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  1. Cave Johnson and/or GLaDOS as announcer packs?
  2. When are we getting a Sing Sing announcer pack?
  3. Bastion Announcer Hero Followups
  4. Mirana Announcer?
  5. For the love of God, Witch Doctor Announcer please!
  6. Please make everyone hear your Mega-kills Announcer
  7. Being able to adjust the volume of announcers
  8. Old announcer back please
  9. Tutorial announcer suggestion: Gabe Newell
  10. Anouncers makes me Rage
  11. Bastion Announcer Pack Sound Bug
  12. Michael Cain announcer pack
  13. Make it so you can turn off mega kills announcer
  14. Standart male announcer
  15. Peter Cullen Announcer/Megakill announcer (aka Optimus Prime)
  16. Equipped announcer isn't selected by default
  17. Ian Mckellen Announcer (aka Gandalf)
  18. Bastion Announcer calls every hero's name upon selection. 'Cept Doom.
  19. Anoncer Glados
  20. Bastion Announcer lines removed?
  21. Hire Arnold Schwarzenegger to do an announcer pack!
  22. Request Death Prophet Mega-Kill
  24. Announcer Suggestion Thread
  25. Default Announcer not working
  26. [Bug] Morgan Freeman Announcer Pack Unavailable in Shop
  27. mild announcer
  28. How to remove the announcer with out removing the kill sounds?
  29. Does the pirate mega kill say "Holy Shit" at some point?
  30. Can we get a Gabe Newell announcer?
  31. Bastion Mega-Kill pack doesn't say the correct number of kills
  32. Please remove "Ten/Five seconds remaining" lines from other players' RD picks
  33. Denying ally sound
  34. Any chance of David Scully making another announcer pack? (Weaver announcer)
  35. I don't want to share my announcer
  36. I want a Heavy (TF2) and a Coach (L4D2) Announcer pack :(
  37. Announcers will be auto-deselected...
  38. Shared Content Hub Bug
  39. My default announcer is not working
  40. default and custom annoucner not working
  41. make a terminator announcer
  42. Duke Nukem Announcers Pack!
  43. Father Grigori Announcer pack
  44. Tower--YOur Tower Is--TowER--youR TOWER, um, YOUR ToWER'S Under Attack! TOWEr
  45. Luna Announcer
  46. Fletcher from Defense Grid Announcer Idea
  47. Bastion Announcer Bug
  48. Poll for the Duke Nukem Announcers Pack
  49. Announcer Suggestion - DMC Devil May Cry Announcer
  50. Custom Announcers do not work during pick/ban of replays
  51. How about having a "Duo Announcer" Announcer pack?
  52. Pls Add sound "Mid Only" fot All Announcers
  53. Pudge Announcer :D
  54. Tf2 announcer pack
  55. Please make the Russian announcer.
  56. Got a problem with my tusk announcer
  57. Tusk announcer doesn't work
  58. homeless guy,ted williams golden voice as an announcer!
  59. More love for PFlax announcer?
  60. Unused dialogue for announcers
  61. First Blood wasn't announced
  62. Pirate Captain mega-kill announcer has the same icon as the regular announcer
  63. [BUG] Announcer calling "your turn to pick" in RD... AFTER your turn to pick.
  64. [Suggestion] Kunkka Announcer Pack?
  65. is possible a man's defaut announcer?
  66. DOTA2 Announcer customizing
  67. Bristleback announcer?
  68. We desperately need an Ogre Magi announcer
  69. Announcer Request - Shiro Shinobi from The Legend of Korra
  70. Bastion announcer enemy chat
  71. Sharing Announcers & Skins- system.
  72. Bastion counting is off.
  73. Introducing The Wiseguy Announcer!
  74. Reaves old man voice announcer
  75. Announcer Request - Deepak Chopra
  76. Tiny Tina(Borderlands2) Announcer suggestion
  77. Pat Cashman Announcer? (He was the announcer for Bill Nye The Science Guy)
  78. Bastion Announcer Bug
  79. Death prophet announcer
  80. Game fails to play bottom tower under attack message
  81. Naga Siren Announcer
  82. Sarcastic Announcer
  83. Luna Announcer
  84. Announcers Disabled If Switched to Chinese/Korean Heroes
  85. Bastion announcer needs new lines.
  86. Nature's Prophet announcer suggestions
  87. Male Default Announcer Now On Steam Workshop!
  88. My only problem with the PFlax announcer.
  89. Half Life HEV suit Announcer
  90. Earthshaker announcer
  91. Trouble with Pyrion Flax Announcer Pack, help?
  92. Announcer Pyrion Flax Bug?
  93. Request for TImbersaw annoucer
  94. George Takei Announcer pack!?
  95. Is it just me, or does Bastion announcer not say the Ban/Pick lines?
  96. [SUGGESTION]Get the "Radiant/Dire are OWNING" message in game along with the OWNAGE
  97. Is it just me, or the OWNAGE line is not in the Storm Spirit announcer yet?
  98. Pirate Announcer...
  99. Storm mega kill announcer new line when someone is killed
  100. I have a problem with pyrion flax announcer
  101. Pls valve a Red Guy Announcer pls
  102. Errors in subtitles [AXE ANNOUNCER]
  103. Tagging Announcer Submission with "NON HERO: Announcer"
  104. Wrong counting in Random Draft
  105. Russian announcers
  106. [SUGGESTION] Portal GLaDOS announcer
  107. Purge announcer
  108. Korean commentator/announcer
  109. Half Life HEV suit voice!!
  110. Pyrion Flax announcer bug.
  111. Request for Tusk
  112. [Suggestions] Battle Realms: Announcer
  113. Rucks doesn't know Abaddon's name even though he has lines for him
  114. Suggestion: Morgan Freeman announcer pack?
  115. [SUGGESTION] TF2 Announcer
  116. [SUGGESTION] Chirstopher Walkin Announcer
  117. Jazzy Boatman Announcer
  118. Announcer submission - preview image required?
  119. Announcers not working.
  120. Suggestion: Turn down the bass
  121. Seriously?
  122. Suggestion: Samuel L Jackson as announcer
  123. Suggestion : Anime announcher?
  124. Win Streak Announcing
  125. (Idea/question) Spanish announcer pack
  126. [Suggestion] Gin Hammond announcer
  127. Sheever Announcer Pack
  128. GLaDOS announcer
  129. [Question] are there any custom voice announcer without custom lines?
  130. Some really easy to implement suggestions for Announcers!
  131. [Suggestion] Separate Volume control for Announcers
  132. Suggestion: When an announcer interrupts itself, it should quickly fade out.
  133. [Suggestion] Halo Announcer Pack? :D
  134. Pyrion Flax Announcer Pack bug/lag
  135. Default Announcer voice in RD mode is late
  136. [Suggestion] R Lee Ermey (that shouty guy from Full Metal Jacket) as an Announcer
  137. Soul Harvester Announcer Pack
  138. Suggestion: Stanley Parable Announcer Pack
  139. Settings to change the language of the announcers.
  140. How is dota 2 using the UT announcer?
  141. Timbersaw announcer pack please.
  142. "Rampage!"
  143. Default Announcer Missing Line!!!
  144. We NEED Team Fortress 2 announcers and mega kills.
  145. Announcer Volume
  146. [bug?] "Mega-Kills: Defense Grid" doesn't play double, triple, ultra, rampage lines.
  147. Korean Casters Announcer Pack
  148. i have this questions since 2011
  149. [Bug?] GlaDOS Mega Kills not saying "Holy Shit"
  150. Reporter Man Announcer
  151. Zerg announcer (please please, please make it happen)
  152. Bastion Announcer missing Windranger pick line.
  153. Poll: This game is in dire need of a Luna announcer!
  154. Re-Record the Pirate Announcer!
  155. Really minor typo on DP kill line subtitle
  156. Some doubts about the announcer API
  157. Problem with DOTA2 spanish announcer.
  158. Announcers that use old hero names?
  159. BUG: Pyrion Flax Saying Stuff in German!
  160. Анонсер шторма баг (Announcer storm bug)
  161. Pyrion Flax's Lines
  162. Pico announcer pack.
  163. Clip length issues when using custom Mega Kills Announcer
  164. GlaDos as a stand alone buy
  165. Dragon Knight announcer
  167. Announcer and unit speech issue
  168. help please
  169. Bastion announcer was updated, that's great! But...
  170. Suggestion: Outword Devourer announcer.
  171. Suggestion - regional announcer (Romania)
  172. Request: Bruce (from Family Guy) announcer pack!
  173. Clockwerk Announcer pack of poor quality?
  174. Cave Johnson Announcer pls (Portal 2)
  175. Tobuscus Announcer Pack
  176. Gilbert Gottfried Dota 2 Announcer: Let's Make it Happen!
  177. Tagging Announcer in Workshop
  178. Your tower is under attack. Your tower is under attack. Your tower is under attack.
  179. Idea for an announcer: UT sexy female voice announcer
  180. Pyrion Flax subtitle typo
  181. [Issue] Announcer marketing templates missing from workshop resources
  182. No sound of hero/ Announcer
  183. Nature's Prophet Announer Bug/Problem (not saying Double Kill)
  184. Announcer's sound doesn't work
  185. [Misc] SPICE UP the KILL announcement
  186. For the upteenth time, please make a Cave Johnson announcer
  187. Announcers announcing hero picks in 1v1 game
  188. I need the tf2 spy as announcer
  189. Idea - TF Announcer Packs
  190. We need a SouthPark Cartman voice pack for Dota2!
  191. Your tower is under attack. Your tower is under attack. Your tower is under attack.
  192. Suggestion : Sound bar for the kill-streak announcer volume
  193. Snoop Dogg Announcer Pack (REDDIT post)
  194. The Stanley Parable
  195. [BUG]Techies announcer pack has tower deny lines wrong
  196. SingSing announcer
  197. No Announcer tag for Workshop submissions?
  198. Announcers not wokring,not even defeault.
  199. Random Draft sound missing
  200. [Bug] Rick and Morty's 1v1 lines are captioned wrong
  201. [Fixed] Rick and Morty announcer pack has an incorrect Dire barracks destroyed line
  202. Please add an option to adjust the Announcer volume
  203. cant use announcer pack shared by teammates in game
  204. No sound from all announcers but default
  205. Announcer won't play lines on tab out(exclusive fullscreen)
  206. Announcer Suggestion - Morgan Freeman Announcer
  207. Stamper/Battleblock theater Annnouncer Pack
  208. [Fixed] One of the Axe announcer responses is assigned to a wrong event
  209. [Fixed] possible small mistake in Bastion's victory announcement response rules
  210. [Fixed] Fallout 4 announcer pack reverses the announcement for Roshan kills.
  211. [Fixed] Some Fallout 4 announcer rules are wrong
  212. [Fixed] GLaDOS announcer 2 response rule issues
  213. Nature's Prophet announcer is missing the Double Kill line and 1 file is broken
  214. [Fixed] Pyrion Flax announcer, wrong lines hooked up for own tower deny followup
  215. [Fixed] Pyrion Flax announcer, "Ownage" lines not hooked up for Radiant team
  216. Rick & Morty announcer, first blood followup not hooked up for spectator
  217. [Fixed] trine announcer teamwipe response rule missing for one team
  218. [Fixed] Clockwerk announcer, "Ownage" lines not hooked up for Radiant team
  219. [Fixed] Defense Grid announcer, multi-kill rules for spectators are missing
  220. how to off only announcer?
  221. doglike! 0-9 announcer
  222. Announcers not showing subtitles/captions except default
  223. want to create custom announcer packs but need help
  224. Regarding Announcer Pack Workshop Submissions [2016]
  225. [Fixed] subtitles for Crystal Maiden announcer are missing
  226. several issues with Crystal Maiden announcer
  227. [Fixed] Missing announcer voice during draft/picking screen
  228. Deus Ex: Missing and broken response files
  229. Ozzy man Announcer
  230. [SUGGESTION] Fable 1 Guildmaster announcer
  231. The game sounds is more LOUDER than the announcer and music
  232. Rick & Morty Announcer Missing Many Picking Phase Responses with "New" All Pick
  233. Announcer is out of sync with pick order
  234. Monkey King's announcer has no demo/example sounds in the store
  235. Ability Draft responses are not working
  236. [Meepo announcer] rare "wicked sick" response not hooked up for radiant & spectators
  237. [Gabe Newell announcer] one inconsistency in the response rules between teams
  238. [Darkest Dungeon] Radiant/Dire mid & bot tower destruction lines are hooked up wrong
  239. Announcer volume too low