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  1. Spelling Mistakes
  2. Cache is deleted each time you close the game?
  3. Optimize the store for people with low bandwidth
  4. Drag Items from Ingame Store Bug
  5. StoreCheckout_InternalError when trying to buy international ticket
  6. Customized Item Layout - Not Flush (Fitting)
  7. dota 2 store do not have green lock in my browser
  8. Dota 2 International Ticket not tradable
  9. Unable to buy anything
  10. Dota 2 Treasure keys not showing up in Steam inventory
  11. Aerial Units (like Flying Couriers) look weird when going over ditches
  12. Being able to add any number of funds to your steam account down to the cent
  13. Visual Bug
  14. How to equip chiken
  15. My chests disappear when moving them around in backpack?
  16. Bug with inventory
  17. [Suggestion] Display "Tradablae after" notification on store items
  18. Make Backpack Expansion Purchasable
  19. Backpack Item Descriptions
  20. Store no display
  21. Battle Point Bonus Duration
  22. Will Items Transfer over if I buy them in test builid?
  23. Cant join in game
  24. Add a 7 day token for filtering regions
  25. Equip Player Loadout
  26. Legendary couriers
  27. Can Announcer packs drop?
  28. Hate Against Foreign Tongue's A solution?
  29. Backpack Resolution Issue
  30. [Discussion] In Game Tournament Streaming
  31. Lifesteal item not working properly (mask of madness)
  32. [Suggestion((((
  33. Ideas for item destruction.
  34. Low Priority Pool Punishment Bug
  35. Deleted an item and got a common item
  36. Rubbick issues with the buy list
  37. Shop does not closes !!!
  38. Really matchmaking exist?
  39. what is this bug?
  40. [Bug] Description Tag
  41. Loadout bug causes Dota 2 to crash
  42. Typo in the Workshop
  43. SPeed Demon Description gramatical error?
  44. Delete Item - Get item already owned - Doesn't show up
  45. siggestion abandon system
  46. Beta Keys - Why so expensive?
  47. No item at level-up received
  48. [Help not sure bug or not] Demon Blood Helm
  49. Delete common item --> get common item
  50. Increase Backpack for F2P user
  51. Healing Ward of the Kuur-Ishiminari(Rare Ability Modifier) BUG
  52. Checkout doesn't work
  53. item icons sticking to mouse pointer and not allowing to purchase
  54. MY UNUSUAL + items are being Disappeared why ???
  55. Some sort of Big Misspelling on an item
  56. [Bug] Witch Doctor item shows gibberish after last update
  57. How to use announcers pack?
  58. Warning:Everyone should read this thread is a must
  59. Wisp
  60. Cannot select announcer packs in game
  61. Dreaded Dreads
  62. Dota2 Store Bug
  63. Deleted Item and Legendary Paint: Red appeared in an empty slot without an icon.
  64. Item problem sir
  66. Bug while picking up items.
  67. Maximum items in the inventory
  68. Show Glow Effects in Dota Store
  69. Rare Strange Modifier tooltip missing
  70. Dota 2 Bug: During gameplay you'll be disconnected randomly
  71. Backpack suddenly expanded to 10 pages
  72. Getting chicken item for game ruining and leaving the game before the creep wave runs
  73. supposed bug with the inventory
  74. First Blood Strange Modifier bug
  76. Valve Please Disable Item Trading
  77. Potential threat detected by AVG antivirus while clicking 'checkout' in DotA 2 Store
  78. not getting item after receiving one in-game.
  79. boots bug
  80. Failed to initiate transaction
  81. [Feedback/Suggestion] Dota 2 Auction House/Trade Solution
  82. Restart STATS for $
  83. 3x Same items from chests
  84. It's Gosu Monthly Madness Asia tickets not granting access to all the matches?
  85. Bug: Storm Spirit Mega Kills pack is classified under announcers instead of mega kill
  86. Bug regarding Dota 2 International Chests
  87. The Defense chest
  88. Backpack suddenly shrinked back to 1 page.
  89. [TA Patch] After this patch my Backpack has just 1 page.
  90. Sithilís Summer Stash Items no Strange Modifier?
  91. The Defense Courier
  92. Entire inventory gone? (most of it)
  93. Strange Items does not track anymore
  94. Backpack Sorting
  95. [TA Patch] I only bought starladder, but the defense and IGMM show up too.
  96. couriers pack
  97. Unable to equip Tiny's Elemental Ice Infusion
  98. Previewing Sithil's Summer Bundle gives a very strange result
  99. Pirate Captain Announcer Pack
  100. No items coming into backpack after games
  101. Sort the search tab Hero
  102. Opened a Tidehunter chest last night and my Strange Pirate Flag doesn't track.
  103. Chests can be equiped
  104. Backback Item Manager bug.
  105. bag new announce 'Storm Spirit Monster-kill'
  106. tiny mytical elemental rare skin..
  107. the Summer Keys/chests
  108. weird bug with new treasure keys
  109. After the TA patch...
  110. New items from Summer Chest should be strange
  111. Why?? The summer chest
  112. Is that only me who got the inventory reduced to 1 page?
  113. Sorting of backpack (Item and Chest Behavior)
  114. What about our items?
  115. Storm Spirit Mega-Kills Announcer unable to be equiped into correct slot.
  116. Just tried opening TidehunterChest with key both items disappeared and i got nothing
  117. 1 day Low priority pool lasting forever?
  118. [Bug] Battle points bonus expiring before the end of the match
  119. No item from Summer Chest
  120. Sithil's Summer Key is not tradeble but on site it is.
  121. Can't sell,move or use items.
  122. Strange modifier drop
  123. Possible bug on Sithil's chest
  124. Destroying a rare item and getting another rare item?
  125. Unexpected and Frustrating Interaction with Tax
  126. garena partnership
  127. Sithil's Summer Chest Key Disappeared
  128. Can't See any Items in the Store
  129. NOT tradeble
  130. Summer key
  131. Accessing Loadout Crashes game every time.
  132. Help! Bought 2 Keys, Key bugged while opening chest
  133. Got the same item twice...
  134. cant purchase from dota 2 store
  135. Summer keys Untradable??
  136. Put unusual donkey in crates?
  137. Buying items while game is paused makes noises as if you did
  138. Same item from Sithil's summer chest?
  139. [BUG] Learn tab - choose a hero
  140. Why can not visit Store in China?
  141. how to empty cart in dota 2 client?
  142. Deleted rare item and received rare item in return.
  143. Some people don't get tradeable cooldown from store?
  144. delete plz
  145. [Formal Complaint] Why after spending $100 I will never spend another dollar
  146. [Suggestion] "Get out of Jail Card"
  147. Store STILL down?
  148. Strange items
  149. Store is not displaying any items.
  150. A preview for announcer's and informations about it ?
  151. Dota Shop item suggestion - Move tracked numbers
  152. Tournament tickets, also sell a finals ticket!
  153. Store Down?
  154. [Suggestion] Stop Update
  155. In-game Courier Drop not transfered to backback
  156. Storm spirit mega kill announcer
  157. Why are some items tradable and some not?
  158. Bought DoTA 2 Keys and Did Not Receive Anything
  159. Earned item after a game not in my inventory?
  160. Just received item for bot game. Is't normal?
  161. Storm spirit announcer bug
  162. Minor Store Bug
  163. [ Suggestion ] Give players option to mark their items as "I want to trade this item"
  164. deleting items??
  165. Friend gave me chest and it disappeared
  166. Item Sorting
  167. Dota 2 Store not Working
  168. Cant buy from store
  169. [SUGGESTION] Low priority cure for In-game store.
  170. Simple question about items that aren't in the store
  171. Failed to initiate transaction due to an internal server error?
  172. Item Not Tradable.
  173. Incorrect statistics
  174. Question~About the Trade system
  175. Store does not work
  176. bought two Sithil's Summer Keys but they didnt appear in my Backpack
  177. Sithils Key disappeared after use but no item!?
  178. Deleting items.
  179. Items got deleted
  180. Deleted Rare item, awarded with another Rare.
  181. 900 games, 0 abandon, and I can't find new game for 3 minutes?
  182. I just bought two keys and they're untradeable. Whats the deal?
  183. Treasure Key Tradable
  184. Key
  185. Make it so you can buy yourself into Dota 2
  186. [suggestion]Key packs, Multiple keys
  187. Make Cosmetic Currency and Auction House
  188. Buy Dota 2 Invite
  189. Didn't get an item
  190. backpack size
  191. Summer key desapeared?
  192. [Typo] Call of the Dendrochron
  193. Summer keys wont change to Treasure keys?
  194. Idea - Making buying things easier
  195. items for supp, non-picked heroes
  196. BUG regarding item displaying
  197. Keeper of the Light's page says Naga Siren on the website
  198. New Random Drop: Free Trip to Valve HQ
  199. I can't equip my courier?
  200. Same item has dropped 4 times in a row...
  201. Spend money in store on keys, then receive duplicates of items????? pls change Valve
  202. Sange And Yasha Bug
  203. Summer Key's that were reverted to Treasure Keys
  204. Preview button on Tickled Tegu doesn't work in the store
  205. new witch doctor set typo
  206. Timebreaker feedback
  207. Bought a bundle did not get all items
  208. swap issues
  209. Battle Level Bug
  210. Buying keys and being given extras.
  211. Crafting Crates/Deleting Crates (idea)
  212. Program freezing locking up in [learn] menu after playing a video and alt+tab after
  213. To high a chance to get strange modifiers.
  214. Ursa Alpine Set
  215. Ursa Alphine Stalker set
  216. Option to disable cosmetics?
  217. Clicking Preview Crashes Game
  218. The Master Assassin Set Bug (Bounty Hunter)
  219. Store down
  220. The Alpine Stalker's Set listed as Uncommon set.
  221. problem with sugested items
  222. Can't purchase any items from store!
  223. I think the price of XP boost for 6 days is wrong
  224. Strange Item and Modifiers
  225. i didnt get a item for lvl up
  226. [Store] Preview button in item list
  227. Store Prewvie for some items is bugged
  228. When do we start getting rare items from battle points?
  229. Payed for premium invite bundle, I still can't play.
  230. Bounty Hunter - the naked killah bug (strange items do not count)
  231. Steam bugged ate my items!
  232. Battke bonus in Low priority pool
  233. Strange item doesn't track kills
  235. can't add funds
  236. Why remove the Alpine Ursa set
  237. What happens if I run out of backpack space?
  238. Team pennants are stupid for one simple reason.
  239. No extra key in the Invite bundle.
  240. No mTw Pennant in the store
  241. Can't change to page 2 of couriers
  242. [Suggestion] Monthly Subscription for Tournaments?
  243. Dota 2 In game Trading store
  244. Allow pennants to be displayed in profile?
  245. In game BP Bonus purchase problem.
  246. Team Pennants not tradable?
  247. Pennants are not tradable.
  248. Pennant Mechanics?
  249. Add Set Description to Tide Items Sets
  250. Notify users if they to purchase items they already own.