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  1. Wrong "Heroes Played" stats - More games for hero then played
  2. [Confirmed] Game History : Games do not show up
  3. Are we finally getting stats?
  4. Suggestion for new hero performance system
  5. Some suggestions
  6. My two cents on the performancebar change
  7. how should performance be calculated!
  8. Why even have performance bars?
  9. Considering KDA is the main statistic ppl go by ingame..
  10. sick and tired of low skill zones
  11. Dota 2, Courtesy of Valve, So Called MOBA game w/ DISABLED matchmaking and community.
  12. Suggestion - small change for the public profile
  13. New performance bars...
  14. The order of heroes on the Heroes Played Tab
  15. Confusion regarding performance bars
  16. Accessibility and underthehood insight
  17. have a performance rating / stats details (max xp, damage, damage to buildings, deny)
  18. Disappointed with the new performance bars
  19. New performance bar system
  20. Performance bar change make no sense....
  21. Old and New performance bars.
  22. A moooaar complex algorithm
  23. hero performance should work role-oriented
  24. Performance Tab Remake
  25. Statistic
  26. [Suggestion] Performance Bars Calculation (By Gaussian Dist, Free of K/D or W/L stat)
  27. New heroes played
  28. Hall of Fame Suggestion
  29. Prompt users to set their privacy
  30. Team - can't leave a team or kick people
  31. Team Rating is just a number
  32. [Suggestion] Add "Order By" for hero performance
  33. Teammatch didn't count towards stats
  34. [BUG] team profile shows team of last profile checked
  35. Team stats questions
  36. Teams need more slots
  37. leave from team
  38. Wins aren't couting
  39. can someone change my skill pool?
  40. Team pictures fail to upload.
  41. can't leave team
  42. [Suggestion] Sorting "Heroes Played"
  43. Can't Clear Hero Filter
  44. Backpack and increasing amount of items
  45. Other teams appearing under personal profile's team tab.
  46. [Suggestion] Add MVP voting for each match for ladder games and for tournaments
  47. [Match history] Hero filter reset every time.
  48. Why can't i report some players?
  49. Wins-Losses
  50. Ingame notes for players
  51. Pennants and Player Profils
  52. the courier should be featured right next to your featured hero in your profile!!
  53. Show on player profile, forgotten
  54. Improve " Players no longer display what hero they're playing in their Rich Present"
  55. Blackboard at the team/group panel
  56. Heroes played performance
  57. Dota 2 Team Name Problem
  58. Suggestion: Allow Players to Give Commendations in Player Profile
  59. [Match History] Filter for Practice/Public games
  60. Games Played and Least Played cutoff line in sorted hero performance page
  61. [Bug] Can change (own) custom rich status on other profiles
  62. Team name in Profile page bug
  63. Custom rich presence status annoyance
  64. [BUG] Rich presence is wrong
  65. Custom rich presence resets when quitting the game
  66. Team Game History Bugged
  67. [NEW] add new command -nochat
  68. "Show Team On Player Profile" Not Saving
  69. My featured hero didn't work!
  70. Bug: Tournament tickets overlap profile close button / go off of profile edge
  71. Most successful hero.
  72. Heroes Played tab
  73. Dota Freeze after opened someone's profile while watching a game
  74. [Suggestion] Label for non-rated (early abandoned) games in the matchhistory
  75. Tournament tickets
  76. [Bug] Featured Items - Tiny Ice Elemental skin
  77. [BUG] Profile showing I'm part of Team I never joined
  78. Team System: A Real Mess
  79. Abandoned bug
  80. Steam / Dota 2 - Option to Hide / Disable Other Players' Avatars
  81. Bug: Displaying Set Items
  82. Player Loadout (Courier Section Bug)
  83. [Suggestion] Option to turn of window sounds
  84. Team match history really bugged.
  85. Under the WATCH tab, the Events and Tournaments no logos shown
  86. [problem] mods & tags
  87. [Suggestion] Personal banlist
  88. custom status
  89. Like\Dislike not remembered
  90. Commend\Report windows not showing
  91. Multiple Item preview
  92. [SUGGESTION] Replays Tab
  93. [Suggestion] Option to use a random courier from your inventory
  94. [SUGGESTION] CONCEDE voting system
  95. Help statistic
  96. [suggestion] Picking Game Rooms
  97. Friend List and Wisp's new name Io
  98. I continously get 6-8 hour low priority for basically nothing!
  99. Error in personal statistics
  100. Team game history wins showing as losses
  101. [ Suggestion ] Improve steam - client synergy
  102. [Suggestion] Dota inventory from game
  103. Headless invoker + windrunner bow
  104. Bigger size of in game heroes
  105. You know what would be awesome? A "MUTUAL GAMING HISTORY" tab.
  106. Chat restriction deemed by many as extremely harsh
  107. Backpack Sorting, saving your Customized Backpack
  108. Sorting Performance bars
  109. Some issues with reporting system
  110. REQUEST: Why not show full player stats?
  111. Abandons slightly changed, for the worse.
  112. In-Game preferred players list
  113. [Bug] Profile page doesnt display proper images
  114. Ticket - Riki blade?
  115. Recent matches request timed out.
  116. New heroes played and view all games buttons don't stand out
  117. Recent revised career profile
  118. Heroes Played tab + TI3 Compendium
  119. Activated TI 2013 ticket --> TI 2012 ticket on profile disappeared
  120. Compendium Table of Contents suggestion
  121. Builds - ERROR
  122. Make those invalid games disappear in personal histroy
  123. Will TI3 compendiu last forever on DOTA profile?
  124. Error: failed to retrieve profile data.
  125. TI3 Compendium Suggestion - Indication of games watched
  126. edge pan
  127. Some suggestions
  128. Old Pennants?
  129. Bug: My predictions disappeared in compendium
  131. Taunt in Featured Hero screen?
  132. Compendium Index Page Please
  133. permanent low priority
  134. Keybind Profile System
  135. Low priority because i couldnt connect to dota2 network
  136. Compedium issue
  137. Missing items from inventory!!!!
  138. Suggestion: Good old -weather command?
  139. [SUGGESTION]Apply anti aliasing to user avatar in Main Menu
  140. [Sugestion] Compendium could show right answer for each prediction
  141. Wrong Predictions shown for West and East Qualifiers
  142. Minor compendium timer bug
  143. Problem with my viewing page. Everything is enlarged
  144. Shift-Tab Bug
  145. [Suggestion] Ignore List Should Be Viewable and Controlled By Me
  146. Tournaments no longer get added to a team's history
  147. disappearing loadout
  148. Backpack sorting by date
  149. [Suggestion] - In Game Dota2 Profile - Most Successful Heroes
  150. Need help!
  151. Compedium wrong gpm result
  152. Select language
  153. [BUG] compendium prediction game replay
  154. Team Materials not saving properly
  155. View Heroes Played button exists in other players' profiles
  156. [Bug] Team profile page
  157. Full Backpack Issue !
  158. [BUG] Missing Game History and Heroes Played in User Interface
  159. Most Successful Heroes not updating.
  160. navigating thru games played is so very painful
  161. The "vs" bug
  162. Party notifications in game.
  163. Missclick on "FAVORITE TEAM"
  164. Reordering tournament ticket on Profile
  165. Mute
  166. What happened to the performance bars?
  167. "We have taken action" notice
  168. "Reports submitted" nulled
  169. Leaving a game after timeout DC
  170. Missing Commends
  171. Let players see what their average for "match ratings" are (the star ratings)
  172. Suggestion for improvement [Backpack]
  173. Is this a bug?
  174. Main Menu Interface is broken
  175. Career Profile / Game Overview BUG : Neither public matchmaking nor practice game
  176. Career Profile / Game Overview BUG : Neither public matchmaking nor practice game
  177. Visible mmr?
  178. Solo MM Niightmare
  179. [Suggestion] Dota 2 User Stats based on heroes
  180. Match History Timestamp
  181. Quickbutton to switch Accounts?
  182. Golden Battle Bonus avatar frame missing
  183. Edit/Remove Match Records
  184. New Backpack Icons
  185. Featured match of player cards after they are stamped.
  186. Quick cast abilities not working anymore with regular keys
  187. Kills vs Deathratio when viewing "heroes played"
  188. Wrong 'wins' count on my profile!!
  189. Available Reports posted in Profile (outside the game)
  190. [Suggesion] More featured heroes
  191. [Suggestion] More featured heroes
  192. [Suggestion] Server pinging on main menu
  193. Low priority due to 'SEARCHING FOR DOTA 2 NETWORK'
  194. [SUGGESTION] Profile: Purchased tournament tickets!
  195. [Mock-up] This is how I would love to see a new backpack/inventory UI.
  196. Most recent games tab bug?
  197. Player message.
  198. [Suggestion] Bookmark Profiles
  199. [Suggestion] A Performance Rating system that rates players for each skill category
  200. desconectado do dota
  201. [Suggestion][Dota Profile][Player performance] Menu navigation
  202. [Suggestion] Backpack - Lock items in place
  203. Compendium problem
  204. Loading Screen appears in the background instead of the fiery one.
  205. Issue with the level displayed with the Win/loss on profile.
  206. Profile/Team - BUG
  207. not being able to see others dota levels??!?!
  208. [Bug?] Alphabetical inaccuracies when sorting backpack by rarity
  209. [suggestion]Browsing pages with arrow keys
  210. [Suggestion] Ability to Preview Flying when a courier is a Featured Item
  211. [Suggestion] Add a "nice player" button next to "mute button"
  212. [Suggestion] Hold Shift/Alt/Ctrl for additional Chat Wheel?
  213. Compendium player cards bug.
  214. Total number of games won not displaying correctly
  215. Build help
  216. Social Status - Being in a party.
  217. Fantasy Points
  218. [Bugs] Hero Builds
  219. [Suggestion] Backpack Set combiner , In-Game Inventory viewer , Feedback improvements
  220. Unable to access the game history of my friends
  221. [Suggestion] Getting rid of the Dota profile's useless scrollbar
  222. How to undo/remove selecting a featured hero for your dota2 profile?
  223. Keep profile up when opening a replay
  224. [Suggestion] Option to hide losses
  225. SUGGESTION: Titles
  226. Heroes without cosutme
  227. dota 2 commendations not working
  228. Scrolling Inventory instead of Paged Inventory
  229. Commendation System
  230. HUD Loading Screen
  231. Replay popup window isn't closable
  232. [Suggenstion] Sort/Filter-Option Double Items / Hide Items in use
  233. Can't change featured hero.
  234. Issues after the recent update.
  235. Featured Items - Can't drag items from armoury when filtered
  236. Team Banner and Logo Images won't change
  237. Language bar in publish changes
  238. Better feedback before punishment
  239. Problem since last update
  240. Annoying bug (or not a bug) with "View steam profile" from Scoreboard
  241. Long names are cut off
  242. "no stats will be recorded" stats recorded
  243. commend bug
  244. Player Record Bug
  245. Tab 'favorite characters are not updated "
  246. No EXP from Matchmaking
  247. Main Menu and total text bug
  248. Battle Bonus Timer bugs
  249. [Sugestion] - Match History
  250. Where can I report this player? since I think ingame report not effective