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  1. Most epic customization bug
  2. Customization Unavailable
  3. Stuck at customiszation screen
  4. Workshop
  5. Hello? What is DotA 2 test?
  6. String Search loops in Loadout
  7. Loadout Preview not available
  8. Items not showing up after closing down early after match
  9. Customization Store returns an error
  10. Leavers Should Not Get Items
  11. i'm stack at hero picking phase :(
  12. Hero portraits in Customize Tab and In-Game Hero Pick portraits not finishing render
  13. more of a customization visual bug
  14. Store Irresponsive
  15. Battle Points not being awarded
  16. Dota 2 Early Access Bundle minor issue
  17. end-of-match item drops are confusing
  18. Problem with tool tip
  19. Tooltip out of bounds
  20. Unusual Stump Courier doesn't show the particle effect.
  21. Tidehunter bug and pregame equip bug
  23. Crashing when pressing back on mouse
  24. Cosmetic Items problems... need help.
  25. Boxing issue with illusions
  26. item price
  27. Congratz Valve!!!
  28. i didnt got my items
  29. Re: DOTA 2 Steam Workshop, Poly Limit, Texture Size Limit?
  30. Blood Chaser Axe weapon glitch
  31. Tidehunter bugs and clipping issues.
  33. Strange Weapons + Name/Desc
  34. Unusual Courier effects not showing up.
  35. Can't equip Strange Kimono of the Ebony Tower
  36. Can I have my Octopus Hat that I bought for the wrong version of the game?
  37. Didn't receive "Wicked Bad Woodo" set for WD
  38. Battle points boost not working
  39. Battle point boost effect.
  40. Strange Grand claive of the unshamed not counting kills.
  41. Disappearing Items - Headless Sven
  42. not sure if they're linked, but definitely a bug
  43. Tooltip goes offscreen
  44. Store Failed to initiate transaction
  45. hero filter for store not working.
  46. Can't do anything with item won in a draw
  47. Items earned from game not in backpack
  48. No XP no Items
  49. Cannot see the custom item(wapen armer) in the bag=.=
  50. Dota 2 store website
  51. Backpack 2nd column item descriptions cut off
  52. Mighty Boar flying version clipping problems (courier flying to low [video])
  53. Never getting EXP or items
  54. "Checkout" button in DotA 2 store doesn't work for me.
  55. Tidehunters portrait not updating accordingly.
  56. Unusual Particle effect not visible for other players
  57. [VISUAL BUG] A transparent hero in Customize section of the Hero Picker.
  58. Item Name Too Long / Naked Gondar - BH Pangolin
  59. invoker creeps control
  60. How do I remove?
  61. Some Customizations appear when hero is Hexed/frogged
  62. Items information goes off screen
  63. Did not acquire drop on level up.
  64. Game Bug - Level Up But no Item
  65. I Couldn't Get My Courier
  66. Didn't get Item on first game
  67. Hero Portrait Animations not working correctly
  68. Item in Steam Inventory but not usable ingame.
  69. Item Details Off Screen
  70. I got 2 items last match
  71. Why do other people get items when...
  72. Items Disappear from Inventory after Trade
  73. Bug - Some portraits are frozen
  74. Call of the Dendrochron No Sound
  75. Bug when buy item in begin the game.
  76. bug when buy item in begin the game
  77. Apparently equipping a Kunkka item boosts your attack speed by 2.
  78. Are some bundles not listed in the bundles tab?
  79. Faceless Void's mouth doesn't move with his Crystal Head equipped
  80. Does Low Priority not get Battle Points or Item Drops at all?
  81. "ememy" mistype
  82. Small pick problem at omniknight
  83. Lost Treasure of the Ivory Isles bugged?
  84. Bug with flying meca courier.[screen]
  85. Unusual Bugs with an Unusual Courier
  86. Dota 2 Store always closed in China?
  87. No item on earning a level?
  88. Game crashes when I earn an item
  89. Item awarded but not in Backpack?
  90. Courier Bug
  91. Error In Leveling up
  92. Battle Point Booster
  93. So many rage quitters
  94. my winning doesnt count
  95. 5mb patch bug me dota2?
  96. You can not have the same sets.
  97. Battle Points boost not reactivated
  98. What is a Battle Booster?
  99. Server Crashed - No items
  100. Shopkeeper's surprise didn't give anything.
  101. Cosmetics balance issue with Juggernaut
  102. Problem with store
  103. Dota 2 Store Problems
  104. Item Bug Report
  105. Battle Boost extended ~ Didn't extend
  106. Battle Boost has no effect?
  107. Lvl Bug
  108. Invoker exort set problem
  109. Key Question...
  110. Axe - Demon Blood Helm
  111. About the chances of DROP...
  112. No battle points at end of game/game thinks I disconnected
  113. Headless Phantom Lancer Portrait
  114. Item unlock
  115. Earned an item but it doesn't appear in Iventory/Is just an empty box
  116. No BP received.
  118. Battle points
  119. Extremly low BP
  120. X Bug FIX please it unplayable!
  121. Backpack Item Information
  122. Screen Freeze every SECOND game
  123. red X and items drag
  124. Red X... Please fix this error.
  125. Chests not having random items.
  126. We received less Battle Points(Even though we have 15% Bonus)
  127. Bug in SHOP #cef_error_header-118
  128. Kunkka's Tricorne and Bicorne Clipping
  129. Battle Points stack?
  130. Bought A dota 2 invite, not getting everything listed?
  131. Dota 2 Premium DLC - ValveTestApp575?
  132. Courier Bugs and Drop Rates
  133. kunka tidebringer bug
  134. Server crashed no battlepoints were given after victory
  135. Unable to purchase items on ingame store and on web
  136. lvl up, steam not working? no items
  137. Weird store bug.
  138. Batrider's Flamming Lasso on Morphling's Replicate not dissapear
  139. Drape of Foliate Magery visual glitch
  140. Using "Equip" from inventory breaks hero view in loadout
  141. Kunkka Pride of the Crew portrait bug
  142. is my a/c bugged?
  143. Dota2 Store Bug.
  144. disappearing items
  145. Please clean up the Workshop!
  146. Kunkka Headpiece not equipping (pride of the crew)
  147. Cosmetic items on illusions do not go blue
  148. Inconsistent Display of Item Set in Descriptions
  149. Enduring War Dog courier bugs
  150. The Cleaver of Might looks small. (Sven's Sword)
  151. Tidehunter - Raw Hide - back or head slot?
  152. Items showing in backpack that I never won
  153. Misprint in description of «Call of the dendrochron» in Dota 2 store
  154. Sven Commander of the Flameguard
  155. Opened 5 chests and got 5 Horns of Forest Lord in a row
  156. Item drops for leavers
  157. [Bug] Opponents abandon -> No Battle Points for my team
  158. Battle Bonus bug
  159. Got item but it doesn't appear in backpack
  160. Rearranging Backpack Bug
  161. Treasure Chest stuck in last bag slot
  162. deleting items
  163. Juggernaut High Plains Set's Portrait Pink Visual Bug
  164. Why i have only 2 page for the Backpack and all my friends have 20?!!?!
  165. Dota 2 store bug
  166. Item drop at levelup broken?
  167. Battle Point Modifier Expiration
  168. Non-equippable Item
  169. Missing Item From Backpack
  170. Ursa and Morbid Mask Lifesteal doesn't work
  171. [Misprice] Battle Bonus
  172. Some minor bugs with items
  173. Lost ITems and No item On LvL up
  174. Re-Equipping Strange Items
  175. 6 days Battle point boost dropped. Intended?
  176. Ward dog on Shop and other bundle like chronite defense not Tradable..?
  177. "Disintigrating" Runed Ailettes (Strange Furion Shoulder)
  178. Sven's Tayrnhelm of the Swordmaster
  179. Not that I mind at all, But My battlebonus never an out.
  180. [NP Cosmetic glitch] Coat of the Elder Grove only rendered form the front.
  181. Loudout Tab Bug - Hero models wont show
  182. Kunkka's mouth doesn't move.
  183. Sets not showing as sets or not tracking all set items on the inventory
  184. The New Crafting System
  185. treasure box bug....
  186. Comander's Pauldron Of The Flameguard Bug
  187. Treasure chest drops shouldnt show up
  188. Heroe Preview Don't Showing Up!
  189. Tidehunter's cosmetic items still doesn't show up properly in his hero portrait.
  191. Spirit Breaker (Barathrum) Charge of Darkness Bug
  192. Battle Bonus (3 days) bug
  193. bugged last slot in inventory
  194. [BUG] Item Deletion bug
  195. Item in backpack bug.
  196. Strange Jugg items not counting kills/jumps for co-op bot games
  197. Visual glitch with shop
  198. Tide Doesn't show Excavator's treasure in his portrait
  199. DotA 2 store STILL not working, I want a Dev response.
  200. [BUG] STACKING identical items DESTROYS them!
  201. Tidehunter's Swamp Fins
  202. Venomancer/Void bug
  203. Ability to trap teammates in spawn. Pls looks into this problem.
  204. ITEMS!!HELp
  205. Tooltipp doesnt disappear
  206. Bug Juggernaut healing ward
  207. Tidehunter's offhand items distorted in loadout view
  208. Customization Invoker Bug
  209. Spirit Breaker charging BUG
  210. Unusual War Dog (Burning Animus) glitch; only one eye burns when flying.
  211. Leavers receiving items
  212. Equiped items diferentiated from the unequipped ones
  213. double click on item takes me to loadout (but not for the corresponding hero)
  214. context menu does not work in second page
  215. itens in the screen
  216. Store bug.
  217. Nude Furion [NSFW]
  218. differences in the description of set's items
  219. Couriers for characters without items/item slots.
  220. Just wanna ask about some question of the intenatioal ticket
  221. Phamtom Assassin's Bug
  222. PLayed 20 games and didnt recieve any items yet
  223. [BUG] Dota 2 inventory
  224. Immediate crash on Axe customization screen
  225. Creeper Cruel Painsaw not showing in avatar at all pick
  226. Leavers receive Rare items
  227. No Battle Points/item drops in Co-Op bot games.
  228. FPS problem
  229. Juggernaut, "bracers of the ebony tower"
  230. Invisible hero, equipment visible loadout bug
  231. Multi selection bug
  232. Items i got Witch CASH Cant be Traded!!!!
  233. Backpack Issues
  234. No items for me PLS ANSWER ADMIN
  235. Didn't get my items
  236. Physics on Tide's Octopus hat is really wonky.
  237. Visual glitch with Piercing Beams on Unusual Enduring War Dog courier
  238. Can not find my After Match Items
  239. Pudge rot bug
  240. Destroying items bug
  241. Crashing when changing cosmetics
  242. My dota 2 dont start at all!
  243. Bounty Hunter Half-naked at loadout screen
  244. banner scroller - http:// requests
  245. Custom courier "Usable by" ?
  246. game 46 still no item! Unlucky?
  247. [BUG] Customize Interface won't go. Hence can't start new game.
  248. Bug I found with the red Chests
  249. Bug with equipping items
  250. Not sure if bug or SUPEEEEERRRR unlucky???