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  1. Dota 2 Match History WebAPI
  2. Download for hero minimap icons and role icons courtesy of Cyborgmatt
  3. This is how to interpret the barracks_status and tower_status results from the API
  4. We have a Web API forum! Let's break out key information from the old thread
  5. ETA On Web API?
  6. Known bugs
  7. Desired fields in GetMatchDetails
  8. Does anyone have the exact RGB color values for the player slots?
  9. Please make a downloadable dump of GetMatchDetails for all matches
  10. Can I persist information
  11. Live chat
  12. Here is a zip of the hero portrait thumbnail images and item thumbnail icons
  13. Page not found error
  14. Suggestions to make the WebAPI more reliable.
  16. Missing fields in GetSchema and GetPlayerItems
  17. API request (GetPlayerItems addition?) to query a profiles' access to tournaments?
  18. GetAssetClassInfo for event items???
  19. items.txt moved or gone?
  20. Match Id from Server Steam id / ip and port?
  21. GetHeroes API Down?
  22. Let there be data!
  23. Pick and Bans Api-Data
  24. dota 2 api , php development
  25. dota 2 api framework
  26. DOTABUFF and Privacy Option Feedback
  27. Unofficial API test
  28. Let there be (more) data!
  29. 3rd Party Privacy etc...
  31. It remains trivial to associate a player's match history with their Steam profile
  32. Let Valve know.
  33. webapi available again but !
  34. So we can't see other players recent games in client anymore?!
  35. This whole WebAPI privacy controversy doesn't make sense
  36. Had to explain to everyone how to turn public option on
  37. The title of the poll for the DotaBuff thread is misleading
  38. We need clear rules on data usage
  39. Почему закрыли дотабафф?!?!?!?что он вам здела
  40. item id's
  41. How do I get account id?
  42. Live game stats
  43. Question about radiant_logo and dire_logo
  44. PLEASE add the match skill level to getMatchDetails
  45. Sick of all the here-say [OFFICIAL STATEMENT WANTED]
  46. How to make privacy setting public?
  47. GetMatchHistory and matches duration
  48. How is the API useful right now?
  49. [Example] Live League Game Signature Image
  50. Regarding the new privacy changes
  51. [Suggestion] External DOTA2 viewer utilizing match ID's/ History.
  52. 30/01 Patch WebAPI Update
  53. where is replay salt ?
  54. Defense3: VP vs Empire, duplicated matches ? 114182218, 114240559
  55. Dota 2 Heroes(Extended) and Items(Extended) Bundles + images
  56. Ruby wrapper for WebAPI
  57. things that are wrong with GetTeamInfoByTeamID in its current state
  58. Having large difficulty getting proper data via date_max
  59. game_mode arg not working?
  60. Tournament tickets pictures
  61. Another way for API processing with PHP
  62. API's behaviour with getJSON
  63. Gzipped WebAPI Responses Now Available
  64. Why are some pro teams changing team ID's?
  65. GetMatchDetails Roshan information
  66. Dotabuff tmm match history
  67. GetMatchDetails hero damage does not match combat log total
  68. Better late than never - complete start->December 2012 data dump!
  69. Get a players team
  70. WebAPI not returning new matches?
  71. Get list of team matchmaking matches for a team?
  72. Batched Match Detail Requests
  73. Any plan of Push Notification API.
  74. Anybody analyzing the data with Hadoop?
  75. What is the best way to get and keep up-to-date data?
  76. Anyone tracking Skill by Match_ID?
  77. Dota 2 Web API SDK - C#
  78. API not working correctly?
  79. who can tell me this Parameter means ?
  80. Any update on getting lobby game results from API?
  81. Parameters for the game to be included in dota 2 stats
  82. Web API localization (languages)
  83. GetMatchHistory total_results capped at 500
  84. Dota 2 Resources
  85. a dota webapi parser and web front end (Python using Flask)
  86. Any way of getting the in-game description of a tournament?
  87. A current (for now) MySQL database dump (to April 2013)
  88. watching replays via http and rep chats
  89. Match status
  90. [Feature Suggestion/Request][Discussion?] K-D-A and Hero Level in GetLiveLeagueGames
  91. Is there some api I can get all items in dota2?
  92. get match history of a specific steam user
  93. API - tournament scheduled matches available?
  94. Made an App with the Web API
  95. [PHP] Tournament Replay Manager
  96. Dota 2 "full" Database ?
  97. Stats App for Android
  98. WebAPI Request - Tournament Games have replay_salt regardless of privacy settings
  99. What does gold_spent include?
  100. Missing attributes in IEconItems_570 GetSchema/GetPlayerItems WebAPIs
  101. Java / Android API wrapper
  102. Did game_mode enum change?
  103. Getting only HighSkill matches
  104. GetMatchHistory with old matches
  105. How exactly are you meant to use the item schema for matching player backpack?
  106. Duplication in iEconomy Schema
  107. Anyone care to explain inventory ID?
  108. Request Chat from Matches
  109. [Feature Suggestion/Request][Discussion?] add K-D-A to get Match Details
  110. A lot less people share match history than I expected
  111. Not able to get item rarity
  112. List of "lobby_type" values
  113. How can i relationate Items with Heroes?
  114. A lot less Solo Match Making and Team Mach Making than expected
  115. Key limitations - release version
  116. I wrote an app with the WebAPI for windows 8 (With API Feedback)
  117. How are d2l and tf2b getting unusual colours
  118. Getting tournament calendar
  119. Interpretting Item Attributes (Backpack)
  120. Missing element (Origin) in GetPlayerItems
  121. Missing league games in (GetMatchHistory)
  122. Does the API allow access to Combat Logs?
  123. GetMatchHistoryBySequenceNum returning larger match_id's
  124. Data for Live Match you are playing?
  125. GetTournamentPlayerStats
  126. Tournament items, attributes, tournament name and type
  127. Steam OpenID Authentication on Java
  128. Why there were "wholes" in match history api?
  129. Private match and API access
  130. Replay analysis sites?
  131. Are Korean matches in the match history?
  132. Guild API
  133. Suggestion/Request: Retrieving Live Game Data
  134. TI3: leagueId in MatchDetails is wrong
  135. Items in schema
  136. Dota 2 Java Library
  137. Question about getting livedata
  138. How to know rarity of items using Schema and items_game_url in C#
  139. ISteamEconomy/GetAssetPrices
  140. Dose WebAPI support replay download?
  141. Too much time is spent for the requests
  142. Question about getting Data about the CM drafts
  143. Steam Trading api
  144. Missing 1 ban in Match 255650186
  145. Lobby manipulations via Web Api
  146. Is there an official way to get items' ids and names?
  147. Is there a way to get message from other player?
  148. GUILD access
  149. GetMatchHistory returning status 15 for a public profile
  150. Is there a way to get abilities data?
  151. 500 matches limitation?
  152. Is ISteamOAuth2/GetTokenWithCredentials/ already ok?
  153. is the skill bracket number for matches static?
  154. ability_upgrades: time is not good
  155. Getting wins/losses for public profiles
  156. how can we find account_id from player_name
  157. all matches have lobby type = 0 (using getmatchhistory)
  158. Personaname list
  159. Leaver Status, Lobby/Tutorial Games
  160. tools to extract files in Valve's VPK files.
  161. Is there apis to maintain one's guild
  162. Dedicated server
  163. How to create a Bot to collect item similar like dota2lounge
  164. Is steam login necessary?
  165. Can we get End of game rewards item list?
  166. bug about win/fail count
  167. Can you tell me how to get the Skill Bracket
  168. Does steam api key have any limits?
  169. Value for hero_damage is off the charts
  170. So skill rating now removed
  171. Filtering Items per character
  172. Stream platform offer players dota2 the combat effectiveness of the API?
  173. GetUGCFileDetails is not working?
  174. Loading matches in ascending order
  175. Match and sequence ID data types
  176. Hotlinking
  177. LF Dev for Dota 2 site
  178. Accessing Practise matches OR "lobby_type:" 1 games.
  179. Convert 32-bit to 64-bit ID, 3 ways
  180. Error codes - strange result of GetMatchHistoryBySequenceNum call
  181. GetMatchHistory: duration_max and duration_min
  182. Web API to retrieve the item details
  183. New rating site is making a toxic community
  184. Bash script to download match history
  185. How can dotabuff know player name if the player has set their account to private
  186. new WebAPI changes making it unusable
  187. API Documentation Inconsistent, Tons of Issues
  188. Why do we have to make 3 requests to get a Match with all its info?
  189. How to arrange Inventory slot
  190. Match events
  191. No Stat recorded
  192. Leagues stats
  193. API availability
  194. Is GetScheduledLeagueGames method from API Working?
  195. I cant get the item IDs in the game file
  196. I guess another Steam API wrapper in PHP
  197. Need help!
  198. how to get all items classid??
  199. a key,how many times per day?
  200. How to get the id of all items?
  201. How to distinguish the level of goods such as rare?
  202. Bug: GetMatchHistory not returning results with league_id option since patch
  203. How Get Team Match History?
  204. How to find a user's account_id
  205. Dota 2 Web API With Gems/Inscriptions/etc.
  206. Using Steam Open Id Library
  207. Pubstats has match distribution info.. how?
  208. Only grab Captains Mode or get MatchHistory past 500
  209. Steam Open ID in Dutch
  210. How to determine first match of a major patch version
  211. 500 Internal Server Error
  212. Valve slowly shutting down the WebAPI?
  213. Items rarity type
  214. GetSchema: A real item vs a test item?
  215. Parsing items_game.txt... in JSON?
  216. Getting ALL of the data
  217. Decode Inventory Token (method GetPlayerItems)
  218. Missing series_id and series_type from getmatchhistorybysequence
  219. Why can't we filter GetMatchHistory by series_id?
  220. leagueid is inconsistent with naming scheme of other "*_id"
  221. Is there a GetGuildInfoById planned?
  222. How does the WebAPI change for ranked games?
  223. Any thoughts on how to visually improve my signature?
  224. [Bug] Missing series_id and series_type for GetMatchDetails
  225. Leer el archivo items_game.txt desde php?
  226. What is the point of "count" in getHeroes?
  227. getHeroes API needs a revamp
  228. game_items.txt 404 Not Found WTF?
  229. Cluster mapping
  230. 0 very high skill games?
  231. Drop skill data from getMatchHistorybySeq?
  232. Is there a possibility to fetch current MMR from a Public Profile in the future?
  233. Spectating a Game using Match ID?
  234. is there any way to get player rmm rank by using web api
  235. Are all played matches being listed?
  236. Junk matches in Leagues
  237. How to get Dota 2 Items Inscripbed Gem attribute
  238. helpppp!!! How can i get "MOST PLAYED HEROES" like dotabuff?
  239. IEconItems_570 How get gems?
  240. Create and retrieve data of lobby using api
  241. Making too much requests results in an error 500
  242. Win matches, get items!
  243. StartWatchingGame request SteamID or other way how to spectate?
  244. Lobby games through API or match result export in-game
  245. Sample of match history?
  246. Why isn't it possible to see who drafted?
  247. How can i get detail match info when the type of lobby is Practice?
  248. [Ask] can we download all mathes somewhere?
  249. obtain the rarity of all items?
  250. How to get the steamid with dota2 name or the number id?