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  50. Suggestion: Make it easier for guild members to see that there are open lobbies
  51. Guild management
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  53. Guild Voice Chat
  54. Increase the number of member to Unlimited Read Why
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  59. dota 2
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  79. У меня не загружаеться логотип
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  92. just why?
  93. on how dota2 written pro team?
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  97. did'nt got my tressure redemption token
  98. Hello
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  121. dota 2 build bug everyone have it plz fix it finaly it exist 2 much time!!!:mad::mad
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  123. I just want to permanently remove this game from my account
  124. Valve, Please Finally Implement the Guild System into Dota 2 Reborn! 7F
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  127. Reintroduce Guild system with 1v1 system and small tournaments.
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  132. We play team rating and dont have PTS !! !MLG 360 WTF dsfihyhdbsfoj
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  137. What do you think about this concept
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