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  1. Add a new chain effect to the "Hook of the Sorrowful Prey"
  2. player set gems
  3. Request regarding tournament items
  4. Artificer's Brand SUGESTION(YOU Broke your unusual c. and u unhappy ? get over here!)
  5. Cursed items
  6. Suggestion: page selection in community market
  7. Drops from chests and RNG
  8. So many quality / grade of the items
  9. Make tournament couriers unsual to give them back their effects
  10. Make crafted (former Genuine) Item gain additional titles...
  11. I want my Genuine quality back
  12. Ethereal gem on battefury
  13. Weta in-game items
  14. [Suggestion] Give tools with more than 1 use different listing on marketplace.
  15. Forest Hermit Set - Bird on shoulder
  16. Inscribed Vs. Strange
  17. [SUGGESTION] Diretide main bugs analys
  18. Kick player button
  19. [Suggestion]Fetch Item Icons while trading locally than each time from Dota Server
  20. [SUGGESTION] Change quality name
  21. [Armory] "Temporary" / "Always on top" Armory page suggestion
  22. juggernaut's old way of holding DS/odachi
  23. Choose what to WATCH
  24. Juggernaut's Thousand Faces set
  25. Golden Greevil add ethereal gem and socket
  26. [Suggestion] Make the TI2 Courier effects toggleable to the old version
  27. New customization feature
  28. GIVE BACK The blue color on the Nyx chosen larvae set ! please :(
  29. Link Tournament Courier Effects to the gem
  30. Don't lump together Artificer's Hammer/chisels that have different numbers of uses
  31. oh God, why did you do this to Pudge.
  32. Volvo,y u restock garran.
  33. Add a shoulder slot for Dazzle
  34. Diretide Bllight Effect
  35. Artificer's Brand recipe
  36. Acquired/Creation Date on Description
  37. visuals for killing Ex( killing spree, wicked sick)
  38. Gyro cosmetics inbound?
  39. [Idea] Socket Remover
  40. Can couriers have two Ethereal gems?
  41. Bounty Hunter - The Second Disciple Set
  42. Abilty to remove spectator gems from pennants
  43. Incribe Gem Counter Reset
  44. Cursed items works like haunted tf2 items?
  45. Significant issue with identifying gems on the Market
  46. super cool idea to make customers happier
  47. The new armory trade acception is useless
  48. [Suggestion] Preview of effects/colour gems on courier
  49. Zeus requires some love!
  50. [Suggestion] "Accept all" button for new items
  51. Suggestion for Gyrocopter Taunt
  52. Strange (Inscribed) Item's name
  53. Please allow chests and recipes to stack on eachother
  54. [Suggestion] Every owner of a unusual courier should recive a "Artificer brand FREE".
  55. Regarding certain inscribed gems - How are they procured?
  56. About ethereal gems- Is there a way to craft them, rather than destroying?
  58. Inscribed Gems
  59. Tracked Page/UI
  60. Icefrog Autograph
  61. Gifts of the Shadowcat Complaint Thread.
  62. Inventory / Armory Customization Suggest !
  63. Drow shadowcat set not marketable
  64. Black Friday
  65. Rerelease a recolored Alpine Ursa set
  66. Giving a kinetic gem for windrunner bow
  67. Optional Individual Meepo Customization
  68. My Questions about Gems on Unusual Courier
  69. Question about gem socketing
  70. Gem: Money spent for detection
  71. Gaben announcer
  72. Meepo getting exp after lvl 25
  73. Alchemist Cosmetic Suggestion
  74. Drow Shadowcat set completion - Taunt
  75. Your Hero Health Bar Color
  76. Poll on Gifts of the Shadowcat Set
  77. Fireborn Assault - optional
  78. Professional Tournament Suggestion
  79. give aura or another color to tournament/heroic items.
  80. Dota 2 duel mode
  81. Iceforged Invoker Items
  82. Will Autograph overwrite Ascendent?
  83. Anti Mage BurNing set
  84. Add a Pristine quality to untouched items for Market purposes.
  85. Earthshaker items
  86. List of things that need to be fixed with cosmetics
  87. Make Loadout available when offline
  88. Nyx Assassin's Dagon effect extension on Mana Burn
  89. So yeah this Lina set.
  90. hellclaw of maelrawn on the files
  91. I want to reset my stats even though no one can see them
  92. [Suggestion] Give the 2013 Unusual Frostivus Courier a new effect!
  93. Replays: Comment option
  94. Some items should be region locked / region specific.
  95. Add a Locked Chest of the Wraith King as a reward (or something similar)
  96. Diretide 2013 - 3 New Courier Effects, Frostivus 2013 - Same effect as last year
  97. Marksmanship needs a better visual effect
  99. Frostivus reliquaries and drop rate
  100. Armory Complaint - Filters
  101. Suggestion: Wraith King's Favor shown on profile
  102. Add a Skeleton King Arcana
  103. Impatient Maiden Kinetic Gem
  104. Suggestion: Randomize Load Screen
  105. [Suggestion] Legion Arcana Gem Duel Count Reset
  106. Champion of Emauracus - forgot to recolor
  107. Axe and Legion Commander
  108. Ethereal Gem Socket for Gear Items
  109. [Suggestion] Can you make the recipe use a random common item to craft?
  110. REDWOOD CLAW (Ursa Item)
  111. Choose what item your enemies see when you kill them
  112. I really wonder it!
  113. Arcana(Lina)
  114. Could we get more then 8 filters?
  115. [Suggestion] Add a sound effect to the opening of chests
  116. Suggestion: Separate chain slot for pudge
  117. Select Random Courier/Item
  118. Bring back Solo Queuing option.
  119. Could the Gama Brothers courier have its original skin as a Radiant Style?
  120. Ward death animation show to all player
  121. So does anyone else think the arcana Items are just a little bit over priced?
  122. Anyone think the new Arcana lacks detail?
  123. Item quality & gems.
  124. The ''Mute'' buttom improve
  125. loading screens problem
  126. [Suggerstion] Switch to original voice for LC Arcana
  127. Why can't I buy the new item sets' pieces individually?
  128. Atramentos the Apocalyptic(chaos knight's new horse) is missing particle effects
  129. Windranger
  130. Gem Slot Remover?
  131. Instagib OSP gets new Kinetic gem or at least a mastery gem
  132. (Alchemist) Prisoner's Anchor
  133. Why can't non-tradable items received as gifts become tradable after being crafted?
  134. Some considerations for the future.
  135. Map SDK + WorkShop
  136. [Suggestion] Add 'Make an Offer' option to in-game item drop portraits
  137. I have some gems problems here.
  138. [suggestion] "Gem Carriers Killed" should be global
  139. Armory sorting
  140. Exalted Blades of Voth Domosh
  141. Male and Female gender heroes.
  142. About Nyx Assasin 'Chosen Larva" Set
  143. Arcana Question
  144. Suggestion: Enable page swapping in inventory
  145. Unsatisfied with Windweave Headband
  146. anyone else +1 for Aghanim's sceptre visuals like in dota 1?
  147. why doesn't raider's patch have any description?
  148. deleting items
  149. [Suggestion] Qualties doesn't make any difference and it bothers everyone.
  150. An option to block Recruitment Invitation's!!
  151. No Solo Queue Option = Tryhard teams destroying your Ratings!!!
  152. New slot for Nyx Dagon cosmetic
  153. Gem crafting
  154. Please Rename 'Mythical Gift' (Level Up Gift) To 'Rare Gift'
  155. [Add] Effect to old Mythicals
  156. Ranked Matchmaking -lol-
  157. Move Alchemist Respirator to the "body-head" slot?
  158. Night stalker / Balanar Cosmetics
  159. well that Exalted is underwhelming
  160. Crystal Maiden Arcana Suggestion
  161. Mastery gem for Mace of the Chosen and Arcane Staff of the Ancients
  162. [Suggestion] Add a Accept all items button
  163. [Suggestion] Set Removal: "Artillery of the Crested Cannoneer"
  164. all spring event items look the same.
  165. [Suggestion] Recruitment Level to give a reward!
  166. Garran Drywiz Courier Suggestion
  167. Gems
  168. Cosmetic set comparative
  169. How does he Stonehall Royal Guard Set work/combine with the Arcana item?
  170. Ranked match making idea.
  171. Are we ever getting strange rank titles back?
  172. Implement an option to exclude certain countries IP's from you mm
  173. [Suggestion] Custom "Found match" sound
  174. Linas Arcana needs more upgrades
  175. Hiding TI3 Compendium.
  176. Denies Gem
  177. Remove international aura from Garran Drywiz
  178. Add ability to select multiple items in Armory
  179. Kindly return tournament banners and info to heroic items.
  180. We need a new approval method
  181. Store gift
  182. Ban Russians from European Servers!!!!!!!
  183. Suggestion: Getting rid of really old and mostly unwanted hats.
  184. "Rewards" popping up during end screen
  185. Arcana for Templar Assassin (Concept art from Valve)
  186. Inscribed gem: Forged Spirits summoned
  187. Use normal keys for Spring Event
  188. Do you think The Savage Orchid needs particle effects?
  189. [Poll] Abyssal Underlord (Pit Lord) - Arcana?
  190. The new Shadow Hunter Set deviates unacceptably from Nyx's base colors.
  191. Puck rune
  192. Put Back Hall of Fame
  193. Mute in Dota
  194. Recipe: Curse common item (cause there are no cursed common items from sets)
  195. What happened to Treant's bird?
  196. More efficient item handling in Armory
  197. Add the option to not share HUDs and announcers.
  198. Add item level to drops.
  199. Nyx Assassin: Shadow Hunter styles
  200. Quick Suggestion for Beastmaster Custom Models
  201. About Steam Winter Sale and Exclusive Items
  202. Name Tag. Clearly state the length that is on our disposal.
  203. Changing Lionīs Ultimate
  204. More Suggestions
  205. Mode Suggestion -Random Attribute Hero
  206. Valve please take my money
  207. New 'Inscribed Gem'. 'Victories/Losses.(Win%/Loss% Percentage)' And Losses.
  208. Thankyou VALVE! Thankyou DOTA 2 Developers!
  209. Roshan hunter set
  210. Cycle loading screens
  211. New favor is not displayed during game unlike battle bonus
  212. I want more information about this "offering"
  213. Why is there no indication that someone has a favor boost?
  214. New Bloom Celebration effect doesnt look great
  215. Can offer Heroic items to event?
  216. [Suggestion] Pudge Arcana
  217. Option to equip multiple HUDs, Announcers, etc.
  218. Juggernauts fireborn assult kinetic gem
  219. [SUGGESTION] Fortune Favor STATUS in Player's Profile
  220. Please remove the Polymorph Recipies!!!
  221. Don't add tickets without hero items to the hero items tab, it's confusing
  222. [Suggestion] Add kinetic/inscribed gems for Lone Druid.
  223. [SUGGESTION] make rmm visible if profile privacy off
  224. please remove this mute system..or rework it
  225. Change Arcana Cosmetic Slot
  226. Courier With Ethereal Socket
  227. [Suggestion] Improving the community market interface
  228. Event "rewards"
  229. Gems that change Loadout stances should have their own classifcation.
  230. Mute-me button
  231. Suggestion for TB Arcana
  232. Prismatic gem preview
  233. I cant get exp on my dota2 profile
  234. Add Ethereal and Prismatic Gems for Wards
  235. Could the Genuine Redhoof's and Jadehoof's have Cycle numbers on them like GBR?
  237. Make prismatic gems available in the store.
  238. [Workshop] New HUD Antiquity
  239. [Gem] Bought / Placed Sentries
  240. [Suggestion] More needs to be done with spacebar
  241. Please have the loadout kinetic gems available while idle in game.
  242. New Method for Event/Unique Items and increased Revenue for valve.
  243. [Suggestion] Display More Featured Heroes
  244. Please allow us to DELETE non-tradable items!
  245. Allow us to change TB arcana color
  246. Rare Chest with just Prismatic/Ethereal Gems.
  247. Terrorbade Arcane - Deeper RED for Metamorphosis
  248. Lack of Information on Unusual Couriers/Unusual Gems
  249. Kinetic Gem For Phantom Assasin ?
  250. I always been malicious reporten by others! and steam gag me for 168h !!