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  1. Loading Screen Gems Made Removable/Socket-able
  2. Pudge Turn Crazed Tassels of the Black Death into a Socketable gem
  3. suggestion for new hook Scorching Talon
  4. Ember Spirit "head" slot usually involve back items?
  5. Dragonclaw hook
  6. Dota 2 Updates, Skill Suggestion and Criticism, Praised, Fair, Decent, Balanced.
  7. Meepo Clones using different item sets
  8. Why is there no courier emoticon?
  9. Forum http://dev.dota2 pure manipulation can anyone suggest ideas, Forum of illusion!
  10. Update Jakiro model
  11. Riki's Sange & Yasha
  12. Aghanim Scepter Upgrade Visual Effects Like a DotA 1
  13. I have an IDEA about computers with two monitors for DOTA 2
  14. CM White Sentry is awful
  15. veno immortal splattering forcipule is broken?
  16. Just a little suggestion for Lucyfer.
  17. Templar Assassin - Third Insight Set Particles Should be a Mastery Gem
  18. PA Arcana - What Slot It Should be?
  19. Shuffle Hero Items
  20. Share inventory between family accounts
  21. The Genuine Golden Immortal items are underwhelming and need some fixes.
  22. Make an Arcana item with the old Storm Spirit model.
  23. Loadout Kinetic Gems Also As Taunts
  24. The sound of Kunkka's Inverse Bayonet is weak; please give it some power!
  25. Splattering Forcipule(Immortal veno ward) animation is way too bad
  26. Cosmetics custom name above summon portrait
  27. Individual Meepos should have their own sets customizable individually
  28. pudge golden hook
  29. Suggestion : Condensing Workshop
  30. Suggestion: Show your Estimated Fantasy Points in the end game Scoreboard
  31. Doom - Do you can extend to fire effect on Eye of Omoz sword?
  32. Is Valve selling now Immortals?
  33. Whaleblade's Effect with new Divine Anchor Set effects
  34. Phantom Assassin's skill Stifling Dagger IGNORE_BACKSWING Phantom Strike increase
  35. zefs' workshop
  36. In-game color picking?
  37. Pudge Schorching Talon
  38. Spectre Dark Gabriel set
  39. Dazzle Shadow Flame loading screen
  40. Techies Arcana
  41. Give TI3 couriers from the Secret Shop a genuine tag like this year?
  42. Tiny Loadout
  43. Greevil with Aura Effects :(
  44. Scorching talon rarity
  45. Why do you all hate mods, Valvue?
  46. Unusual greevil bug
  47. Techies Arcana Spoon on the side and portrait
  48. [Idea] Daedalus cosmetic for Kunkka!
  49. [Suggestion] Make the bots use your courier that you have equipped.
  50. BOTs Use Player Global Items
  51. Terrible, because there are items that still need fixing, yet nothing happened
  53. EG Universe Faceless Void Set needs to happen
  54. Quality Assurance: Announcers shouldn't use first-person pronouns for other players.
  55. Rework tusk announcer voice lines
  57. Animation effect priority
  58. Custom Animation Options
  59. つ◕_◕༽つ Make TI4 Secret Shop couriers unusual valve! つ◕_◕༽つ
  60. Who should I ask for help?
  61. Insatiable Bonesaw Sound Effects
  62. New spawn Roshan
  63. Prismatic Gems on the Techies Arcana (Maybe Bug? Maybe Suggestion.)
  64. [Inventory suggestion]
  65. Correlation between mega-kill and normal announcer when shuffling
  66. New Commend/Report-window idea
  67. please apply my suggestion ^^
  68. Shuffle Equipment Suggestion
  69. Defense Season 2 Wardog
  70. Gem Statistics, Trading and User Stat Tracking
  71. Please redesign the "YOUR GAME IS READY"
  72. See when item was socketed or tracking reset last
  73. SF Remodel Raze suggestion to fix the pseudo-nerf
  74. Immortal kinetic gems
  75. Unusual gems on couriers
  76. TI3 Unusual Osky the Ottragon prismatic gem
  77. Dark Storm (HUD)
  78. Prismatic gems for Techies Taunt.
  79. Let us swap the slots of the inscribed gems without using the Artificer's Hammer
  80. [Suggestion] Please, allow Artificer's Hammer to hammer out slots
  81. Please return static courier
  82. [Suggestion] Hero's buff/debuff status
  83. Phantom Lancer: Mane of the Sunwarrior should be head slot not shoulder
  84. Timbersaw Chakram Fix Suggestion
  85. Was wondering what you could do with unused items, came up with this idea
  86. please fix this
  87. Vengeful Spirit Cosmetic Suggestion
  88. A sugesstion will change the whole game :)
  89. A suggestion about Pudge
  90. Only 1 Courrier per game in Ranked Suggestion
  91. pennants stopped tracking games viewed
  92. ti4 genuine autographs still do not work properly
  93. Golden Trove Items Reworked!
  94. Store Suggestion
  95. Item drop system feedback: Needs more work
  96. Snowman Courier PLEASE
  97. Add MULTIPLE Loadouts for each hero please
  98. Menu to select the custom particle effect/animation to use
  99. New Ability Icon Golden Mausoleum
  100. Automatic Courier Lock
  101. Increased description tag character limit.
  102. Elder Titan Spirit Using Equipped Sets
  103. Rebox Sets
  104. Arcana Slot Rework Suggestion
  105. Manifold Paradox Phantom Assassin Arcana Ultimate Icon Reconsideration
  106. Manifold Paradox Phantom assassin arcana - new voice
  107. Manifold Paradox Phantom Assassin Arcana Bundeled/Separate Loading Screen
  109. Make Effigy Statues Face The Base Exits
  110. Why isnt my autoexec.cfg file not working
  111. Rework the slots design for arcana?
  112. PA's arcana weapons too big?
  114. Can we please have the possibility to turn Couriers into those stone blocks (Effigy B
  115. No support for Techies Effigy
  116. Kinetic gems usable for hero effigies
  117. Egypt style in DotA 2. Why PL set was rejected?
  118. Make PA Arcana style selectable after evolving.
  119. 16 games? really?a sugestion! and the drops system
  120. Make PA arcana usable with color gems.
  121. Make PA arcana usable with color gems.
  122. Manifold Paradox posing in aggressive run (from in-game view)
  123. Couriers should have styles if multiple ethereal and prismatic gems are added to it.
  124. The new event
  125. Invoker Heroic Effigy Statue
  126. Heroic Effigy Made Editable
  127. Painful Rain (HUD)
  128. Phantom Arcana Level 3 Blade: Level 1 Was Better! Can we Change Styles?
  130. Manifold Paradox set ultimate proc sound makes ears ring, tinnitus worse
  131. Loadout suggestion
  132. [SETTINGS] Team courier or personal courier?
  133. Selectable Customazations (Kinetic VS Built-In)
  134. Heroic Effigy Shuffle
  135. Resetting Phantom Arcana Assassination Points for 1st Style....
  136. Lamb to the Slaughter - Any plans?
  137. Frostivus cancellation - Snow map also cancelled?
  138. Phoenix skin suggestion
  139. I have a suggestion for solo ranked match!
  140. dashboard_x issue
  141. Item Option [ARMORY]
  142. my courier Unusual greevil effect does not working
  143. Some visual change for Effigy Block of Triumph
  144. Give QoP a feet and a pants slots
  145. [Suggestion] Upgrade International 4 couriers from mythical to Immortal
  146. Mirror Mode / Mirror Match
  147. Mirror Mode / Mirror Match
  148. Make Perfect World items/sets available to anyone and have a Dotahattery feature
  149. ever evolving chat wheel
  150. Performance Suggestions- Voting to Re- Evaluate players
  151. Low Violence mod
  152. No russian search option pls
  153. Система низкого приоритете работает не п
  154. RMM reward system
  155. Easy quick replacement for -override_vpk
  156. RMM reward/penalty system
  157. New Phrase
  158. Genuine Serrakura sword from DAC can with slotted with Bladekeeper gems?
  159. [Idea] Rampage Badge
  160. Rubick - The Oculus Ephemeral - Change Slot
  161. What if Valve stop splitting the sets?
  162. [Request] Lina arcana update.
  163. About CM arcana.
  164. Custom Dota 2 UI/Skin Workshop Section
  165. A word on "unbroken" models
  166. Add pup to CM arcana when using Effigy
  167. Ability to test a buyable hud/set etc. in a bot game
  168. "Not Tradable" Kills Freedom! Bring "Not Marketable" and "Giftable Only"
  169. Unfair!request changes DAC genuine lava babyroshan Ethereal.
  171. Critical Pa sound on arcana
  172. Item system feedback (regarding item drops and your events)
  173. why is the paging different from steam to dota?
  174. Naga's Head Bulb
  175. Error! Variable "$SPECULAR_BLOOM_COLOR"
  176. Assured Victory Shout and Charm of the Crucible Jewel/Ram's Renewal
  177. New Bloom Sets are awful. Sorry, someone has to say this.
  178. Feeder eater / sniper kinetic gem
  179. MMR system got wrong calculation, lost another 25 in a game
  180. Arcana Inscribed Gem (Rune)
  181. Anti Kill Steal [KS] System
  182. Selling Item Drops from matches
  183. Lamb to the Slaughter
  184. im hack.. steam suport.. i have question
  185. Scorching talon chain effect?
  186. Create Rebundle/Bundle-up items in the Same Set
  187. Most hero dmg - Zeus and Tinker
  188. PLS add Rotate Camera Fuction
  189. Inscribed Shrapnel Tower Damage
  190. Aghanin on Storm Spirit.
  191. a Suggestion
  192. sell steam wallet 40%
  193. Raising economy
  194. REQUEST: 'See everything as default' option
  195. The International 5 Compendium Point Drops
  196. Magnus immortal is noticeably harder to play against than normal.
  197. Make default music/announcer/courier etc in the shuffle mode.
  198. Pugna Immortal Draining Wight Too Big
  199. Make the golden effigy block untradable
  200. Please don't combine KotL and Chen Mount/Armor
  201. Single Draft - hiden enemy picks
  202. Sniper Gem: Shrapnel Tower Damage
  203. Disappear Moon shard Buff In All Random Deathmatch
  204. Rework Lina Arcana
  205. [suggestion] Party rating alignment.
  206. Limited Edition Items As Item Drops?
  207. Separate "Ward" Cosmetics into Observer and Sentry wards
  208. Show the Heroic item information ingame
  209. Kinetics combining
  210. Tinker's Boots of travel icon with ti4 immortal
  211. Please allow that mute button also mute taunt sounds
  212. Give people with 500+ level compendium levels a non-tradable Faceless Rex
  213. Shuffle Item List Toggle?
  214. Doom's new Fires of Vashondul Set[No custom Ability Icons and Custom Ability Effects]
  215. Seperate ability icons from items (source 2)
  216. Equip Couriers as Pets?
  217. Lycan's unused "head" slot
  218. [Suggestion] Change Drop System
  219. TA immortal position.
  220. Focal resonance(immortal item for Templar Assassin)
  221. Anti-Mage Golden Basher is not all Gold? Give us total Gold style?
  222. void imortal jewel of aeonos effect reveals the time walk target location instantly
  223. [Feedback] New Ta Immortal 7/18
  224. Suggestion. Alch's immo 'razzil's Midas' offhand bracer to have golden aura also?
  225. Claddish Cudgel (Tidehunter Immortal) Effects Suggestion
  226. The International 2015 Compedium Stretch Goals
  227. Dota 2 Item drop
  228. Certain Gems Count On Coop-bot Games
  229. Team-oriented music engine
  230. Allow us to Mix 'n' Match Announcer Packs
  231. Suggestion: Yasha upgrade path
  232. Suggesstion (Re: DOTA 2 Reborn Profile Interface)
  233. Dota 2 Economy and it's future
  234. Please give Anti Mage a Ninja Arcana
  235. Kindred of the Iron Dragon - immortal. underwhelming. redesign?
  236. [SUGGEST] Replay Auto-save on local machine option
  237. Where are the ability icons of the Item Sets in the Treasure of the Burning Grove?
  238. List of suggestions...
  239. New command dota_export_steam_inventory_layout seems buggy
  240. Regarding the trophy of All-Hero Challenge (The Completionist)
  241. Lava vs Ice Roshan?
  242. Particles for Eternal Purgatory
  243. Tag names on competitive
  244. What about ascendant gem?
  245. How to replace gem in dota 2 reborn?
  246. gems in unusual courier
  247. Valve attracting dress designers on the Workshop more than actual good artists?
  248. Item Importer Model Preview Slow (11 FPS)
  249. How to give untradeble and ungiftable items?
  250. Desert Terrain - Giftable once please!