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  1. Enable "free" testing for heroes with no budgets?
  2. Allow use to include detail map files
  3. How do I sumit my item to the dota 2 steam workshop?
  4. Utterly not working for me.
  5. [S] In battle item test
  6. the worksop tools can't auto refresh.
  7. Old Items
  8. All Hero Models + Polycounts
  9. Rubick bug "X" hotkey
  10. Testing Particle Effects?
  11. timestopper stolen from aion
  12. Skeleton King - Lighting
  13. "Game Dev Comments" for Item Page
  14. My iten is compiled, but its not exibithed
  15. Decompiling of models
  16. Workshop instructions are only intelligible for porfessionals
  17. Workshop Preview is working without Anti-Aliasing
  18. How is this happened , when i play Dota 2 with my Steam Acct. Some Sh*t happened. Tsk
  19. Morphling Item Budget incorrect?
  21. Headless Phantom Lancer in Workshop
  22. Submit an item not cooperating
  23. Keeper of the Light budget, requirements and slots
  24. Import Bug - Size Matters
  25. Maya to Dota 2 tutorial
  26. HOWTO: Make Your Own Announcer
  27. Disparity between polygon restrictions of various Heroes
  28. Game Error / Half way through, Game vanishes.
  29. [S] Viewing Animation
  30. [B] Filenames and overwrite
  31. Dont know about it
  32. Could we get some more fleshed out info on how the layers of the masks work?
  33. Unwieghted Bones
  34. Problems with SK
  35. [Maya] When I import the models for Rhasta and his wards, I receive an error
  36. Contradicting Information about polygon count in Workshop Item Submission
  37. [Suggestion] Temporary tags for submitting an item under "other".
  38. Queen of Pain itemtest broken
  39. Pugna has missing and misnamed textures.
  40. [Suggestion] Don't show the hero when importing summons/wards
  41. Shadow Shaman is named Sven in the import tool
  42. Is there a way to change the main image without reuploading the item?
  43. [3ds Max] Importing weapon into game puts it in wrong coordinates
  44. Where is my item after I submit it?
  45. End Of Game Bug
  46. [Bug] Items submitted as "other" are being tagged as axe, weapon, other
  47. Normal maps in the hero zips have a different green channel direction to game vtfs
  48. Alternative Hero Models?
  49. Can't submit Pugna Nether Ward / Syllabear's Bear in latest patch
  50. COmpilation bug
  51. Preview view suggestions
  52. The download size of Omniknight's Model is larger then reported on the website
  53. Is there a good free program out there with which i can do items for the workshop?
  54. [Maya] Connecting bones
  55. Windrunner's quiver
  56. Maya Workflow
  57. How To Get Animations In Maya?
  58. Modelling Nature Prophet's treants?
  59. Portrait items requiring extra steps to work?
  60. Animation Offset? Rigged Properly? HERE IS A VIDEO!
  61. Anceint Destruction Bug and connection issues
  62. Can you make the Workshop submission preview tool available to everyone?
  63. Item Lock
  64. High res texture pack for Source Film Maker
  65. Crystal Maiden's Normal Map is flat.
  66. Sand King Model Archive has FBX files in SMD folder
  67. please add the tools for preview the suit.
  68. Lone Druid complications
  69. Heroes Played Menu BUG
  70. CS:GO SDK for those who don't own CS:GO?
  71. Lycan's SMD file is missing
  72. ADD/EDIT images & videos BUG
  73. Settings Dota 2 (Menu BUG)
  74. Notes on animations and compiled files
  75. Chaos Knight Smoothbind problems
  76. INDULGENCE = exemption from punishment divine
  77. INDULGENCE = Exemption of divine retribution
  78. quad mesh = 2 polygon in dota?
  79. Help me for the weapons ( for phantom_assassin)
  80. First steps
  81. 3ds max mask1 mask2 (dota2)
  82. Приорите
  83. When submitting an announcer pack, is there a certain "order" that is preferred?
  84. I didn't deserve this .
  85. Nature's Prophet Tree Idea
  86. i keep getting dc
  87. Whether I won or lost - it is all recorded as losses under my record
  88. How long till the Drow Ranger Model is available?
  89. In-Game Workshop Tool Broken/Bugged?
  90. Windrunner's files contains a zip file, containing all hero files a second time.
  91. Morphling cosmetic idea!
  92. Mortred idea
  93. Undying needs help.
  94. 关于德鲁伊的一个BUG,开发组请进
  95. Maya FBX to Dota 2 Compiler
  97. Clinkz Texture Size
  98. Getting the same item twice
  99. [Duplicate] stuck items
  100. How to get opacity on "_color" map?
  101. Conflict between Dragon Knight in-game textures and workshop textures
  102. Sugestion auto attack
  103. Tournament Couriers
  104. Could we please get the feature to move the entire platform in the preview tool?
  105. Complaint about Spirit Breaker's budget for his weapon.
  106. [Suggestion] Idle animations, jiggle bones, particles supported by item importer
  107. Weapon Joint for Pudge Zip File
  108. Option to clean up temporary files
  109. Chen's Misc Option in preview makes his mount's armor vanish.
  110. Got all the masks/normal correct but night version doesn't work
  111. Meeop's Model not up for download.
  112. Isn't Disruptor's Weapon budget a bit low?
  113. Witchdoctor polygon allowence: 0
  114. [Suggestion] Lina's flamming hairstyle
  115. Misleading Titles and Buttons
  116. [Suggestion] Fixing a few things
  117. [Suggestion] Vendor System
  118. [Workshop] Not listing all creators.
  119. Multiple creator items aren't working correctly
  120. Cannot download Meepo model (link broken)
  121. Huskar and venomancer not marked on upload list
  122. Meepo Maya scene file issues
  123. Changing heroes?
  124. Would we be able to get an option to turn off the particles in the preview tool?
  125. [Complaint & Suggestion] Captain's Mode Matchmaking
  126. [Bug] Using console during item preview causes a freeze
  127. Skeleton King single eye particle floating
  128. Two "Dragon Knight"s, one of which is Doombringer
  129. Storm Spirit's Polygon budgets not set?
  130. Drow ranger crit 920!
  131. Necrolyte missing in workshop import tools
  132. abandon bug
  133. Lina's zip is missing from the technical requirements page
  134. Suggestion for better playing
  135. Dota 2 Star Ladder No Longer Tracking Pennant
  136. I had 3 item icons get stuck on the screen. THey blocked any actions on them.
  137. Brewmaster's texture aspect ratio changed?
  138. [Workshop bug] My vote percentage bar is gone
  139. trying to type smth = freeze.
  140. Default weapon particles show up on submitted item preview (Pugna)
  141. bug! iten logo beside my cursor!
  142. Some tris limits are terribly low
  143. MEEPO BUG.
  144. [Question] Will 3D Coat support Dota 2 Workshop like TF2 when Dota 2 is "released"?
  145. [Question]Particles, Glows, and UV shifting?
  146. Maya CGFX shader (CustomHeroMaya.cgfx) - Could you release it?
  147. Get yourself swamped with 3d models
  149. Captains mode bots in create a lobby
  150. [Blender] Meshes to Bones?
  151. Weapon Models and Required Weapon Bones
  152. Workshop Tools Bug: Enchantress has no loadout slot to select from?
  153. Sniper Hat (Placement) Bug??
  154. Morph Int shoulder bug
  155. How to submit ability modifers?
  156. many items disappear from workship
  157. For the Unrealsed Items
  158. Can't upload anything
  159. Riki separate weapons slots - intended or not?
  160. Make a preview of an item set?
  161. Doom's compiler is weirdly resizing stuff
  162. some items can not be equiped like my invoker cape and shoulder
  163. Custom item budgets - tris or quads/polys?
  164. Can't see dev comments
  165. [Confusion] What is Mask0 and Mask1?
  166. Random isn't so random
  167. a suggestion for strange items
  168. item is common and set is uncommon why>?
  169. Item which could make an equitment being able to use by modifiers.
  170. portrait animations for workshop heroes
  171. Difference in Model Files between Heroes (Models being exported with a bad rotation)
  172. Dazzles Misc
  173. Missing SMD and FBX files in provided models
  174. Clarification for dev on alpha maps for Polycount
  175. Morphling hand slot is uugged
  176. [Suggestiont] Portrait preview on workshop submission
  177. Clarification on Naga Siren - Polycount contest
  178. Razor Page is empty
  179. "could not prepare content file"
  180. SandKing Contradictions and Clarifaction
  181. Map Editior?
  182. Defend Season 2 Ticket
  183. [Suggestion] Give diffenerent Battlepoints Multiplier in different Gamemodes.
  184. Implement a screenshot/render feature please.
  185. Question: Normal mapping engine issue - Polycount contest
  186. Problems with the matchmaking system
  187. .fbx export/upload issue
  188. Maximum Number of Bones Allowed on Hero - What is it?
  189. Slardar weapon bone and item problem
  190. Too many Tris for LOD0?
  191. Silencer vs Invoker bug
  192. "Item has been removed by its author"
  193. Where's Anti-mage?
  194. Dazzle back to the scene?
  195. Update Kunkka's model files please.
  196. [Suggestion] Gravity
  197. [Suggestion] Public Decision Anouncment
  198. Cloth Simulation
  199. [Suggestion] Animation and frame bar in preview step
  200. [Bug] Steam Add/Edit image et videos feature
  201. 2 exactly same items from 2 treasures?
  202. FBX imported from maya getting drasticly shrunk when imported
  203. Feedback from Valve
  204. Texture misalignment when uploaded to workshop
  205. Bone wights/rigging is altered upon importing
  206. ETA on a proper model viewer?
  207. Upload items to dota 2 workshop just to have them be invisible
  208. Clinkz - Is an arm slot out of the question?
  209. Dark Seer workshop page doesn't have the source files yet.
  210. Lion, Leshrac, and Rubick added to the shop pages but...
  211. Queen of Pain's weapon is not oriented correctly in the workshop files
  212. Lich won't compile!
  213. Items and illusions
  214. Cosmetic items that visually show performance
  215. custom legs of juggernaut can be submited?
  216. Wardog Cant be seen
  217. [Bug?] Workshop is stuck when going through Facebook
  218. [Bug] Cant submit items, getting "Error" Steam page
  219. Compiler's auto resize kills the texture.
  220. Phantom Lancer .smd Weapon Position broken
  221. Thoughts on improving the DOTA workshop
  222. preview full set
  223. [BUG] - That item does not exist. It may have been removed by the author.
  224. [Question] Windrunner Shoulder import problem
  225. CGFX shader released for previewing all your maps in Maya or Max
  226. Progress update on a particle editor/animations?
  227. Geometry is stretching.
  228. Submiting items error!
  229. Want Tob|Wan! announcer!!!!
  230. [BUG] Item Bug
  231. My wearable...
  232. New item slots for submissions
  233. Move camera by click LMB or RBM and hold.
  234. Update wisp and Heroes idea.
  235. Hook of Pudge REAL
  236. Backpack expander limit
  237. Bone Rigging Problem & Material Question
  238. [Workshop]Submitted item doesn't match the actual size.
  239. No items for Lycan-_-
  240. Problem in replay
  241. DotA 2 bug system stats
  242. [Main Menu] Heroes scrolling around infinitely
  243. Add SMD's to Axe and Tidehunter
  244. Skin model to bones problem, SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE
  245. Lion Cape bones bugging out in Idle animations (not Idle-Alt or Portrait)
  246. Sven ultimate effect
  247. [Suggestion] Event for Chinese New Year?
  248. The in-game cosmetics file compiler doesn't add the "invis_proxy" line to VMT files.
  249. Kunkka not compiling
  250. Didnt play dota2 for 4 days(even steam didnt launch)