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  1. Why can't we create strange items by combining a normal item and a strange modifier?
  2. [Suggestion] Make some future stranges not track kills
  3. Keeping Tournament Ticket Stubs for All Tournaments
  4. The General Chat has become ridiculous
  5. Suggestion - Keyword Filter for 30 Second Mute Trigger (text abuse)
  6. Mystical = Unusual?
  7. Tiny Loadout/Profile
  8. Backpack sorting algorithms
  9. Unusual Paint
  10. Reworking on the Sytem which gives out Items as random
  11. Find A MAtch - User Interface
  12. Smaller Windrunner model and smaller tournament clan/sponser flags.
  13. I feel bad opening chests : (
  14. Question: Can you only get couriers through chests/store, or do they also drop?
  15. [Suggestion] Some Ideas for Chests
  16. [Suggestion] a Morphling Hat
  17. [S] Chests , Folders and Organization
  18. bring surrender into the game!
  19. Votekick
  20. Putting Courier in game
  21. Unusual Cosmetics (weapons, armors, etc). A pragmatic approach
  22. Some Item ideas for Guardian Wisp
  23. Suggestion: Tooltip informing that there are multiple announces
  24. Louis announcer (l4d)
  25. Chest series: x1 & x2
  26. Suggest my first purchase
  27. add this
  28. Item Rarity - Revamp it to make it an accurate item stat
  29. Strange Items Effects
  30. Courier/Announcer Interface
  31. See items already equiped in buy preview mode
  32. Tobi Wan Kenobi Annoucer
  33. Trade spammers are ruining the game.
  34. Cant use announcer.
  35. It makes no sense to me but..
  36. Please let us select any hero for item testing
  37. Loadscreens in shop?
  38. Observer Ward suggestion
  39. Lot's of cool looking weapons models!
  40. Custom Wards
  41. Is there a drop option on the right-click menu of the items?
  42. Include a UI to save different custom loadouts.
  43. The recommendations of the couriers
  44. [Suggestion] Hero's Alternate Forms On Featured Hero
  45. Item Deleting Stats
  46. Courier Selection
  47. Dota 2 User score and ratio
  48. Louis (From L4D) Announcer Pack?
  49. Game History
  50. Skill Build Auto Level Up/Custom Level Up
  51. Suggest for the game server
  52. Summer sale
  53. Add HUD customization for Portrait
  54. Common and uncommon chest are not worth buying keys: change it into....
  55. Suggestion: Backpack Division
  56. Display when a shared announcer is available in game
  57. ctrl+tab for channel switching
  58. Sunfire effect suggestion
  59. Game Stats suggestion
  60. Show hero levels on the hero icons for spectator mode stats.
  61. Make Sets combinable
  62. Changing Courier Names with Name Tag
  63. JuJu o' Wicked Badness - Make a back item?
  64. Increase Limit of Strange Mods
  65. Skin depending on side
  66. Abandon System
  67. The Leaver system is a joke.
  68. Customize layout
  69. Chat suggest
  70. EQ for Shadow Fiend~~
  71. Lina Customization
  72. Strange Items Stats
  73. [Suggestion] Remake the Call of the Dendrochron item cosmetic
  74. Tidehunter's Wheel of Fortitude polygon count in game too low
  75. http://www.playdota.com/forums/showthread.php?t=475109
  76. Add an icon to indicate if a tournament replay has been watched.
  77. Provide SEARCH BOX in chat channel [room]
  78. 2 days Low priority pool
  79. Low priority should not be automated
  80. [Suggestion] In-game items cosmetics for everyone
  81. Announcer Pack : Just for Supports
  82. Narrator from Bastion as an announcer
  83. Cosmetic / Different looking Wards
  84. I thumbed down an item in the Workshop, it got added anyway. Why?
  85. strange item on support type hero (omni,wd etc)
  86. Dota TV healthbars and enabling Enter key to accept for MM
  87. Adding effects to strange items after they reach a certain treshold
  88. AlienFX like BF3?
  89. Clan System
  90. What is the point of the chests?
  91. Fast finish command
  92. Add an option for see PING/LATENCY of a server before Join it!
  93. Break up Drow Ranger a little more, give her some ears.
  94. I hate to share chicken
  95. Invoker Skills's hotkey
  96. the translator
  97. Enhanced unit tabbing, toggles/binds for individual movement?
  98. Last Pick - Time Penalty
  99. co-casting inside dota tv?!
  100. Removal of the priority
  101. [Suggestion]New game command -unstuck
  102. Bizarre Draft - new game mode suggestion.
  103. Leavers and a way to get rid of them
  104. [Suggestion] Save Rotate Angle in Featured Hero
  106. My Suggestions For Good and Funny Dota2
  107. Nyx Assassin interacting with Phantom Assassin
  108. Custom wards
  109. lane creeps health bar
  110. Question about Cosmetic Submission
  111. Where is the dota 2 art style going....
  112. TRADING
  113. Possible idea for valve because they are never satisfied with items
  114. Auto Sort Backpack
  115. [Suggestion] Opting out of chest drops
  116. No exp gain mode
  117. look game 28581486
  118. Items description
  119. Cosmetic Pollution
  120. Items icon
  121. Dota 2 and other custom maps???
  122. Orb Effect of Items (Unique Attack Modifier)
  123. Why "Uncraftable" tag?
  124. Demon Claive - Too small?
  125. Workshop Heroes
  126. [Suggestion] Universal Strange Cosmetic Effect
  127. Pass option during ban phase for -captains mode
  128. Captains Mode - Hero Select - Mechanism to Display what Heroes Teammates can Play
  129. Dota slow in game reconecting it takes 2-3 mins to reconect
  130. [Suggestion] multiple custom couriers
  131. [suggestion] Sync up item drops for at least parties
  132. Talent Trees / Runes
  133. [Dota2] Implementing/Imposing Low Priority Pool
  134. Is there possiblity of "ranked" games in Dota 2
  135. Next Level of Dota 2
  137. [Request] A Dev's Opinion on whether or not Automedic's Wisp Cosmetic is too colorful
  138. Heroes Played - Item Database
  139. Map(s)?
  140. Arrow keys to move hero?
  141. Need the option "HOW YOUR HERO WILL LOOK WITH THIS ITEM" In Store.
  142. Sobre: Pagar para ver os torneios de dota, sugestão e atual frustração
  143. How to fix MM and your Nerves
  144. Suggestion: Hero Skin being more Detailed.
  145. Separate default announcers for both sides
  146. Countdown before game
  147. Suggestion: Kunkka's Pasive Splash Damage
  148. Location of Thread on Home Page
  149. Customization Items reduced drop rate.
  150. Unusual Vintage Courier for people going to seattle to watch TI2 (who bought ticket)
  151. [SUGGESTION] An item that lets us reset our stats.
  152. Arcane Orbs and Pets for Casters (mainly Int Heros)
  154. There is a skill point about the proposal
  155. [Dota 2] We need Conced Vote !!
  156. Listchecker Dota 1
  157. Change to Crystal Maiden's 3rd skill and Lina's 3rd skill.
  158. Why close my thread?
  159. [REQUEST] Base all new Enchantress Customization on this image
  160. Implement a Auto Pause when someone leave?
  161. Please enable HP bars at the top for all spectator.
  162. STOP releasing items for heroes that already have them.
  163. two is a crowd, three's a party: A announcer pack idea.
  164. Extend the unpause delay for opposite team, remove pause cooldown for own team.
  166. Fullscreen Preview
  167. Show a title that tells you that you got items for this hero.
  168. Improving Released Items
  169. Enable shift click an item to quick-preview in chat
  170. [Suggestion] Cloak for Lanaya
  171. Unusual wards
  172. Player skill lever somewhere near to nick name or hero icon.
  173. Pikachu Courier
  174. Delete Item, Receive BP
  175. Use shift and control for keybinds!
  176. Trade chests for keys
  177. Wisp Skin
  178. Dota 2 Lan System..
  179. Two simple and good suggestions
  180. chain lightning visual
  181. DeathMatch (DM) mode and Item Drop (ID) - Please Add these for a better gaming exp.
  182. Re-implement Strange Item Titles?
  183. Implementing a "gg" vote
  184. The recent fuzz about Valve taking action against certain custom items
  185. [Suggestion] Windrunner armour and hat
  186. Hero Picker!
  187. Lanaya and traps
  188. Please add normal game!
  189. Suggestion: Save unsorted backpack layout as the default
  190. Dota 2 Promo Items for Pre-Order CS:GO
  191. Repicking after Swap
  192. Getting one tresure key after you level up
  193. Backpack suggestion
  194. Private lobbies Battle Points Wager!
  195. [Suggestion] Invoker cape!
  196. Quick question
  197. [REQUEST] DotaBets
  198. belt o'wicked badness witch doctor not being recognized as a set item
  199. Selling Items back to shop
  200. Strange modifiers suggestion
  201. Hero Performance bar need a bit of organization.
  202. [suggestion] link both gold&exp difference graphs
  203. Would it ever be possible to make a custom Hero Voice pack?
  204. Lack of items for majority of Heroes.
  205. Remove the Alpine Ursa Set
  206. [Suggestion] Remake Ursa Alpine Hunter Set
  207. Pudge's hair available in store ?
  208. [Suggestion]Implement a BAN List
  210. Will we have a proper matchmaking Rating?
  211. [Suggestion] Implement a transparent policy for what items can be accepted.
  212. Poll: Like Alpine Set or not
  213. PUDGE new LOOKING BAD !!
  214. Improvements to backpack screen
  215. Improve Matchmaking
  216. Preload Map during Queue process
  217. key setting
  218. [Suggestion] Increased Battle points when using a hero for the first time
  219. [Suggestions] The International DOTA2 - Spanish stream
  220. [Suggestion] Let bots in co-op have custom couriers
  221. [Suggestion] WD grandfather's ribs = shoulder?
  222. Add the change courier type button.
  223. [Suggestion]Make items linkable in chat
  224. problems on getting started with dota 2 item creation
  225. Stacking treasure boxes in backpack
  226. Connect Valve game Stores
  227. conection
  228. will bounty hunter ever have symmetrycal weapons?
  229. [Suggestion] Just for men for 90% of the heros.
  230. dota 2 test build item testing
  231. Multiple Announcers to Pick form the Ones I Own
  232. Completing sets should give a bonus effect.
  233. dota 2 customs
  234. Merging stranges
  235. banning declined player on thrice :mad:
  236. Axe's Reaver does not look like item icon
  237. Ping responses, before starting a match.
  238. Workshop items: newest first
  239. Queuing by language selection
  240. Restore the Alpine Ursa Set
  241. Can we get a warning of which International items won't return?
  242. Loading Screen
  243. Item Organization Configuration
  244. International 2012 tagged items, Can we get the same for defense box items?
  245. [Suggestion] Rewarding playtime/high level players
  246. Heavy announcer?
  247. Keep Items From Retired Chests/Past Events Whatever From Shops/Drops.
  248. Bounty Hunter Chest Series #6 Incomplete Set
  249. Pennants
  250. Can someone from Valve clarify about Penants levels?