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  1. Please Make Zeus' Arcana Ulti Kill Symbol Permanent Like PA
  2. Please make the Desert Terrain giftable.
  3. Please add colletion tab to the item part of the profile
  4. Items Recycling Shows What Items Being Recycled When Confirming
  6. Let Me Give You My Money
  7. Prismatic Gem Preview
  8. Tusk's Whisky the Stout Artifact immortal should have a custom Ice Shard skill icon.
  9. Valve add this thing please if you are not removing that 3 month trade restriction.
  10. Prismatic Gem Changes Icon Colors For Cosmetic Items
  11. NEWS!.Zues Arcana second set is coming soon.
  12. Suggestion. Global settings. Customizable per hero, Automatically saved.
  13. Hero's tab. All items are not available for purchase anymore?
  14. New Protection
  15. Option to disable skins
  16. Winter terrain is basically Rented.
  17. Orb slot for Invoker
  18. Broodmother webs almost invisible on winter terrain
  19. Rilay's Spin and unreleased winter 2016 treasure III
  20. Naming of global items
  22. Other possibilities set / keys / mouse more flexible single
  23. Waiting For Reconnection...
  24. Option to Remove Ability Section of a Hero Guide
  25. my winter terrain missing
  26. Balance for Naix
  27. About in match commendations
  28. [Sugestions]Is it possible to make cosmetic creeps?
  29. Picking captain based on highest MMR ruined Captains Mode
  30. Manifold Paradox - Make it easier to obtain Styles
  31. Why IO TETHER is no more disabled under DISABLE HELP
  32. Let Bloodseeker be the Bloodseeker
  33. remove, ban! voice, already has option within the game, turn on audio or disable audi
  34. [Suggestion] Allow "Collection" tab to be sorted.
  35. RECENT GAMES "RANKED" for change
  36. [REQUEST]Ursa's Razorwyrm set: Shoulder guards should be fused with his Backplates
  37. [SUGGESTION] Allow to change color from ONIBI, using Prismatic Gem
  38. Add a couple of impact override weapons for several heros (mostly wk and jugg)
  39. It would benefit everyone if workshop artists could submit more types of cosmetics
  40. Battlepass 2016 Not working effects of increasing the level
  41. my new item suggestion "Scepter of The Back Channel"
  42. T.I 6 "True Spirit of DotA" quest
  43. Request, add run away in the report selection
  44. Can we add hair slot for invoker so he can wear hoodie or take it off.
  45. Valve please introduce more inscribed gems
  46. Does valve forget the Pennant system?
  47. 2 Effigy blocks consumed, instead of 1.
  48. Golden Shadow Masquerade' blink strike​ icon isn't different from Shadow Masquerade
  49. Weekend Sale Battle Level Bundle return
  50. Legacy of the fallen legion: What about gifting ability?
  51. Adding a Battle Pass achievement for collecting all player cards
  52. Separate Arc Warden head and shoulder cosmetic slot into 2 slots instead of 1
  53. Hunter's Hoard
  54. Golden ripper's reel chain
  55. Genuine Dam'arakan Muzzle of the Crimson Witness Effect
  56. Why can't we do Battle Pass quests if BP is still there?
  57. Autograph on Arcana
  58. River Vials
  59. Add option to remove red petals weather in Immortal Gardens.
  60. Rx480 bug with newest driver
  61. Legacy of the fallen legion gift, trade and market
  62. Golden and Crimson immortal items icons colors should be changed accordingly
  63. Please check and fix the problem of claiming Fall 2016 BP!
  64. Idea for new hero - This would be cool I think
  65. Make fountain better
  66. Disconnected & Abandon
  67. New viewer statistics list option
  68. Make Undying's left and right arm cosmetics independent.
  69. New puck wings infused could have a trail effect like TA spaulders
  70. Ember Spirit Back Item Slot
  71. Neutral creep camps skins.
  72. Monkey King Arcana - Styles
  73. Legacy of The Fallen Legion giftable and marketable
  74. Ursa razorwyrm, WR battleranger, clinks urushin huntsman.
  75. If ever a Chen Arcana/Immortal, please leave his helm alone!
  76. Allow heroes preview of sets work on 360
  77. New Hero Suggesion
  78. связь с телефоном-(ССТ)
  79. Hotkey for backpack and old skill tree
  80. Possibility for a mix of items in hero-item-demo-preview.
  81. Naga Sirena. To suggest an idea.
  82. [Anti-Mage] Add sounds to the idle animation of the Mage Slayer set
  83. Hero with gender selection.(male & female)
  84. Jugger arcana free style change,not lvl unlocking plz
  85. Support Hero arcana voting
  86. Custom Time To be Considered as Abandon
  87. Nyx Assassin's Latticean Shards
  88. Hat of the Foreteller's Oath. (Rus)
  89. CTRL/Shift Binding
  90. [Bounty Hunter] Make Shuriken Toss use the currently equipped Shuriken as projectile
  91. [feature request] toggkeable "force move direction"
  92. Monkey King - Arcana Style Option
  93. [Feature request] Monkey King - Tree Dance - casting spells / using items mid-air
  94. Juggernaut - Yurnero
  95. Novo Personagem
  96. Make a ready button
  97. Broodmothers Web
  98. Suggestions Randoms
  99. Shadow Fiend Magic Damage Build
  100. Coin flip and dice roll without opponent seeing the result
  101. Game search by roles
  102. DotA 2 dressing room
  103. This is just so unfair... it has been so many years... Why???
  104. Please make an option to merge multiple dota 2 accounts
  105. add default models option
  106. [Centaur Warrunner] The Warlord of Hell Barding item's icon does not match the item
  107. Suggestion - Add an option to do a rematch
  108. Web visibility
  109. Each player gets their own customizable courier.
  110. Add an ITEM that can remove EMPTY SOCKETS
  111. [Clinkz] Put arrows in the quivers of Clinkz' cosmetic items
  112. Nature's Prophet Aka Furion Sprout Ability
  113. Dota Plus: Add exclusive unlockable Items to max hero level or each tier
  114. Arcana - separate slot item?
  115. Phantom Assassin Arms and Legs Customization Slots
  116. Can you seperate slots for Vengeful Spirit's shoulder and arm slots?
  117. Arm slot for Necro?
  118. Glove/hand slot for Ursa?
  119. Global Items / Hero specific?
  120. Past Prestige Items, Style Unlock during battlepass? Guaranteed yearly extra revenue?
  121. New Viper immortal(Drake's Strike). Purple poison in effect?
  122. Hellspar-Anathama, 2nd style unlock effect(Blue) to match immortals?
  123. Stonemarch Sovereign. ti8 Cache wk loadsceen head, 2nd head style?
  124. Head Slot Weaver?
  125. Ti8 Cache Nightstalker. Head Style 2?
  126. Do you know "Ant Medic" ?
  127. Witch doctor Immo 3, new custom Icon for Bonkers?
  128. Enigma hand slot?
  129. [Death Prophet] Improvement for the Crown of the Death Priestess
  130. Codicil of the Veiled ones alternative style's match the Arcana weapon?
  131. Can we display ward cooldown, and who placed it when hit 'alt'?
  132. Showing ward zones when placing wards?
  133. Please reconsider old cosmetic terrain items being impossible to obtain
  134. [Dragon Knight] Normalize all the animations of Dragon Knight's dragon models
  135. [Dragon Knight] Cover up the neck and upper arms for the Bitterwing Legacy set
  136. [Night Stalker] Please add "wings" slot
  137. Ti exclusives, available with specific level for optional purchase? For new users.
  138. [URSA] Ti9 Jungle set. 'Claws' separate from 'Arms'?