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  1. Thank you
  2. Dota 2 for Mac OS X
  3. [Suggestion] Move camera with two finger swipe gesture
  4. command+q quitting the game
  5. I think I found a couple things to improve FPS
  6. glDrawRangeElementsBaseVertex
  7. Update Notes -- 7/12/13
  8. HiDPI issues
  9. Why can't I install the main client?
  10. Low fps and no sound issue
  11. Blurry Visuals in a 2012 MacBook air
  12. [Suggestion] Make the command key function as Ctrl
  13. I have a lot of friends who own a mac
  14. Sound skipping
  15. [Suggestion] Disable hot corners
  16. dota2 for mac how long it takes to play to the official version
  17. Update Notes -- 7/16/13
  18. Cannot find match on mac test client.
  19. Dota 2 for Mac should block Hot Corner!
  20. Dota 2 for Mac OS X is now available on the main Dota 2 client.
  21. No sound first minute or so, Crashes when enemy hero gets kill, Can't find network
  22. Too many bug
  23. Crash on death!
  24. Crashing in hero select?
  25. [Mac]Can't hear unit quotes.
  26. About the mac version of dota2, in fact, and crossover, as opposed soundtrack based o
  27. Vsync and Steam Overlay Performance
  28. I got serious problems with Dota2 and i got Mac mini (Late 2012, OS X 10.8.4),(12E55)
  29. Everything works, except...
  30. OS X 10.8.4 ERROR
  31. [MAC] The Fan Makes a Hell lot of Noise!
  32. mission control
  33. Crash while waiting for a game
  34. Crash after death
  35. Right click isn't working on both mouse and track pad in game
  36. Game crashes when hero loads and during the middle of a match
  37. Dota2 Test Update Notes -- 7/23/13
  38. Increasing Dota 2 client CPU priority
  39. Can you transfer windows installation to mac?
  40. Any improvement with new update on Mac?
  41. Issues on Macbook pro Retina Display
  42. Mouse Acceleration
  43. Audio Issue - Settings & Announcers
  44. DOTA 2 Running Natively on the Early 2013 Retina MacBook Pro 15"
  45. Graphic on mac not working prepetly
  46. Bugs screenshots
  47. Options problems
  48. Play Dota2 w/ Wineskin=No Noise, Low Fan Speed
  49. 4 bugs
  50. Low FPS on mac, Retina 15"
  51. Problem with in-game voice
  52. Crash during the game and....
  53. Found match sound notification
  54. constant crashes mid-game with recent update
  55. Texture problem on Radiant's bot lane
  56. Please fix these mac bugs!
  57. Keyboard lag when selecting spells
  58. Updated several times, but without any improvement fps
  59. Flickering and graphic tears both in game and on menu
  61. [How to] Fix FPS
  62. Game Files?
  63. Mac Sound Problem
  64. Few bugs, that i see on my iMac
  65. No audio While alt Tabbed
  66. Dota 2 ingame workshop will not load on my mac ever.
  67. Low FPS, High Ping (Random)
  68. Low FPS
  69. Absolute Doo Doo
  70. Crashing issue fixed yet?
  71. Crashes linked to source engine?
  72. Mouse Issues and Other Things
  73. Application to disable/enable HotCorners (DOWNLOAD)
  74. Has anyone tried DotaMac (Porting team)
  75. My fix for dota fps / sound bugs
  76. Weird FPS issue.
  77. Dota 2 Crashes at main menu
  78. Kernel task management that can improve your fps
  79. Loss item ( main menu bug)
  80. Why don't I have mouth animations?
  81. Some Mac feedback... Hope this helps. :)
  82. Dota 2 doesn't support retina display.
  83. Performance on MBP Retina Display
  84. Latest update - "Game ready" sound is gone.
  85. Found Game Sound not working with External Audio Cards
  86. FPS drop after the latest update
  87. Icon/Dock Icon Bug?
  88. Game laggs if a friend goes online or start chatting over steam
  89. Critical Sniper model/Auto Attack bug, among other hero model issues
  90. OS Maverick Crashing Dota2
  91. can't edit cart
  92. Resource folder replaced on MAC, any help?
  93. Three issues : Sound on matchmaking, stutters in game and Random crashes in fights
  94. dota 2 swap option
  95. Mac OSX Visual Glitches
  96. A temporary fix to Copy to Clipboard in Replay.
  97. Super low performance!
  98. Many bugs and crashes lead to low prio
  99. setting up a single game crashes
  100. lower fps since last major update
  101. Option for ctrl+click=rightclick
  102. Dota2 Mac Error Compiling Workshop Items (VTF Compile Fail)
  103. Critical issue on MacOS after 25th November update
  104. Microphone doesn't work
  105. Can't see the font clearly in the game and worse in mini-map, dota2 for mac
  106. [crash][mac][10.9]
  107. Dota 2 Crashes After 6.79c Update
  108. Constant crashes, can't play
  109. fps getting worse and worse
  110. Issue with binding units to keys
  111. Problem with displaying game
  112. Dota 2 supported for retina graphics?
  113. Cap FPS on Mac OSX Mavericks.
  114. Missing body parts/ clothes
  115. Team fight lag fix
  116. OSX: Side mouse button breaks clicking on the minimap until you click elsewhere first
  117. Anyone got autoexec.cfg to work properly?
  118. unable to use Chinese input in dota 2 for mac
  119. Dota 2 has massive connectivity issues under OS X, please fix them Valve
  120. ESC Key Issues
  121. 6.80 Native Integration Improvements
  122. Thank you Valve for completely screwing me over right before the event....
  123. Report a Bug.When scroll screen up, game will lag.And I find the reason.
  124. Switching Mac User Account, DOTA 2 needs to re-download?
  125. Why the dots2 mistake should our player payed the bill!!!!
  126. Dota2 app icon on my desktop keeps popping up
  127. When will dota 2 mac version support retina?
  128. Can i play dota 2 on mpb iris?
  129. Mac keyboard in qwerty instead of azerty
  130. FPS drop on Retina MacBook Pro
  131. Game Crash Frequently on MAC
  132. Crash so many times on Mac OS X 10.9.1
  133. Prevent sleep when spectating
  134. BUG Unable to use second screen after new bloom MACOSX.
  135. Why no OSX 10.6 ?
  136. Dota is crashing
  137. FPS drops after 28/02 mavericks' update
  138. the game crash often
  139. "dota_osx quit unexpectedly" Every Time a New Game Loads
  140. Mac OSX crashing issue
  141. dota2 keep crashing
  142. Facing Issues With Macbook Dota2
  143. Help: BUG: Cant enter into Full Screen (MAC) (with new patch 4.29.14
  144. Spring Cleaning No Fullscreen possible
  145. Mac OSX 10.8.5 Workshop Menu glitched/bugged (unable to use)
  146. bug in the game, i think it was from the compendium
  148. Microphone doesn't work after using it a few times
  149. Frames on Mac compared to Frames on Bootcamp
  150. DOTA 2 Screen Glitching / Flickering
  151. OSX Crash on Game Join
  152. Game keeps Crashing After I pick Hero!
  153. Mac os x lagging
  154. [BUG] Character Viewer missing lighting source
  155. Enabling Techies in latest OSX patch (Source Finagler/mod questions)
  156. [MAC] Copy to clipboard not working?
  157. Apple -- Bugs
  158. Mac 10.10 Crashes
  159. Can't see some spells
  160. Clean App Icon
  161. Retina 13"
  162. X: Universal Access Error After Update
  163. Please fix this font problem in mac os
  164. +-sixense console commands do not function on Mac.
  165. Slowdowns since techies patch (but weird workaround for Valve to fix)...
  166. Mac crash
  167. Mirana using ethereal blast on PA crashes dota2
  168. Shdaow Fiend e-blade dagon gameplay causing disconnection from the game on Mac OS
  169. In-game events that cause CRASHING in MAC OS X
  170. Dagon and Eblade crashes - MAC
  171. lycanthrope crash
  172. DOTA2 mini map bug(MAC OS)
  173. Dota 2 keeps crashing all the time
  174. Post on reddit regarding Dota performance for Mac
  175. Game stays in windowed mode when launching
  176. Performance issues after Yosemite upgrade?
  177. where do you put config files for dota 2 on a mac
  178. HELP NEEDED - Dota 2 quit unexpectedly on mac
  179. DotA freezing/crashing whenever new game is about to start
  180. FPS drop at random times[OS X YOSEMITE 10.10.1]
  181. Heavy lag during games since upgrade to OSX Mavericks
  182. DotA 2 requiring to be reinstalled after game crashes
  183. -nogammaramp launch option causes crashes in long games (40-60 min)
  184. Dota 2 Will not Start after December 8th, 2014 Patch
  185. Double clicking twice?
  186. Earth Spirit crash for the OSX client, crash report included
  187. Considering a top Macbook - how does Dota run?
  188. Scammed IN MAC
  189. Guide: How to remap keys for steam games on mac OSX (including DOTA2)
  190. how can a ban
  191. Hello please help
  192. Browser charges after heros selection
  193. Steam Updates crash the Mac client every time
  194. Eeathspirit crash dota. OS X Yosemite
  195. Can the new macbook run dota 2?
  196. Weird Sound in client (Blog, Store, etc. won't load)
  197. Mac OS X 10.7 Crash Following Compendium Update
  198. [MAC] Dota 2 Reborn Beta is not available on play tab
  199. Bug: Require triple clicking for all action, not detecting keyboard and others
  200. Sudden Abandon After Auto-Disconnect
  201. DOTA2 Reborn won't start on my mac mini 6,2 (Late 2012)
  202. Can't play Reborn beta on my Mac Pro because of huge graphic bugs
  203. Reborn is an unplayable experience!
  204. [Suggestion] Reborn matchmaking notifications (for developers)
  205. Mac Fullscreen in Reborn
  206. Disable hot corners for mac
  207. Button does not work "cmd" and "alt" on MAC.
  208. Mac OS El Capitan support
  209. Dota2 Reborn doesn't start black screen
  210. Dota 2 Reborn No Audio
  211. Dota 2 Reborn on Intel HD 3000
  212. Please, make Clicable heroes in "ALL-HERO CHALLENGE" interface
  213. Use left mouse button for move & attack?
  214. Unpause desktop notification missing in the reborn client
  216. Dota 2 keeps crashing when I'm in game
  217. MAC Dota flash quit
  218. Mac client crashing after latest patch
  219. Dota 2 MAC crash after today's update
  220. DUST BUG only on MAC OSX
  221. Mini map bug
  222. Minimap Turning Black
  223. Part of minimap gets obscured when hovering over certain areas
  224. Dota Client thinks I am holding down buttons?
  225. dota 2 level is stuck
  226. Hover over players do not show player profile.
  227. Bug after the newest update (17-May-16)
  228. Mac OS crashing right after launching.
  229. Can't minimize & second monitor black
  230. Constant crashing since May 25th update
  231. DOTA 2 won't quit thus can't shutdown properly
  232. Dota 2 will not launch on Mac
  233. Dota2 crashing from 1 to 10 times per game
  234. Unplayable on MacBook Pro
  235. Hero Suggestions Mac
  236. Holding alt doesn't show attributes above damage, armour and speed
  237. MacOS Sierra client crashes 1-2 minutes after startup
  238. OSX El Capitan crash game client
  239. crash when using custom Bots
  240. Error codes appear when playing in Chinese on Mac
  241. Little Snitch problem
  242. Админы Доты 2 обманывают!
  243. Can't Demo Hero while checking out items in the store on MacOS
  244. MACBOOK --> SHIFT KEY pop up overlay screen.
  245. White graphics artifacts on Mac
  246. 20 fps / basically unplayable performance?
  247. Left click not properly registering/delay
  248. Bugs with new skin set Blade form Juggernaut
  249. DOTA 2 on MBP 2016 OS or Bootcamp
  250. Dota2 "Universal Access" is turned on but system said it is not!!!!