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  1. Larger Backpack Pages
  2. An idea to make chests worth more than donkey droppings
  3. Treasure keys
  4. Legacy sets?
  5. *Mute* The textual channel
  6. Change concept of deleting items into crafting?
  7. Mecha Courier is too hard to see on the dire side
  8. Items used as an positive reinforcement tool to improve skill across the board
  9. The drop rate of these chests are too damn high!
  10. Scott McNeil announcer.
  11. Workshop suggestion
  12. Sugestions :)
  13. Backpack refresh button
  14. No new items?
  15. The community needs a way to flag garbage workshop entries
  16. Don't show treasure chest drops post-game
  17. In-game items as cosmetic items
  18. Big Treasure Chest - MTG Booster Pack analogy.
  19. give bonus not to eweryone
  20. People abusing coop bot matches to exp farm
  21. Suggestion: 1 month , 3 month , 6 month and 1 year battle point booster.
  22. I will like to have a place where you can view all the ingame itams
  23. [Size]Healing Ward of the Kuur-Ishiminari
  24. Picking stage Hero Cards
  25. Could the key/chest system possibly use pseudo-random distribution instead?
  26. Restricted Servers
  27. Suggestion: I would pay $10 for this
  28. more exp and item chance on captains mode
  29. I think must be fixed.
  30. Hero Taverns
  31. Full sets reduced in your inventory
  32. Jugger's heal ward
  33. Trade Tag
  34. Why Cant I just Google the item I want in the dota2 store?
  35. Strange Item Name/Visual Customizations Based on Player Stats
  36. Rotate Characters in Equipment Viewer
  37. Bot Addons
  38. I'd pay 20$ to get this shop layout ingame!
  39. Bring Back Altered Missile Animations!
  40. Item Tiers
  41. main menu layout and background
  42. Minimize the turning speed when using the scroll wheel
  43. Customizing [TEXTURES]
  44. add
  45. Few boxes in the Options that i think should be there
  46. Learn - Items and Heros, game Scenario editor
  47. Custom Hotkey Profiles
  48. Disabled item drops for co-op bot matches?
  49. Bot game no longer gives bp?
  50. Show amount of available items in item equip menu
  51. Strange item Special Effect Suggestion
  52. No Battle Points/item drops in Co-Op bot games.
  53. New Skin: Bloodmother
  54. Treasure boxes
  55. Dota 2 Auction House type thing.
  56. A reason for collecting Stranges?
  57. Items will be deleted on game release?
  58. Team Inventories (Shared Inventory)
  59. Matchmaking system
  60. item combination problem
  61. I`d rather pay 30$ for more discoverable content than for customization items
  62. Customization Suggestion: Hero Skins
  63. aghanim's scepter effect
  64. Allies being able to select other's custom couriers
  65. Dota 2 crashes while using mouse 5
  66. Filters
  67. Suggestion: use a better grading system and match the players with similar grades
  68. Suggestion: Shop in learning section
  69. Hero mounts
  70. (suggestion) custom attack sounds and ability sounds?
  71. Add custom Icons for spells
  72. Couriers should be renamable and their name should be visible when purchased
  73. Buying without having to charge the Steam wallet
  74. [Suggestion] Treasure Chest Buff - Increasing Percentage
  75. 99 cents for a 1 time use taunt?
  76. 3D, zooming, rotating
  77. Announcer Pack Preview
  78. Testing Your Custom Item
  79. Heroes melting through earth after death
  80. Announcers & Taunt - good idea poorly executed
  81. Preview function?
  82. Dota 2 Offline
  83. Multiple/random drop "affixes" on Strange items?
  84. Celebrity Announcer Packs!
  85. Suggestion: Provide Some Visual Information About the Custom Couriers
  86. Mega Kill Announcer
  87. Strange Item Modifiers
  88. Faceless Void announcer pack
  89. abandoning game accidentally
  90. A way to tell what items are strange/unusual inside backpack
  91. Decliner need a punishment
  92. Speed Demon (Flying upgrade, a running upgrade instead?)
  93. Skip the Frog Courrier (Bad animations)
  94. Pinging the servers
  95. Heroes that don't have customizations released yet
  96. Inverted Backpack Sorting Method
  97. [Sugg] Battle Points Bounty in Pregame + Extra Battle Points
  98. More details when viewing profile of a FRIEND
  99. same item recieved
  100. Chest drop rate
  101. Strange Item Modifier Instead of Chests
  102. About The Axe Chests
  103. Rubick customisation
  104. Advanced Item Customization for In-Game Weapons like Battlefury, Butterfly, etc
  105. low prority time too long.
  106. Tide's treasure chest
  107. Item deletion drops - can't go higher than mythical?
  108. Punish people who pause during fights
  109. List of Rubick suggestions!
  110. First game of the day always give items?
  111. [suggestion] WTF?
  112. Ingame Customisation OOG
  113. AFK without leave and get an item.
  114. [suggestion] "Learn"
  115. {Shop item}why not a reset item for stats!!!!!!!
  116. Question on Workshop items and chests
  117. Learn Feature for items on dashboard
  118. Which Announcer would you like to get added next
  119. Which Announcer would you like to get added next
  120. Random Courier and Ward Option
  121. Customization of Team Logo in the Map make the Dota world ugly.
  122. Special item for all beta testers?
  123. Voodoo Restoration with Staff o'Wicked Badness
  124. Set bonus
  125. Item Builder Edit
  126. Customization Preview
  127. Enable Items and Battlepoints in Test Client
  128. Steam Cloud update
  129. Getting chests when leveling up.
  130. Announcer Option
  131. Everyone should have armors like Sven's
  132. Suggestion: Markable replays
  133. Level up distribuition
  134. Previous Unusual Couriers Owner Colour
  135. Pudge Customization Items Ideas
  136. Suggestions & Questions From Me
  137. Skin selection for courier, similar to announcer selection.
  138. The "If DotA2 Had Ponies I Quit" Poll!
  139. Simple item submission
  140. Changes to Unusual Courier colors
  141. Did you see that kill? An Update!
  142. How about making Treasure Keys droppable?
  143. Club the complete set into a single slot of inventory
  144. New WD items are pretty poor.
  145. Bumpmaps for banners?
  146. Drop only items remaining drop only?
  147. Courier skin / anouncer
  148. Unusual Couriers with Cosmetic Problems?
  149. Deadric armor for Doom Bringer
  150. Non-humanoid/Transforming Heroes
  151. [S] New Workshop Testing Tool
  152. Try out cosmetic options
  153. [Cosmetic Request Poll] Vengeful Spirit's Red Mask from early Beta
  154. TIDEHUNTER's Raw Hide
  155. put a score on the watch lobby
  156. Hotkey Changing in Customization
  157. Wisp Model
  158. low priority match making is not solving problem
  159. Announcer pack - gentleman brit
  160. Breathtaking Benefaction/Legendary Largesse use as broadcaster/observer
  161. Divide the chat rooms into TRADE and NONE-Trade
  162. Tournament Ticket Stub
  163. Item build customization suggestion
  164. Paint on Felicity's Blessing and Vermin effects
  165. Lan mode
  166. Are the current cosmetics good enough? (Also, the item distribution is too uneven)
  167. Strange Item Modifiers Question
  168. Deathmatch for clans
  169. Suggestiion for new UI improvement list
  170. Unreal tournament announcer
  171. During time pick
  172. Suggestion Observer UI change
  173. Please open server for russıan
  174. Weapons that look like actual items
  175. Menu Background Animations
  176. Rubick Hotkeys
  177. Ability to toggle certain passive abilities on and off again
  178. Hero introduction
  179. Match Making Pool
  180. Making Name Tags & Description Tags useable on couriers!
  181. Dota 2 Item Inventory Arrangement - Backpack [Collector's request]
  182. Multiple Announcer request
  183. Item Learn Tab
  184. Point system in Dota Items
  185. add weather control and water color change
  186. Chests are useless
  187. item rewards
  188. Clicking "preview" on an unusual courier
  189. Deleting Strange items should not lose their strange status
  190. Add Aghanim's Scepter visual upgrade
  191. Achievements in dota 2?
  192. Hero Name on Mouse Over during selection
  193. More Filters in Inventory!
  194. Name tag + Description tag
  195. Stacking items of same kind
  196. [Feedback] Random Item drop at Leveling Up
  197. Aura items visual effects please bring it back! :(
  198. The Old Item Style
  199. Need sharing for courier
  200. Equipping non-hero items on heroes with no items
  201. Low Priority Matchmaking
  202. There needs to be a preview option +for the shopping cart
  203. Extremely minor suggestion: Change Dragon Knight's point of view.
  204. (Suggestion) Drop-down box with available items in loadout
  205. In-Game Dota Items for Customize Tab
  206. Make same kind of rank system
  207. This is not acceptable valve.
  208. Need Surender butin
  209. [Suggestion] Multiple Character Announcer Packs
  210. Can Valve cover more heroes with custom items?
  211. Bamboo Hat
  212. There should be improved on cursors style
  213. Suggestion: Unusual Effects
  214. Treasure Keys to expensiv compared to items
  215. Does your Level influence drops?
  216. Suggestions for Replays
  217. Maybe we need some new heroes
  218. In-Game tips and guides
  219. DotA and Dota 2 [SUGGESTIONS]
  220. Description Tag Text Length
  221. Commendation recommendation
  222. Proposed Changes to Stat Tracking & Strange Items
  223. [Suggestion] Dagon's effect
  225. More spectators = increased chance for better, and more generous, loot.
  226. Finding Match
  227. Ditch the ELO system
  228. Aghanim Scepter visual effects when equipped
  229. change rubick's stolen chronosphere to green !
  230. [Suggestion] Spiral Staff
  231. Release items as customization
  232. Mute ping.
  233. Does the BP booster honestly DO anything?
  234. [Feedback/Suggestion] Dota 2 Auction House/Trade Solution
  235. [Suggestion] Custom Items for COURIERS
  236. Question: Did jugger's heal ward size get reduced?
  237. Point of the 6 Day Battle Bonus?
  238. Name Tags on Couriers
  239. Deal of the Day
  240. Aura's and additional commands
  241. Enduring War Dog's Flag
  242. My opinion and suggestions on the "75% Battle Bonus" items
  243. About Lanaya Refraction
  244. Razor Ultimate
  245. Drow's Frost Spikes
  246. Trading Chests for Something
  247. Autobuy for quickbuy only
  248. [Suggestion] Make Couriers like Announcers
  249. Axe's Berserker Call Strange Modifier should be changed
  250. Lanaya Suggestions