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  1. [Fixed] Stun&Teleport
  2. [Confirmed]Tiny ult not working
  3. [Confimed]Silencer steals Intellect without having any Silencer spell
  4. Frost Arrows giving range to melee
  5. [Confirmed] Illusions don't have any hero spells
  6. [Confirmed] Moonglave serious error
  7. [Confirmed] Elder Dragon Form breaks Auto Attacking
  8. [Question]Are abandons meant to count in Ability Draft?
  9. [Confirmed] Witchcraft gives no movement speed
  10. [Confirmed] Void can move through chrono even if he isn't the one with the abilit
  11. [Confirmed] Medusa's Mana Shield procs Fiery Soul on the new mode
  12. Game crash during Ability draft
  13. Custom game with bots
  14. Ability Draft Bug List
  15. Morph doesn't work
  16. Ability Draft Bug: Dragon Knight's Ultimate Attack Range
  17. [Ability Draft] Dragon Form don't add attack range
  18. [Random Ability Draft] Death Prophet/Witchcraft ability slot bug
  19. Impetus/no mana disable auto attack bug.
  20. Lion's Mana Drain animation bug
  21. Spell interaction Random Ability Draft
  22. Cannot be able to start play (once time)
  23. Ability Draft - Dragon Mode on Juggernaut.
  24. "Killed by" shows original spells in Ability Draft
  25. Always last pick
  26. Ability Draft Wins/Losses count towards overall games won/lost
  27. You are completely incapable of coaching ability draft session
  28. Night Stalker Gains Scepter Vision WITHOUT Darkness
  29. Fiery soul [Lina Passive] still activated by toggles
  30. tooltips for abilities on the righthand side of the game cut off
  31. [Ability Draft] Silencer stealing intelligence without Glaives of Wisdom ability
  32. focusfire and split shot
  33. [Ability Draft] Luna's Glaive won't work on Wraith King
  34. AM bug with dragon knight ultimate!
  35. Ability Draft Player Count
  36. hero can't attack in OMG
  37. Some Ability Draft Bugs
  38. Death Prophets movement speed bonus wasnt working on her passive
  39. Some skill tool tips hidden in screen boarder
  40. Previous game's tool tips still present during draft stage
  41. Server crash, involved abilities: mainly static link, burning spears
  42. Night stalker and aghanim
  43. Phantom Edge on Manta style illusions doesn't work on Wraith King
  44. Lion's Mana drain
  46. Melee heroes becoming ranged
  47. Echo Stomp does not make sound while channeling
  48. [Confirmed]Sticky napalm threshold
  49. Exorcism interaction with heroes who have a higher attack range
  50. Bug On Ability Draft
  51. SIlencer OP passive active
  52. [Question]How are legacy keys supposed to work?
  53. [C]Clockwerk's Power Cogs cant be 1 hitted by caster
  54. Illusions dont have any skills
  55. QWER(custom hotkeys) keys doesn't overwrite Legacy/AD-Legacy
  56. [sugesstion] from a player for ability draft..
  57. Other heroes doesn't gain flying vision with firefly enabled
  58. Slithereen Crush Doesn't Cause Permanent Invisibility to Reveal
  59. [C]Activating Primal Split doesn't change selection spirits
  60. Pulse Nova doing damage while Invis
  61. Spawn Spiderlings spiders can move in chronosphere
  62. [C]Scoreboard abilities does not sync with actual picked abilities.
  63. Choosing skill UI hang so much
  64. Tusk's walrus punch is long ranged
  65. Poison Attack & Liquid Fire: can't manually use Liquid Fire while if you have mana
  66. Essense Aura procs on some zero cooldown spells if possesed by the same hero
  67. Tiny getting Tree from Aghs
  68. Lion's mana steal on melee character visual bug
  69. Death Prophet dosen't get speed boost from her own Witchcraft skill
  70. Ability Draft- Clockwerk interaction with Elder Form
  71. Entire game is broken.
  72. Darkness's Aghanim
  73. Witchcraft doesnt work in ability draft
  74. Mac OSX Ability Draft Crash - Since Jan 31
  75. Not really a bug, just sort of game breaking.
  76. About the missing heroes in Ability Draft
  77. Ability Draft: Night Stalker Ultimate Bug
  78. Moment of Courage with Impetus skilled uses mana?!?
  79. Clock + DK's Ultimate
  80. Can't target allies bug on enemy hero
  81. Ability Draft problem?
  82. Animation Frontswing and Backswing in Ability Draft question.
  83. Earthshaker+dragon knight's ulti, sven+luna's glaive
  84. Aghanim's Scepter Bug
  85. Mana Shield (Medusa) procs Overload (Storm Spirit)
  86. Slark using Moon Glaive
  87. Randomness of heroes on both side for AD mode
  88. Goblin Greed doesn't work when your summons kill
  89. Not work abilities
  90. DK ultimate bug
  91. Fiery Soul + Split shot (toggling like crazy)
  92. Walrus punch bug
  93. Coach crash in Ability Draft
  94. Mirana's "Sacred Arrow" does not shoot centrally for (at least) Shadow Shaman.
  95. Impetus + fury swipes
  96. Aftershock+Ball Lightning=Stun forever
  97. Dragonform not registering attacks
  98. Ability Draft Chronosphere Problem
  99. [C]Bane doesn't get Nightmare (End) sub ability when he selects nightmare in AD
  100. Tidebringer not giving me extra damage
  101. Flaming Spears
  102. [AD] Sven's Dragon Form cannot attack
  103. No astral spirit return button
  104. Broken interface in 4:3 resolution
  105. Divided we Stand and Swaping Heroes Bug
  106. Meepo Ultimate with Manta style = Infinite Copies
  107. Meepo Pick SKills bug
  108. Poof doesnt work
  109. Meepo in Ability Draft
  110. Remove Meepo from AD
  111. Elder Dragon Form Bug
  112. Split Shot+Fury Swipes=worx
  113. Divided we stand and summon skills not working properly with ctrl move
  114. Split shot and feast
  115. Divided We Stand - Does not drop "droppable item" when dies
  116. Баги и оптимизация в Ability draft
  117. ability draft
  118. List of bugs I've found lately
  119. Melee heroes with ranged spells or the opposite
  120. Theres no music on ability draft mode and...
  121. Divided We Stand + Aegis Bug
  123. [BUG] Ability Draft - NS's Darkness
  124. Ability Draft for 1v1, 2v2, etc
  125. Mechanics on Clinkz' Searing Arrows
  126. enchant totem + overpower + ranged hero
  127. Poof + Divided we stand doesn't work properly
  128. Shield toggle - Overload
  129. OD ultimate bug
  130. Divided we rape , and respawn bug
  131. Infest not gaining health
  132. AD wish list of fixes and improvements
  133. meepo ulti bug (after swapping heroes with a friend)
  134. Mana Shield + <Insert Skills Here>
  135. Dragon Form is not addin the 372 bonus range.
  136. Meepo Clone Bug?
  137. [Bug] Multiple orb effects stack
  138. Divide We Stand
  139. Poof not working
  140. Interesting distribution of AD games
  141. Add Hero Draft To AD
  142. Berserker's Call just prior to Duel allows Duel target to have control of their hero
  143. [Ability Draft Bug] Nether Strike doesnt work playing Kunkka
  144. Ability Draft Suggestion
  145. Permanent Chicken
  146. Ghost ship damaged allies
  147. Silencer + Divided We Stand Unintended Intteraction.
  148. Mana Shield still procs Overload on Disruptor (possibly other heroes)?
  149. Primal Split + Aghanim's Bug
  150. Please make arrows abilities into " Weapon Modifiers "
  151. Tournament Items on Ability Draft
  152. Ball Lightning/Essence Aura
  153. [Ability Draft] Wraith King with DK ultimate bug
  154. Berserk's Call + Duel
  155. Dota 2 client freezes completely during coaching mode
  156. Please give us SD.
  157. Skill Order
  158. AD Disconnect While Loading Because NOT First Pick
  159. Possible exploit - Hero loaded with an ability?
  160. Mode Ability Draft - Clock with ulti Dragon Knight - doesn't work
  161. Primal Split Bug
  162. Item and Mouse Glitch in Ability Draft
  163. Abbandon didn't work for someone
  164. [Confirmed]Arcane Boots can be used by heroes with Divided We Stand
  165. Magnus' third slot slow issue
  166. Leschrac using his ult while invisible
  167. coach & ability draft
  168. [Suggestion] Ability Mode Draft Interface
  169. Fury Swipes stacks with Split Shot :D
  170. Bots in normal match???
  171. Can't control leaver meepo clones
  172. DWS respawn bug - clones respawning before hero respawns on rebuy
  173. List of Melee heroes that CAN use elder dragon form/moon glaives
  174. Invisibility of SA no make (not remove the invisibility) appear when using spells.
  175. Windrunner ult is bugged
  176. Improve communication and add more heroes.
  177. Shared Contents doesn't appear until their owner dies and respawns
  178. Ability Draft BUG
  179. Weird Moment of Courage + Impetus interaction
  180. Juggernaut + Plasma Field
  181. Demonic Conversion and foucus fire
  182. Prohibit Tidebringer & Walrus Punch combo
  183. Ideas for Improving AD -- Community List
  184. Overpower + Flak not stacking correctly
  185. Burning spears
  186. [AD] Moment of Courage activates Arcane Orb
  187. Toggle abilities mistakened for spell casts
  188. Ability Draft -Picking Queue Pre Game Mode
  189. Lack of hero choice matters, and here's why
  190. [Suggestion] Rearrange Skills
  191. Escaping from Fiend's Grip
  192. A solution to enable most of heroes in AD
  194. A Few Bugs
  195. [Confirmed]You can pick the same skills in Ability Draft more then once
  196. Few Bugs
  197. Skill description cut off during pick phase
  198. Picking Astral Sprit doesnt give you the Return Spirit Spell
  199. Wall of Replica + mana break bug
  200. Hero Respawn Times
  201. Yet another broken combo
  202. Static Field + Chakram
  203. Incorrect image of ability
  204. Aftershock + Chakram + Blink
  205. Coach Crash Bug
  206. [Visual] Mana Drain
  207. Interaction between Overpower and Flak Cannon
  208. Dragon form broken.
  209. [BUG] Darkness Interaction with Aghanim's Scepter - DOES NOT Give Unobstructed Vision
  210. Ability selection not showing up.
  211. You can spawn twice.
  212. [Gameplay balance] Innate abilities should be merged to other abilities.
  213. Void can walk in Chronosphere
  214. Moon Glaive on Melee
  215. Grow on Viper turns it invisible.
  216. Wins/losses counts in this mode
  217. Abillity Pick: Split Shot, Overload
  218. Matchmaking for ap ranked mode are broken
  219. Weird spin web bug.
  220. Night stalker ulty dose not work with scepter
  221. Tree with Liquid Fire (Jakiro Passive)
  222. (DK) elder form with (URSA) overpower, dragon attack has no damage!
  223. (LUNA) Moon glaives not working
  225. Tiny ulti visual bug!
  226. Witch Doctor`s ulti damage not returning to the owner against blade mail
  227. DK ulti (elder dragon form) not working on every other hero
  228. double ability pick ?
  229. My Enigma With Tiny's Ult Looks Like A condom :D
  230. Legion Commander's Duel Ability Kept Ending Prematurely
  231. Eyes in the forest unavailable
  232. Aghanim's Scepter not working
  233. Ban Rikimaru because of Permanent Invisibility
  234. Moon Glaive Stuck ! Melee by Anti Mage
  235. Arcane Orb doesn't count as a spell but does (Bristleback passive)
  236. Bug for Abilities Cover
  237. Games not counting
  238. roshan blocking bug
  239. Is there some kind of strange Focus Fire / Greater bash nerf?
  240. Cheater in game
  241. A moment of silence for Timbersaw.
  242. Aftershock bug
  243. Drafting Fiend's Grip Causes Hotkey/Skill Error
  244. Wichcraft bugged on DP
  245. [Bug] Remove Mana Shield + Overloard interactions
  246. permanent invisibility + static link
  247. Permanent Invisibility + Snowball
  248. Fix Ball Lightning + Aftershock combo!
  249. Napalm Bonds
  250. Aghanim's Scepter and Darkness does not give unobstructed vison