. Item icons I still don't like and some Active Suggestions
  210. Black behind cooldown text
  211. Demon Edge
  212. Gem of True Sight - icon doesn't match the item drop look
  213. [POLL] Magic Wand - Rate
  214. Icon updates
  215. Improve item icon quality
  216. Items on Learn Tab
  217. Items Icons that need to altered for clarity.
  218. Str, Agi, Int hi-res icon
  219. MoM item suggestion
  220. The background of the items.
  221. Worst Icon in game?
  222. UAM / Orb Effect indicator on item and ability icons?
  223. What i need to design items.. for dota 2..
  224. Items at end of game
  225. item visuals
  226. 25/07 Item Changes - My feedback
  227. New blink dagger icon
  228. Background Gradient on the incorrect items
  229. Boosters look like kids toys
  230. Dagon missing icons for lvl 4 5
  231. Not really sure about the new item looks...Detailed Feedback.
  232. Chainmail looks more rugged than blademail
  233. Change armlet back please
  234. Assault Cuiras wtf
  235. Original Dota items in Dota2
  236. New bottle icon is really bad.
  237. M'jollnir's icon sucks
  238. New Item Icons
  239. Feedback on updated icons
  240. necronomicon minion
  241. Very important cooldown icon
  242. Monkey King Bar
  243. Everytime Valve updates icons look
  244. New Vanguard Icon.......
  245. Please, consider all the icons put together, they have to look good next to eachother
  246. Observer wards look like monkey king bar
  247. [7/26] icons feedback
  248. Icons need a border
  249. Quick Comparison:
  250. Why not all icons updated?