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  1. [Suggestion] Portal 2 Turrets as Courier
  2. Please, please, please give us some sort of ability to disable cosmetic items
  3. Personally I plan on using the Alpine Ursa set. [SET BONUS IDEA AS WELL]
  4. The most frequently asked question:
  5. Is here where we talk about hero skins?
  6. Let's start making cosmetics
  7. Here's a yardarm for ya; Detrementalism for Items.
  8. Wheel of Time Cross-over customizations
  9. Customization GUI Suggestion
  10. Beastmaster Dovahkin
  11. Are the cosmetic items dropping?
  12. Proper links to proper modeling tools
  13. Add the imp courier!
  14. Rotating the hero on LOADOUT
  15. Is there a drop cap?
  16. Disable Customization Visuals
  17. I suggest no "give up" option!
  18. Sugestion: Interface cosmetics
  19. How are Dota Battle Points calculated?
  20. Won't the cosmetic items just encourage people to only play one hero?
  21. My opinion on the Dota 2 Workshop
  22. The in-game store interface is horrible.
  23. Drow Ranger's Frost Spikes & Frost Cape Should Be Seperated
  24. A different viewing mode: apply your customizations to all heroes in game
  25. Show item recipient on the notifications
  26. "Weaver's mystery box" treasure chest
  27. Enable rotation of hero
  28. We should get drops for past games played.
  29. Forge option like in Team Fortress 2
  30. BP in games with leavers
  31. Battlepoints should not depends on length, encourages Fountaincamping
  32. Non-Hero Items Unavailable for some heroes
  33. Leaver items
  34. Let us try out the cosmetics ingame! (or add 3D model on description)
  35. Aghanim Visuals
  36. How to Create Your Own Items? - And another suggestion
  37. Why no BP and items on BOT Games?
  38. Another point of view of game customization and financiation
  39. Item sets suggestion
  40. "Safe to leave" and Battle Points
  41. Can I ask here for an Invoker Announcer Pack?
  42. Disable/Enable Custom-Looking
  43. Please don't allow stupid items and customizations into the game.
  44. Currency exchange rates for items !
  45. Dynamic Camera in the hero loadout
  46. Add a skill to the courier for changing the model
  47. [Important Issue] Policy on Violence and bloodiness
  48. Loading Screen Cosmetics
  49. Wizard hat for Anti-Mage
  50. Will players get BP + items for the 500+ games they played ?
  51. Announcers.
  52. Why don't you
  53. Give more Battle Points to Support Players that actually Support
  54. [SUGGESTION] Pudge hat and belt
  55. Can you allow model changing already like in TF2?
  56. Keep it classy.
  57. [suggestion] clan shirts?
  58. Silly question but...
  59. I feel like their should be an incintive to use full sets.
  60. Link & Drag Items
  61. community voting cosmetics is prudent??
  62. Does anyone else think the rate free items are given is too high?
  63. Well, it appears as though the cosmetics are having the desired effects...
  64. Should the feature where we see what others get at the end of the match be removed?
  65. Leaver vs Items
  66. "give random item" items as spectator
  67. Please Keep the items in the realm of reasonable
  68. Customizing before the game begins
  69. Announcer Pack
  70. Questions and concerns about cosmetic items, looking to the future
  71. Valve, any suggestion on how to work on models and items?
  72. [Small suggestion] Let us turn the hero preview in the loadout
  73. Max level of battle points/item gain cap?
  74. Being able to rotate the model
  75. Item drops in bot games
  76. Compilation of my improvement suggestions
  77. What happens?
  78. backpack instantly expanded upon purchase?
  79. Strange Item Suggestions
  80. Hey guys, what do you think about my new Pudge customization?
  81. Current players ingame
  82. allowing concept art in the steam workshop
  83. +100 Pages of Cosmetics before the last remaining Hero is put into the game, please?
  84. [Bundle Suggestion] "Flameheart set" for Lina
  85. Dota Store Battle Bonus - Helping people that buy.
  86. Rework the UI for equipting Items
  87. I believe I have the most incredible idea for an item set...
  88. Should bots wear cosmetic items?
  89. Custom taunt animations
  90. Trading in game getting out of hand...
  91. Custom Couriers
  92. [Suggestion] Let Players Buy Cosmetics By Points
  93. Item Drop rate is slow and tiring
  94. Battle Points question
  95. Personalizing Heroes
  96. Able to Trade Items.
  97. [Interface suggestion] Two possible ideas to improve on item viewing
  98. Please, make keys drop randomly.
  99. [workshop]Where's guide?
  100. An idea for "Battle Level" Rewards
  101. [Suggestion] Items for being 'good' with some hero
  102. Dota 2 Item Trading Area Suggestion
  103. To all those crying about customization:
  104. Solution To Players Who Are Anti-Cosmetics
  105. What is the ...
  106. Dota 2 invite question
  107. DOTA2 sotre prices for Russian and CIS-countries
  108. Divide all customization items
  109. [Item Drops/Battle Points] A suggestion in regards to winners and losers
  110. Naga Siren
  111. People, srsly, what's wrong with you?
  112. Burst Effect of Custom Couriers
  113. Only full sets
  114. @Cosmetics, my opinion and suggestion
  115. Clockwerk must turn into robocop.
  116. Pricing on tools
  117. Cosmetic Item Sets Suggestions
  118. Some suggestion on hero can contral more than one unit =.=
  119. Why would the game show items you did not get?
  120. Suggestion: Option to remove customs in -CM
  121. Buying on steam can be "impossible" to some players
  122. My Urgently Questions
  123. Gondar using Juggs weapons
  124. [Suggestion]Let Valve have the final say on which Workshop items are implemented
  125. Changing Default Courier Customization
  126. Infinite level? What will happend in the future? Level 1 000.000.000 ?
  127. Will there be "Unusual" cosmetic hats or items? (I.E. the TF2's glowing hats)
  128. Items that grow or change as they level
  129. Lava Morphling
  130. Long-Fang the Grey Blade haves no custom stuff?
  131. Where are the moderators of dota workshop?
  132. Add the Non-Hero Items Box to Heroes Without Items
  133. Option to turn off all customizations/skins/etc
  134. Sand king scorpion skin
  135. Reduce the Cost of the 6-Day Battle Bonus and the Multi Presents
  136. Lich king set
  137. Custom Items Drop
  138. Icons and Spell Lore for Cosmetics
  139. [Feedback] Kunkka's Claw beads item missing after game
  140. Juggernaut (Ichigo/Bleach mask and sword)
  141. Crystal Maiden = Super Saiyan hair style next?
  142. Give Warlock a Hastur theme?
  143. Hero portrait changes accordingly to worn items.
  144. Leavers should not have a chance to win a custom item.
  145. 3D Models for Shop
  146. Invoker set style options
  147. [Suggestion] Set Bonus (visual / sonorous / etc)
  148. I thought the community had a say about the items being implemented.
  149. [SUGGESTION] No/less rewards for notorious leavers and griefers.
  150. Announcer suggestions.
  151. Incorporate trading into The Store
  152. [SUGGESTION] Customization for Summoning
  153. Allo pass to add some money in my box.
  154. please have a voting system with the workshop
  155. Have Treasure Key chance to Drop/receive.
  156. Win should = +% of rewards
  157. Add the ability to link items in chat channels
  158. i just created the first dota 2 items traders steam group!
  159. Dota 2 - A Content Creator view
  160. If i want buy dota 2 and do not see this customization
  161. Item drops
  162. Moderators: Maybe make a thread for already suggested ideas/answers?
  163. Mini Pudge Courier.
  164. Items for players with low priority
  165. Mispriced treasure chest keys?
  166. Shapeshifters issues
  167. Battle Bonus
  168. How often items gets added?
  169. Make Custom Corriers Dropable...
  170. View the number of items you have per hero
  171. [Visual] Tayrnhelm of the Swordmaster
  172. Cosmetic items need to follow the original models' color schemes and overall style
  173. Hi Axe Blood Deamon Armor
  174. Strange Couriers?
  175. taunts?
  176. "Alternate character" costumes: acceptable?
  177. Customization for Wards
  178. Evolving items?
  179. Tiny's Scepter Upgrade
  180. Cold Case Bow a little lack-luster, imo.
  181. Dota 2 Web Api
  182. Do you think A hawaiian shirt for Nature's Prophet would be acceptible?
  183. Will there be client-side cosmetics for the map elements?
  184. DotA 2 = A+
  185. [SUGGESTION] Customization Display Option!
  186. Morphling Skin
  187. Crafting Chest Keys
  188. Costumization items should be level/rating dependent
  189. Enable Crates to be equipped, customizing dropped item models.
  190. Lone Druid Suggestion
  191. People who abandon shouldn't be able to find items
  192. Chests
  193. In game cosmetics preview
  194. Butler courier
  195. Sort items in backpack by hero
  196. KEYS
  197. Would be nice to try on items before purchase!
  198. Enigma skin
  199. (SUGGESTION) Items dropping more often according to hero selection
  200. Suggestion for business model
  201. Anime Items
  202. Add "Premium" to Dota 2 Store
  203. Turn my Character 360 degrees to watch my new awesome items?!
  204. LORD DOOM
  205. Report button no. 5
  206. Disable Customization Item
  207. Matchmaking
  208. Investigate player's equipped cosmetics as spectator (+ as player at any time)
  209. [REQUEST] Customization Guide?
  210. New Customization Items - Team Creep Reskins
  211. [Suggestion] Bastion narrator announcer pack! - Supported by writer of Bastion!
  212. [Suggestion]Idler in AI matchmaking should have 0 drop rate.
  213. Item trades and random drops...
  214. Link for items
  215. [Suggestion] Unusual courier's effect visible to everyone
  216. Ittem Drop Only for Carry Hero ?
  217. Combinations of Sven items make the character harder to spot at a glance.
  218. Dirge's Tombstone Zombies
  219. So, the avatars of heroes who have cosmetics items will always remain the same?
  220. Custom Maps and Heroes
  221. [Suggestion] Custom particle effects
  222. Decreasing Battle Points because of leavers in the Game
  223. Small critters
  224. -Have any greens? -Nope! Go fish!
  225. BP bonus should be veiwable on someones Dota Profile.
  226. Bro with the Cup Sunglass.
  227. Battle Points gain
  228. [Suggestion] Sort Live Games By Hero
  229. Recommended items
  230. [suggestion] winning team has bigger chance of getting the items
  231. I would pay $50 to disable cosmetic items
  232. Tidehunter Pirate Bracer REDO
  233. Equiping items when you have duplicates of them
  234. Courier should display the owner's name.
  235. Add feature in Main Menus to view and customize heroes
  236. Customize your screen !
  237. Anyone managed to get any "Exceedingly Rare Special Item!"
  238. The Workshop
  239. same hero please -sh
  240. Champion's cosmetic set aside from Aegis of Champions? What do you guys think?
  241. I am greatly disappointed by the keys / chest system, tons of duplicates!
  242. Strange Items Change Appearance as Leveled Up
  243. Make it so deleting chests creates a better chest
  244. Dota 2 Anti Mage weapons idea
  245. [Suggestion] Make a courier morph button.
  246. Keys for Commends!
  247. [Suggestion] Tooltips on items
  248. Blips for spectators/broadcasters
  249. dota2tv tournament all access
  250. What about map themes?