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  1. DotA2 Drops bug
  2. Traded strange inv cape - it lost the kill count
  3. View Count Smeevil
  4. trojan alert on item picture
  5. i cant get any views on my secondary smeevil?
  6. Dear Valve, you cannot create a digital market and then ruin it like this
  7. Strange items zeroing counters bug
  8. Newly dropped tournament items does not show description in market
  9. Treasure of Deep Druids & Lost Treasure of the Ivory Isles bug in market
  10. Compendium bug
  11. New inmortals couriers Yak and stumpy
  12. i can't view my rely turnamen
  13. WTF is this !!! Smeevils droping in-game?! BUG or?
  14. Меня обманули
  15. WHY CANNOT Purchase A KEY FOR BOX?
  16. Lost Smeevil
  17. Steam market scam with unusual couriers
  18. [economy] Rare item ?
  19. Loda of [A] scored double kill against Venom gaming[A]
  20. I lost my 8 Treasure Key
  21. Repeat Tournament Drop Winners
  22. 15 d before trade..
  23. Lost key
  24. No new key for new chest in update
  25. Something's up with these chests.
  26. all of my stuff was stolen
  27. Treasure of Incandescent Wax: Unusual courier ...frostivus frost...?
  28. Extra Dreamhack Ticket Bug
  29. Scammer question.
  30. Support from steam employe required
  31. chest drops
  32. Tournament Item Glich / Bug Report
  33. Tournament Drop not sellable in Market?
  34. Iam not getting Drops despite having a sompendium bonus!!!!
  35. what the hell is going on with the shop and steam?
  36. My Unusual Courier Disappear from my Inventory suddent ! HELP
  37. Add a rollback system for Steam trades
  38. No item given for level 146, 147, 148, or 149.
  39. No Tournament drops in CDEC
  40. New items
  41. Tournament Item Tag Bug!!!
  42. Can't close Smeevil selection without restarting the game
  43. dc hook lost when trading with my friend
  44. Tournament drops from CDEC do not show any Tournament information
  45. Used Unusual Paint on Morok's with Affliction of Vermin
  46. Item lost suddenly, No evidence in Inventory history, no item acquired during lvl 13
  47. Unusual Courier Bug from Wax Chests
  48. Couriers from new chest with MAJOR BUGS
  49. Inventory Trade Issue not Synergies with Dota 2 Game Back Pack
  50. Can't see tournament tags in game
  51. Can't buy anythin in dota 2 store
  52. Three SPECIFIC Player Cards will never drop at all!
  53. Dota 2 - compendium bets- >> TEAM CUP << - on page 20 !!
  54. Compendium Player cards bug - Free cards appearing
  55. Guild Information
  56. Bug in Mousesports team's profile.
  57. Smeevil problem persists with new Patch
  58. Gunslinger's Bracers didnt appear in my inventory after completing the training 20..
  59. Player cards Bugs
  60. bug smeevil not counting views
  61. dota2lounge cant be used or refresh since 20pm /5/july/2013 and cant open dota2 then
  62. Why can you get player cards for leveling up?
  63. Player cards drop rate?
  64. Killed throne too fast, did not get cards
  65. Tournament drops not displaying who gets the drop
  66. Twitch - steam connection AND item drops
  67. Match Doesn't Count?
  69. Dota 2 server crash caused wrong game resultsTicket number 4805-WEUC-3354
  70. nvm
  71. Bloodstone reward
  72. Tournament Item no Description
  73. CHESTS
  74. [PSA] Bloodstone Gifts Granted counter incorrect? How to check.
  75. I didnt eget smeevil treat after posting a full team
  76. pRIzes issue from Twitch and Client
  77. Compendium Table of Contents Bug
  78. All cards stamped in your compendium? here have more.
  79. My Tournament item tag bugged?
  80. Error while trading
  81. Not tradable sniper rifle bug
  82. First Full set team but no reward.
  84. searching dota2 network
  85. Used a Player Card in the "you received new items" window and lost all other cards
  86. error while trading
  87. My items are not listed on the Market
  88. Invisible items
  89. [Reminder] Invoker cape bug still exists
  90. the Interactive Compendium
  91. Rampant Autoscript Buying on Market
  92. Unusuall courier bug
  93. Some bugs with Fantasy Challenge picks
  94. Colors codes on unusual couriers with no color?
  95. Steam inventories not loading correctly during trading.
  96. No items for Challange Teams
  97. quirts new summer keys bug
  98. Got scammed, please dev or admin just give me a short reply so i can charge-back
  99. Sithil's Summer Stash, Treasure of the Champions, Treasure of Challengers.
  100. augury guardian
  101. Stamped some cards into compendium, 3 dissapeared
  102. Not tradable time is not clear
  103. Painting new Lava Unusual couriers? PLEASE reply staff!
  104. Frostivus and Diretide enabled on Chinese servers?
  105. I can not change things!
  106. Successful purchase of Quirt's summer key not in inventory.
  107. Posted the cheappest offer for wax key (i am selling) but i cant see my offer
  108. Compendium Player Cards stamping bugs.
  109. Can't stamp cards, game says I have already stamped them
  110. Chests giving the same items multiple times in a row
  111. Web API Inventory Fetch Bug
  112. I'm not getting items for leveling up
  113. .... UltraKill Item with doubletag
  114. Stash keys are expensive
  115. Not receiving my items at the end of a match! :(
  116. nao falo ingles alguem me ajude bug no inventario e na partida
  117. Cant see greevil egg essence components anymore.
  118. Tournament item delete
  119. Cannot buy backpack expander when backpack full
  120. please help me bug
  121. Unable to trade purchase item immediately
  122. Tournament Drop Tag not appear
  123. Comprehendum not sending Items?
  124. [BUG] 'Peek inside' doesn't work for all chests (27/07/13 patch)
  125. Double Immortal Item
  126. Didn't get the Hawk lure even though I have my predictions completed
  127. 2 bugs ive had... please fix this for me valve
  128. didnt receive mammoth bait
  129. Compendium
  130. My Mythical Tide Boat has the wrong description!
  131. I feel like vavle is punishing me for wanting to purchase a second compendium
  132. a new drop - lava effect llama llama courier
  133. Strange Item/Modifiers Issues
  134. Checkout not working
  135. Have problems with smeevils. Please help me
  136. Strange Fireborn Odachi/ or modifier's question
  137. sunstrike bug
  139. Compendium Issue
  140. Cleft Hawk Call- Smeevil Bird
  141. Bug with mods.
  142. WTF is wrong with fantasy teams?
  143. wrong smeevil mount
  144. Remove tripple prize for each tournament event...
  145. 1 $ = 1
  146. modifier disappeared and did not work.
  147. Dota 2 Store bugs
  148. I used the claft hawks call on my compendium courier and does not work
  149. Problem with Team Pennants [2]
  150. Displaying Creator bugged
  151. Strange Rare Invoker Hood Not Recording Kills
  153. lava courier - unusual paint
  154. Unusual Immortal Trapjaw Boxhound
  155. Strange items dont track my kills
  156. Failing to receive both dropped items and steam cards
  157. Cleft Hawk's Call not given out to many people.
  158. Finished Stamping Player Cards, no Edge Crab Dye?
  159. Compendium Player Cards unstamped
  160. Compendium held my last letter, saying that I've already put.
  161. ti3绿本选手卡片BUG
  162. unusual couriers form TI3 are not marketable, tradeable?????
  163. Strange AM mask - Yoskreth
  164. Statistically impossible Chest unlock drops.
  165. fantasy team bug
  166. Compendium Stamping Bug
  167. Bug when Trying to Stamp Silent
  168. Compendium : Fantasy team bug - Fnatic Era being given 0 points every game
  170. 17 Teams, 75 Player cards stamped. No reward.
  171. Compendium: One Prediction was not saved.
  172. Pennant
  173. Compendium missing 2 players from fantasy team.
  174. TI3 tournament chickens
  175. Not visible in my invetory
  176. Fantasy Challenge bug (team reset)
  177. random drop problem
  178. fantasy team bug
  179. Link typo leading to a 404 on International 2013 Page
  180. Compendium resetting choices
  181. Can't see item on trade window
  182. Didn't get mammoth bait
  183. Fantasy Teams morphed into one
  184. Strange Item Bugs
  185. Saw my name show up in the dignitas v rattlesnake match but no item drop
  186. Pudge pants gone
  187. Fantasy team issue.
  188. Wrong item from redeeming gift key.
  189. Non-unusual TI3 couriers
  190. didn't receive the "KANTUSA THE SCRIPT SWORD" (bought the steelseries KANA dota2mouse
  191. Strange intems not working
  192. Can't purchase any item
  193. not being transferred courier
  194. Fantasy Points Not Counted - (DK vs Orange) Matches
  196. Stacked items not properly displayed on marketplace
  197. [Q] Autographs
  198. my ti3 chests
  199. İnternational book %125 bonus gift bugged
  200. about pennant lvls
  201. what can i do?
  202. strange items
  203. My TI3 Couriers didnt have any effect
  204. Пропал шмот при обмене
  205. Expired items should be removed from market.
  206. International 2013 Treasure KEys shouldn't be sold anymore!
  207. My Unusual Fezzle Feez does not have the green effect
  208. Unusual Ti3 Couriers
  209. kompendium problem
  210. Fantasy Team Rewards? any news on that? Compedium predictions points 0?....
  211. Is fair if Trading Card International Courier updated with Unusual?
  212. Secret Shop #Ti Courier`s VS #Ti3 Unboxed Couriers !
  213. your thoughts... TI3 unboxed vs. TI3 usual
  214. My thoughts on the International Courier change
  215. Item bought at the same time as another but its not showing the tradable date
  216. My own opinion regarding TI3 couriers please read
  217. Response from Valve regarding my missing Cleft Hawk's Call...
  218. My Axe's strange Demon Blood Helm stop counting kills
  219. Bag with shop
  220. Revert the secret shop ti3 courier to standard immortal courier to avoid confusion.
  221. valve if you do add effect you will lose your rep and community, a spit in the face
  222. Not Tradable - Not Marketable
  223. steam wallet taking money back
  224. Can we end the rant about ti3 couriers?
  225. Cant purchase items in store
  226. Lost Genuine Valor Hud
  227. International Shagbark
  228. Help Osky untagged
  229. Bug with EL Gato
  230. Treasure Key / International Treasure Key
  231. An Idea for TI4 Tournament Drops
  232. bug trade
  233. i lost keys in a trade i made
  235. I lost my unusual courier:(
  236. miss ONE pediction TI 3
  237. Defense 2 Key and it's Chest
  238. Treasure Expire
  239. Fantasy Points Added to Wrong Day
  240. I hadnt raceived any rare items
  241. Lava effect - still no name?
  242. Workshop Error, Cannot submit item.
  243. battle bonus gone
  244. Bloodstained Britches TAGGED bug
  245. Cage HUD not available? Bug or just HTML error?
  246. My predictions in compendium for tournament are 0/44
  247. TAG bug
  248. Im Sorry Valve but you wont see a cent from us now from now on (TI13 COURIERS)
  249. Diretide 2012 drop glitch
  250. 10000 fantacy poitns