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  1. Strange items suggestion - switch imba and utterly broken
  2. Copyright violation Eye of Omoz
  3. Courier that evolves following owner's achivements
  4. Sound Effects for mystical taunt(s)
  5. Can Spectre get her hula-hoop back please?
  7. Compendium Goal 8
  8. Few suggestions
  9. Bring back the change courier type button for courier
  10. Dreaded Greevil Update/Improvement
  11. Add a new loadout stance for PA
  12. Dota 2 compendium goals
  13. suggest for new update compendium
  14. Give us Timbersaw's model already!
  15. A way to sell more Compendiums
  16. Valve please add a special badge for all compendium owners..
  17. Feature request: Ban player
  18. Strange items re-work suggestion
  19. Smeevil courier doesn't count the games viewed
  20. tpl qop set, hud genuine tag?
  21. Preview button for item sets
  22. Name and Shame - ANTI Jerk mechanic
  23. [suggestion] Make Wicked Succubus a strange set
  24. Fix Starladder HUD
  25. Add dropped items on a specific site?
  26. mute
  27. Weather and Water
  28. Taunt Item Preview
  29. [Questions] Smeevil Customization options
  30. Why Queen of pain set and Stone HUD not be genuine item?
  31. [Suggestion]ITEM Drop history.
  32. Custom Items that go across heros
  33. [suggestion]more should be in the international conpendium
  34. Change of Won/Lost matches.
  35. Strange Item Development
  36. Dota 2 Level badges
  37. Suggestion: Battle Bonus tells you how many battle points it has earned you
  38. Compendium/International HUD feedback
  39. New "International" HuD
  40. [Suggestion] Allow the chinese less violent hero models to be used or bought globally
  41. The International HUD feedback
  42. Items sales / discount
  43. "Altar" for useless items
  44. Smeevil Upgrade. Plz no Upgrade for Viewing all
  45. Please fix the dropping
  46. The International HUD being too bright!
  47. Why do certain items look different in preview than in game?
  48. [Suggestion] Allow new couriers to get OLD effects from old chests.
  49. [Suggestion] An exclusive Team Fortress 2 Announcer for Compendium?
  50. Tempest wing HUD change
  51. Rubick Specific strange item discussion
  52. Most item sets prices seem random
  53. head items [bug]
  54. Mythical Taunt not worth getting Myth tag
  55. New Lycan Set
  56. Empower hud small change needed
  57. 1 year subscription
  58. [VOTE] Unusual effect on Smeevil.
  59. will IT3 Battle Bonus expired/gone after the IT3?
  60. Empowered HUD is not yet Complete!
  61. [suggestion] Purge announcer
  62. Low Violence Models as Arcana Items
  63. [Suggestion] Bristleback model should be appear bigger than now
  64. someone please make an invoker set!
  65. Issue with Pyrion Flax announcer
  66. An announcer idea... read more to learn! :P
  67. [Suggestion] Bots should have random cosmetic each game
  68. Taunt: Beautiful Snowangel
  69. Taunts with Autoattack On
  70. Questions Relating Compendiums
  71. [Suggestion]Mark it red "The warning textures on items"
  72. Tournament Courier Stop Tracking Views,Also Match Details doesn't count as Watched
  73. Suggestion: Increase Backpack Seize
  74. Taunt should stop the character completely
  75. To Admins/Grand Masters
  76. Time to do another wave of adding items to the drop system?
  77. Anti-Mage Ancient Crasher/Crescent
  78. Delete mythical's get legendary
  79. Ideas and suggestions highly recommended
  80. Good idea about new inmortal item from compendium
  81. Sniper's "Gunslinger" Set
  82. Backpack's "show duplicated items" feature
  83. Mana steal
  84. Timbersaw Full Dance Taunt with sound
  85. The new system of penalties
  86. DC HOOK
  87. An idea for the reworked abilities.
  88. Infuse unusual essences into already hatched greevils
  89. Furnace
  90. the new cosmetic set lauched dated 7/8/13 is so horrible
  91. The future of the Dota 2 Economy and and much needed in-game "item dictionary"
  92. Immortal Mountain Yak and Stumpy?
  93. [Suggestion] Multi Couriers in Game
  94. [Suggestion] Invite to Lobby
  95. Red Smeevil barely looks red at all.
  96. No blue smeevil colour?
  97. [Suggestion] Immortal Elemental Ice Infusion
  98. [Suggestion] Win / Loose Stats ruins public MM
  99. Commander set
  100. [Suggestion] connection status for DCed people
  101. Behalf of everyone, exporting/importing chat log
  102. [suggestion] making a TF2 announcer in dota2?
  103. Hot Keys made specific to a hero
  104. [Suggestion] Master assassin tails
  105. Speed buff trail on different Smeevils
  106. wicked problem / Злая проблема
  107. All tourney ticket items should have information about upgrade stages
  108. Why is Rubick main color Green?
  109. Hero Specific Chests
  110. Make a custom loadout stance for the Wicked Succubus Set
  111. [Q] How can Valve be so unfair
  112. Suggestion about item drops
  113. [Suggestion] Allow Name and Description tags to be reused
  114. [Suggestion] Invoker Announcer
  115. Strange Items , Strange Effects.
  116. [Suggestion]Turn Geniune items into stranges.
  117. [Suggestion} kunkka fin blade and pa gloomblade should have new particle effect/stanc
  118. [Q]Pennants
  119. ......
  120. Cosmestic Items for Faceless Void are ignored !
  121. This void set should not be added
  122. Maximillian the Beetlebear and Cyril the Syrmeleon NOT yet genuine
  123. [Suggestion]Rubick stolen skills cosmetics.
  125. WoW tier items in Dota2
  126. should wardogs get immortal tags too?
  127. Invoker's Cape
  128. Customised Bots.
  129. add "reason" of bans
  130. Mute is just ridiculous.
  131. Aries the Peacebringer plagiating wow item
  132. [ Suggestion ] Additional effect for AoV Couriers
  133. [Suggestion]Bundle sets. Clean and good looking backpack.
  134. Razor Lighting
  135. [Suggestion} Improvisation of mythical goomblade and finblade
  136. Workshop items of high quallity that deserve to be accepted!
  137. Pudge HArvester set....
  138. Ugly new backpack backgrounds of items
  139. Gloomblade Ultimate weapon aura
  140. Please allow player cards to be traded on the Steam Community Market
  141. [A] Bulldog Card
  142. Getting a player card should unlock the tournament featured replay
  143. Rules for the Dota 2 Economy sections - Read before posting
  144. Guild expander (similar to backpack expander)
  145. [Suggestion] Strange Modifier that converts normal items into strange
  146. Unusual Courier Colors
  147. Please do not let the Backpack be a BACKBURNER. It needs some real fixing
  148. Make player card replays available after they're put into compendium.
  149. Smeevil Auras....Bug?
  150. Make pennants non-equppable
  151. Adding TEAM cards to the compendium
  152. more suggestions
  153. Juggernaut's airblade
  154. Compendium Achievements + Smeevil Customizacion (Treat + Egg)
  155. Unusual Effects on special items?
  156. Dynamic HUDs
  157. Moon Rider Set
  158. Highligth the name of a complete and equipped set on a hero.
  159. [Suggestion] Stop player cards from being guaranteed level-up drops
  160. Jakiro's ward have bad texture now.
  161. Player Card sorting
  162. Small visual suggestion for the equipment menus.
  163. Smeevil upgrade effects
  164. Sync Kills
  165. Someone make a DR pudge set
  166. [Suggestion]How about placing Kill/Death/assists in the performance bar?
  167. About Shadow Fiend
  168. Would be great if the "compendium immortal item" was a shoe
  169. Intellectual Property Owners
  170. [Suggestion] Player "shrines" on the fountain.
  171. bring back old inventory icons
  172. Grant a reward (similar to Bloodstone) to early beta testers that reported bugs
  173. Special mode for Movie Makers
  174. Warlock feedback
  175. [Suggestion] Immortal/Legendary Items + Particle Effects?
  176. Suggest re-instatement of the Spectre 'purple hula hoop'
  177. [Q] - How does the new view counter work?
  178. Suggestion : Rubick's Copy Skill is green for spectator.
  179. GLaDOS Announcer PLEASEEEEEE !
  180. [Sugestion] Newly released items and their droping
  181. Ainidul the Eternal, Regalia of the Bonelord and Skywrath Nightwatcher
  182. Idea for Valve to improve Dota 2 chests.
  183. change the dragonclaw hook icon since its no longer tied to a rope
  184. Rearrange the Compendium?
  185. A Sincere request to IceFrog and the Developer team at Dota 2
  186. Supposed TI3 Immortal Couriers: Lazy
  187. A suggestion for Arcana items
  188. Suggestion: remove small cloak from thousand faces vest
  189. [Suggestion] Multi-person replay
  190. [Suggestions] Match quality, balance, game pause and forfeit.
  191. Dota 2 Tagged Items Thread
  192. experience about purchasing items in DOTA2 store
  193. Player Cards as TI3 drops
  194. Unusual Effects for certain specific items
  195. The Lava Kupu
  196. Arcana Sets and where they will go
  197. [Suggestion] Searching a Game without groups/partys
  198. [Suggestion] Gemmed Armor of the Priest Kings Set - Chen mythical set
  199. Suggestion : Smeevil Mamoth and Bird, should require complete stamps and dye
  200. proff players inventory 1~6
  201. [Suggestion] Show Dota2 Level InGame
  202. Idea about the immortal item
  203. Crab smeevil
  204. Blotto
  205. The International 2012 items...
  206. Valve's Courier: Morphling
  207. 3D view of characters on pedestal w/ cosmetics optional select screen.
  208. Unusual courriers color not displayed
  209. [Suggestion] Other effect for Dyed crab Smeevil
  210. Lone Druid Items
  211. International Courier - Sugestion/Question
  212. Add a spell effect to other immortal items
  213. Ursa Alpine set got removed, surely the Deathripper courier will aswell?
  214. Still no items for luna?
  215. [SUGGESTION] Additional effect for dragonclaw hook
  216. You should disable the ability to combine CERTAIN sets with other items
  217. Remove friendly applied Kunkka's track being visible to enemy players
  218. Who's idea was it to put a common in the International chest?
  219. you got a cauldron? what's cookin'?
  220. Lone Druid Immortal item
  221. Why do I have a Lone Druid Immortal Item?!
  222. Fucking balance out the immortal items.
  223. Immortal Abaddon effect?
  224. Valve, what happened to your art guidelines for cosmetics? (6.26.13 patch)
  225. Suggestion: Make the Immortal items to be choosable
  226. Let us choose which immortal item we get and unlock another every $200,000 miletsone.
  227. Disappointed with the Cauldron of Xahryx
  228. Disabling items
  229. Gold of already disconnected teammates
  230. Preview ultimate form?
  231. What is the requirement for an item to receive "The International 2013" tag?
  232. Immortal items descriptions
  233. [ Suggestion ] Add a Blood Effect to WhaleHook.
  234. [Suggestion] Swapping of Strange Modifiers
  235. The One Horn item tag
  236. Give mounted smeevils glow
  237. Workshop voting
  238. New 2013 Secret Shop Merchandise
  239. Classic interface
  240. [Suggestion] Add Visage Familiar Customization
  241. How to fix Abaddon's Mace of the Chosen Immortal
  242. Immortal whale hook effect
  243. man it's horrible when you aren't gifted at using 3D Model tools :(
  244. Abaddon's "Smart" Weapons
  245. Strange modifier is a huge bummer. Make it retroactive?
  246. Upgraded Smeevil couriers need different icons
  247. [Suggestion]Turn maxed out strange items into items of Legendary quality
  248. Before TI3 Add More Store items to Drop List?
  249. Stamping all cards is not rewarding enough?
  250. unique Dota 2 in-game item for purchasing WETA sculpture's?