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  1. Bad positioning of the tutorial windows at lower resolutions
  2. "The server was unable to locate the game session" Error
  3. I hate the way the grid view in DOTA2 is organized
  4. Keyboard hotkeys should be prioritized over mouse clicking
  5. The helpers do NOT mention the assigned Legacy hotkeys.
  6. Slightly more emphasis on only getting the last hit
  7. Teaching last hit skills should have a greater emphasis
  8. The Tutoral is really quiet. Is there any plans for some Voice Acting or Music?
  9. You can get KOTL killed by creeps during the tutorial :D
  10. Gain EXP from completing the Tutorial
  11. More game modes
  12. Razor doesn't attack you during the tutorial fight
  13. The fact that you don't level any skills until level two may be misleading to a newb.
  14. Overall Experience
  15. Some of the lines don't come off right.
  16. Feedback regarding the experience.
  17. My list of initial thoughts for the DK Quest:
  18. Run west before bird goes west
  19. add voice acting to the tutorials and cosmetic rewards
  20. KOTL moves around way too much and too close to you during the tutorial.
  21. Buying items
  22. Teach the player that they don't need to use salve/clarity if they are fully healed.
  23. Razor doesn't resist
  24. Update the speech bubble UI to fit the theme better
  25. [Suggestion] Grant a small passive damage bonus to DK for this specific tutorial
  26. Cooldowns aren't explained
  27. Razor is too weak
  28. Suggestions
  29. Skill Build
  30. "Click to proceed"
  31. Quest 1: Davion the Knight feedback.
  32. Anyone who launches Dota 2 for the first time should be forced to do the Tutorial.
  33. The "Merchant"
  34. what is health? what is mana? what are attributes?
  35. You should be able to level up skills with hotkeys.
  36. Make Keeper of the Light deny allied creeps.
  37. The tutorial is VERY well done in terms of quality.
  38. Impressions after two playthroughs.
  39. add cameo appereances of other heroes to the tutorial
  40. Give players the option to click through the tutorial-dialogs at their own pace
  41. Healing Salve/Clarity portion suggestion
  42. Feedback
  43. Salve, clarity, and razor suggestions
  44. For those who dont want to make quest
  45. KotL following logic needs work on ramps and at walls
  46. Draw attention to newly revealed parts of the UI
  47. SUPER long and drawn out
  48. Nice tutorial, but KotL is a bit stupid.
  49. BUG - Got caught in endless creep spawn loop
  50. Feed back for quests.
  51. Can see atrributes text information at the beginning
  52. Killing Keeper of the Light
  53. A few various suggestions
  54. Last Hitting and other comments
  55. [Suggestion] A sound indicator for when a Speech Bubble pops up!
  56. preventing Item destroying
  57. What I think is needed in the tutorial, is more of the basics, you know?
  58. KOTL level2 have 2 points on chakra (thats imposible)
  59. Have music in the background
  60. Dragon Knight cant upgrade skills on lvl 4
  61. Learn to Play Section is Nonselectable
  62. More experience
  63. Few small improvements (UI mostly)
  64. Quest map has many parts directly taken from Greece's map
  65. KotL can respawn in impassable terrian.
  66. Kotl move pattern
  67. Got stuck in the cave where creeps spawn
  68. [RANT]Quests should reward you
  69. Stats at level 1
  70. Text bubbles
  71. A List of Simple Suggestions + Pictures
  72. Potential for camera to get lost in the FoW
  73. Opinions after first play through
  74. Campaign and Story
  75. Using a Salve - The shopkeeper doesn't know how to.
  76. Autoattacking creep waves
  77. Thoughts on the tutorial
  78. A bug with zones
  79. Tutorial text
  80. Great Tutorial and Preview, One Complaint
  81. Learn to play still grey and non selectable!
  82. Hotkeys and text
  83. backround music
  84. bugged bots
  85. Minimap
  86. No mention of movement controls at the start
  87. Stuck
  88. Destroying items
  89. The new Quest is awesome, but heres a couple suggestions from a campaign playe
  90. General feedback after a few games
  91. You can get Kotl killed by dire creeps!
  92. I was at a friend's
  93. I haven no access to the quest....
  94. Short Tutorial Suggestion
  95. [Mech I] Dialog boxes override hero portrait
  96. GLITCH: Bubble text interaction with in-game UI (in tutorial)
  97. Make the tutorial more closely linked to lore and other suggestions
  98. Tutorial is counter-intuative
  99. The tutorial teaches to use the DK stun on creeps?
  100. Tutorial fail to intro what Dota is
  101. Suggestions how tutorials would achieve the most
  102. Voice Acting
  103. Minimap.
  104. Foreign languages : last hit description
  105. In-depth Analysis and Constructive Criticism - (Danger, Wall of Text.)
  106. Beginners guide feedback
  107. Bug - Minimap
  108. Davion isn't a good choice for beginners. Just saying.
  109. You can not buy while auto buy is enabled
  110. Cant use the tutorial/quest anything
  111. can't access DK tutorial
  112. Bug -
  113. Issues with Legacy Keys and Unbinded Keys
  114. The Last Hit Challenge
  115. "Achievment"-sound overkill
  116. Great job but a few things that could of been done better...
  117. Lore Campaigns for every hero
  118. After the tutorial ends razor respawns
  119. windows 8
  120. It wass fun and i think the new players wud love it and lern Last hit :) + Ideas.
  121. [Suggestion] Flashier/advanced animation after completing a tutorial level
  122. Tutorial emphasis
  123. Teach maybe in a step 2 or 3, the role of each hero + denying creeps
  124. [Suggestion]Razor AI level
  125. [Suggestion] Give us the tools we'll make the tutorials for you
  126. Quick Tutorial Suggestions
  127. General Feedback - Quests
  128. The Fear of God and other small suggestions
  129. The tutorial should have a section demonstrating the importance of not overextending
  130. auto-abandon games
  131. Suggestion for the next tutorial map; "End of his Exile"
  132. As tutorial for new players I'd prefer real DOTA 2 Map
  133. Lama051īs feedback
  134. Level up bug
  135. KOTL not gaining exp
  136. Tutorial needs a little bit more precision in the instruction and pacing.
  137. [Suggestion] Flashier/advanced animation after completing a tutorial level
  138. [Bug] Tutorial: Can't skill Dragon Tail at level 5. No skill point at level 4.
  139. [suggestions] for the following tutorials
  140. tutorial feedback from korean user
  141. [suggestion] new advanced low priority system
  142. [Suggestion] Different Tutorial Levels
  143. Choosing Hero screen intimidating the first time
  144. Some thoughts on the DK quest
  145. KOTL gets in the way so much
  146. Mikes feedback
  147. GREAT !
  148. "CTRL+"QWER" Doesn't Level Up
  149. Reward For Completing A Quest
  150. Awesome
  151. The toturial needs a text log.
  152. The dialogs disappear too quickly
  153. Map Menu Tooltips Illegible
  154. Voice Over?
  155. Tutorials will need voice acting
  156. Emphasize the "watch" tab
  157. Keep same UI as in game
  159. German Text Translation not complete.
  160. Regen choices
  161. The text is too long and unimportant feeling
  162. New Status message possible bug
  163. Include the Deny mechanic
  164. Nice try but somewhat boring
  165. Time for rage on updates
  166. Sequence Broke the Tutorial
  167. Tutorial teaches me that i should stun creeps
  168. What type of player is this intended too?
  169. The water on Low is the black oil.
  170. Good job, only a couple of suggestions
  171. Feedback
  172. add music
  173. Bug in Tutorial
  174. [suggestion] Add battlepoint bonus for every quest done
  175. Heroes can TP anywhere?
  176. Intro to RTS or MOBA?
  177. Razor fight needs improving
  178. Required to use ult before razor spawns.
  179. Boots not Bracers
  180. Great start on the tutorial.
  181. Let the player read again the tips
  182. Turkish translation is not complete...
  183. Grandioso Tutorial
  184. Lore and Tutorial Flow(or Feel) Thread
  185. Advice
  186. KOTL getting stuck behind trees after death
  187. More
  188. If voice acting isn't possible, maybe some generic attention voice lines
  189. Tutorials for an Adventure RPG Game not for MOBA Game
  190. [Suggestion] For future laning tutorial
  191. [Suggestion] add (hidden) "gg" call
  192. Great Concept. Needs finesse and a good lengthy story.
  193. Post your Graphical Bugs/Glitches Here!
  194. Please rate your enjoyment of this match...
  195. Quest Glitch
  196. I WANT CREATE OUR DOTA2 QUEST MAP. It is really?
  197. Achievement
  198. Improving the present and laying out the future.
  199. Very good tutorial
  200. Feedback
  201. Dialog is hard to read.
  202. Good, but the focus needs to be elsewhere than a durable carry
  203. Possible to get stuck.
  204. Some tips and feedback for the the first quest and a resolution issue
  205. Help, stuck in tutorial!
  206. Good Start, But Completely Boring
  207. Tutorial SDK
  208. My thoughts on the first tutorial
  209. Can't level up skills using shortcuts (e.g. CTRL+Q)
  210. Davion, a great introduction but missing a few elements.
  211. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of Tutorial
  212. Speech bubble UI/UX improvements
  213. I think minimap should be visible
  214. My feedback
  215. Needs more Depth.
  216. Stuck Tutorial
  217. I want full compaign and map editor
  218. The Tutorial Should be DK's Backstory
  219. A Glitch I Found
  221. Simply Brilliant!
  222. Tutorial
  223. Razor is dumb even for noobs
  224. first impressions by a first timer
  225. First Impressions of the new quest
  226. First Impression
  227. Bug with Keeper of the Light's introduction
  228. New players won't get this:
  229. Razor not attacking back...
  230. Future Tutorial Hero Options
  231. KotL shouldn't move around so much
  232. [BUG] Game crash when you deny a talking creep in tutorial
  233. Pretty Good Overall But...
  234. Very disappointed with the first one
  235. One big thing and one little thing.
  236. Stuck FOREVER
  237. Good for start but, limited
  238. [Suggestion] Re-playability improvement
  239. Change Salve and Clarity Demonstration
  240. Replace Razor and add someone who can use their skills
  241. The very slow pace
  242. Davion introduction quest
  243. Like it overall
  244. Short times between the dialogs and the movements..
  245. Learning is hard!
  246. No voice overs please. Some of us have some imagination left.
  247. Suggestion: Improvement over Speech Bubbles.
  248. Best advice ever
  249. Matchmaking
  250. Pathing glitch.