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  1. [Suggestion] Improved Pick-Screen (features)
  2. [Suggestion] RandomDraft like DotA 1
  3. Main problem
  4. Make Grid View as Default
  5. Going back to Scroll view after selecitng a hero
  6. Header for each primary Attribute
  7. Hero portraits too small in Grid View
  8. Setting Favorite Heroes
  9. Hero Picker: Grid View Questions and Concerns
  10. New Hero Picker feedback
  11. Heros with darker colors tend to blend together.
  12. ult'si icons
  13. Unable to see current picks while in grid view
  14. You should be able to select multiples roles
  15. Borders too thick in the new grid mode
  16. A possible solution to the card system
  17. Hero selection needs a drastic improvement
  18. Needs quick jump to first letter, more accessible filters
  19. I like the idea of...
  20. Boobs.
  21. The cards should NOT be part of the hero select screen
  22. Visual illustration of my personal gripe with the new hero picker (regarding width)
  23. I'm the one who loves it?
  24. Rough draft and ideas of a better Hero Selection Screen
  25. Hero Picker opinion
  26. Hero Selection Screen & Description
  27. My opinion Hero picker and Dashboad
  28. Hero Card Portraits
  29. Scoreboard on new hero picker
  30. Warlock's portrait
  31. Fundamental change to the 'Hero Select Screen' and the 'Learn' tab.
  32. [Suggestion] Hero Picker
  33. Allow more favorite heroes
  34. I love it!
  35. [Suggestion & Bug Pack] Hero Picker
  36. Hero selection cards as an option please?
  37. On the question of regularity of updates.
  38. [bug] cm mode hero new roles
  39. What's with the cards? Is this Magic the Gathering?
  40. Bug with picking a hero
  41. random hero function - repick disabled
  42. Unresponsive, slow, not this much of overview.
  43. [Suggestion] Use up and down arrows to switch between str, agi, int and all heroes
  44. [Suggestions] Picker is draggable/game mode specific picker function.
  45. Awesome picker suggestion (not mine)
  46. Hero picker: Ursa
  47. [Suggestion] Improvement of the Filters/Faster Pick
  48. Hero Picker Poll
  49. Hero pick
  50. Card system ment as a Unlock style Hero pool?
  51. Allow Grid View key to be able to be rebound.
  52. Allow players to create their own custom deck/list of heroes.
  53. Picking Screen Thoughts.
  54. Pick UI doesn't update properly if it starts in Grid Mode
  55. Swap the in-game grid and card view with the Learn Tab grid view
  56. Recommended Heroes: Should they be changed?
  57. On Grid View, make it so we don't have the cards, just the portraits.
  58. Captain Mode "bonus time" should be called "reserve time"
  59. All Heroes selected by Default
  60. Suggestion: change random draft mode to be named "Random Deck"
  61. Voice chat in Hero Picker?
  62. Leave low quality portraits to Hero Picker instead of the Learn tab or kill rep too
  63. Hero Picker Suggestion
  64. Alt + Enter is not intuitive or an easy way to pick a hero
  65. Can't see hero pool after pick in RD?
  66. [Suggestion] Allow players to suggest heroes AFTER they pick their hero
  67. The less clicks the better
  68. Securing Hero
  69. New Hero Picker not really catching on.
  70. Bring back the Old Hero Selection
  71. Get rid of this awful UI
  72. over the picking time limit
  73. Grid view hides the teams
  74. The new Hero Picker doesn't help players pick heroes quickly and efficiently
  75. New Hero Picker not working.
  76. why overcomplicate something so simple?
  77. New UI is the exact opposite of what a UI is sopose to do
  78. Teammate selections disappearing when you go into grid view
  79. The Random Draft Fix. Please for the love of all that is good.
  80. What was wrong with the original picker???
  81. [Suggestion] My Grid Picking Style
  82. Too many breasts in the new portraits
  83. Is hero picker making it harder for newbs?
  84. Does the search really work?
  85. [bug] 2 in 1
  86. Easiest Solution for Hero Picker
  87. Hero Picker Grid
  88. Poor by design...the "new" grid and Hud :((
  89. My thoughts on the hero picked.
  90. My Hero Picker UI Feedback
  91. [Suggestion] Bindable view switching button
  92. The old one was better
  93. Suggestion for Tree like Hero Picker
  94. I've designed how the hero pick screen shoud look like
  95. new hero picker
  96. New hero portraits are mostly horrible.
  97. Hero Picker cropped in lower resolution
  98. A couple of tips for the new hero selection UI
  99. My views on the hero picker
  100. Clicking removes CTRL view? And the wasted space... hmm.
  102. sry... i failed xD no bug.. :S
  103. not efficient, sorry valve
  104. Hero names should be readable without having to click on an individual hero.
  105. In the name of Arthas, PLEASE reconsider the new Hero Picker
  106. Can you change back?
  107. Hero Picker feedback.
  108. Using push-to-talk during the picking phase
  109. What about this for a picking screen? (picture)
  110. Display move speed + range of heroes in hero picker or in Learn section in main menu
  111. I have a new idea how to make the heropicker UI better
  112. SIMPLE SOLUTION to solve the picker problem for both NOOBS and PROS
  113. Please make hotkey changeable for swapping between Grid and Card view
  114. Most terrible Idea you ever had for DotA 2 Valve.
  115. Poll Remove new heroes picker or not.
  116. Random Draft Player Feedback
  117. This is how I Imagined it +Picture
  118. Make it easier to distinguish between STR, AGI and INT heroes.
  119. [Suggestion] Captains Mode pick screen
  120. Please Please Please, give us the option to go back to exactly what it used to be.
  121. Great looking hero picker!
  122. Stupid hero picking screen
  123. new picking screen looks very nice
  124. Stop with the cartoons
  125. hero picker - this is how it should be done
  126. About that hero picking card..
  127. [Strong Suggestion] Windows hero select.
  128. My feedbacks
  129. [BUG] Blury Card when selecting quickly
  130. Why not use Grid view as default?
  131. Dota 2 UI pick
  132. Just Another Feedback Thread
  133. Terrible New Hero Picker
  134. My feedback
  135. Hero Picker Bug
  136. Reasons why the hate towards the new interface from most users
  137. Portraits too dark?
  138. Grid, responsive, pro & nub
  139. My thoughts regarding the new card system and the hero picker.
  140. Grid View option won't stay Grid View
  141. Recommended starting heroes should be changed
  142. Hero picker visual problem - sides cut off
  143. Hero picker,my feedback
  144. Poll: Does ANYONE see themselves using the default, "ITunes" card view?
  145. Huge Bug! RD is messing my game up.
  146. Ursa icon bug
  147. Why why whyyyyy... the cleavage shots
  148. Heroes for beginners
  149. Hero Picker Doesn't Fully Cover In-Game UI
  150. overviev for picking heroes
  151. MORTRED
  152. Current Chat Box Font Size
  153. Efficient, Easy & Pro level. A none crybaby solution to the picker
  154. Grid layout change?
  155. Yu-gi-oh -cough- I mean the new Hero Selection HUD (with Poll)
  156. Idea
  157. Put left-right arrows on the Picking screen sides
  158. Bug with new UI.
  159. [Suggestion] New grid picker (screenshots included)
  160. [Suggestion] Sell Hero Booster-Packs
  161. [SUGGESTION] Hero Picker roll by players
  162. Can't favorite a hero if already picked.
  163. Animated Portraits ON / OFF :(
  164. Hero Camera Position
  165. Some portraits are buggy
  166. Old hero images look better finished than new ones...
  167. WTB .delete hero pick
  168. Grid View by Default
  169. Suggestion to please everybody
  170. Will Valve listen to us?
  171. Please bring back the Grid Picker
  172. One good point of the new hero picker
  173. Hero Picker Interface Feedback
  174. [Come Vote]This is the best HERO PICKER EVER
  175. hero picker random button on grid mode
  176. Hero Picker holds me back
  177. По русски о Hero picker.
  178. Hero picker feedback
  179. Add an option for the picker. Please.
  180. Seeing your team stats
  181. Sollution for hero picker: my suggestion
  182. New Hero Picker Feeback
  183. Valve Remove this new Hero picker... or...
  184. Unable to pick actual RD options in RD
  185. Feedback
  186. Incorrect spelling in Nuker role description
  187. Hero Picker (Feedback Update 5/28/2012)
  188. Worst hero picker ever!
  189. A none crybaby solution [Updated]
  190. Valve please listen to your community..
  191. Hero Picker feedback
  192. Why are "favorites" limited to 10?
  193. Hero Picker Update (5/28)
  194. Why I Prefer the Original Hero Picker
  195. My Reactions on the New Hero Picker
  196. New Hero Picker as Learn screen.
  197. Petition to Revert Back to Old UI
  198. Favourite heroes in hero selection
  199. New Hero picker is still awful.
  200. Hero swaping.
  201. The card hero picker is still not useful
  202. 28.5.2012 Hero Picker Feedback
  203. My 2 cents about the new picker & Suggestion
  204. Hero pick with bots
  205. Why are you still sending me to the card view?
  206. The card based hero picker should be for hero loadout instead
  207. Two little things to make the new hero picker great
  208. Hero picker bug
  209. [Suggestion] Enable you to see what the remaining teammates are about to pick!
  210. Overlap
  211. Srly Valve stop forcing to me to use the scroller!!
  212. Hero attributes/attributes growth
  213. Add a Favorites Button!!!
  214. Randoming Improvement?
  215. [ Vote ]Hero picker Card / No card
  216. Getting used to the scrolling hero picker
  217. I just accidentally selected Tiny instead of Treant
  218. [Suggestion] AP/RD/SD Picker with Swap, Lane Chooser
  219. It`s bad
  220. New hero picker is horrible!
  221. About the new updates to the hud
  222. Best Fan-made Hero Picker so far
  223. RD problem
  224. The Grid Layout; Hero Layout
  225. [Suggestion] Cards Scroll
  226. [Bug] "Grid View (Ctrl" Remains in Grid View)
  227. [MAJOR] Players are stuck on Hero Select for RD and possibly CM
  228. [Bug] The new Hero Picker as of May 31st won't go into the game
  229. CM mode bugged
  230. Grid view is SUPER squished now...?
  231. Having to wait while playing solo
  232. Random button should be moved or have a delay
  233. Text are too small for my screen
  234. About Hero Picker + New Loadout
  235. [Bug] Hero Picker won't close
  236. Remove the carousel!
  237. BUG: Stuck at selection screen
  238. What the hero picker (grid view) should actually look like
  239. [Suggestion] Scroll picker - Tabbing across hero attributes
  240. Hero select screen little bug
  241. Suggestion: blink on hero select
  242. Make we can see the map while picking
  243. Suggestion: Hero portrait blink upon locking in
  244. [Suggestion] Make the grid view layout the same as the learn tab layout.
  245. Suggest hero menu AFTER your picking
  246. Make the "Play hero" button blink when timer ends
  247. Hero Card and Hero Picked not Synced
  248. Wrong hero displayed in Random Draft when hero is randomly picked by Dota
  249. Team hotkeys
  250. Mouse wrap-around