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  1. First ^_^
  2. Second >.>
  3. Regarding how to use the fantasy league.
  4. explain the new fantasy league pls?
  5. Create a League -> Unknown Error Please Try Again
  6. Is it possible to (bring back/also add) the old Compendium Fantasy Challenge?
  7. Unable to change draft time? Seems locked at 4pm currently
  8. Fantasy League No Players Showing
  9. Draft Time has to be BEFORE May 18th?
  10. Bug: Made A Grave Clicking Mistake
  11. Team Dog/Mousesports
  12. Drafting is completely broken
  13. So no public leagues? prizes for what? auto draft missing?
  14. Click mistake and suggestion.
  15. Drafting List Error
  16. Error in creating a fantasy league
  17. Fantasy League Name
  18. Changing Logo after initial join
  19. Accidentally created a new league.
  20. Fanatasy League ID 0 Error
  21. recruit me pls :))
  22. [full]Join Dominion
  23. The autodraft gave zero players.
  24. How do you know your ID fantasy league?
  25. Gokai League JOIN NOW!
  26. [full]Dota2 Fantasy Team Recruitment
  27. Give my league back pls.
  28. Fantasy Dota
  29. Question regarding players
  30. come join my fantasy league!
  31. Can't change draft time
  32. Draft impossible
  33. Fantasy League Crash on MAC
  34. Kicking players
  35. join my fantasy League :>
  36. Why only 6 Spots?
  37. Can't set wished time for drafting, need help
  38. Come join my league!!!
  39. Join my league, drafting in 1 hour!
  40. Join the Fantasy Club, drafting in 1 hour
  41. [self resolved]Can't see Fantasy League menu
  42. When submitting a bug report
  43. My Friend can't draft in my league
  44. Fantasy League "Ticket Lost Bug"
  45. Accidently kicked friend
  46. Can't Draft players. Draft broken
  47. Come join my league !
  48. Is it possible to wipe league before season starts?
  49. Join west european fantasy league
  50. Reset league drafting phase please?
  51. Cant set a time
  52. Kicked from league
  53. Can't draft in our league.
  54. Come and join my league!!!!!
  55. my dota fantasy: region lock
  56. Draft broken
  57. can't add any player
  58. Join SADBOYS Fantasy League
  59. Stuck AT Round 2 Draft
  60. Help me plz! Names of teams
  61. Fantasy draft bugged
  62. Please reset league
  63. Can't see all players after draft
  64. Friends cant enter in my fantasy league
  65. My friends can't join in my league
  66. Join my League or I can Join Yours!
  67. Bug item!
  68. league not working
  69. Fantasy Draft errors
  70. What happens if a player misses the draft?
  71. league and team
  72. Australia Dota Fantasy Leage
  73. Can't kick a member from my league.
  74. Fantasy Ticket Season bug
  75. Entire roster was dropped.
  76. Need league reset
  77. Cannot change draft time
  78. League Name
  79. May 19th closed 3 days early?
  80. My fantasy league is bugged, no pick possible for mates
  81. Something went wrong during the draft
  82. league bug report
  83. My ID number just flash and error windows poped..
  84. Delete team
  85. ChrisC please help
  86. Europe fantasy league
  87. [self fixed]Fantasy League lost ID
  88. Can't see players during draft
  89. Some questions about fantasy league
  90. My league is bugged, need a reset
  91. Transfer friend to my league
  92. My league need a reset for bug
  93. Is there an option to reset my league? We had several bugs while doing our draft.
  94. Not accurate image!
  95. I need to restart my fantasy league due to draft bug
  96. Couldn't see player during the draft, reset needed
  97. Fantasy Draft bug.
  98. Unable to draft players
  99. How to quit fantasy draft
  100. Fantasy draft problems and bugs
  101. Drafting problem
  102. Fantasy Draft Bugging!
  103. Bugged Fantasy - Joined and was not Part of Draft process
  104. Help! I am the only one who can draft my friend cant draft his picks
  105. Draft Time
  106. Fantasy draft broken
  107. Will participants in the Dreamleauge Fantasy League get any sort of prize?
  108. Fantasy Draft Reset Request
  109. Can you please reset my Fantasy League
  110. Reset Fantasy league request
  111. Wrong calendar
  112. Request for Fantasy League Reset
  113. League Reset Request
  114. League Reset?
  115. Resetting Fantasy League
  116. Fantasy Draft no players showed bug
  117. bug with fantasy league
  118. Fantasy League Reset
  119. Joined Fantasy League but nothing showing up?
  120. Fantasy League reset request
  121. Drafting Bug: No draftable players displayed
  122. Fantasy League request
  123. Fantasy League Reset Request
  124. League Reset Request
  125. Reset Request
  126. Fantasy League Reset Request
  127. [fixed]I can't see my Roster
  128. reset fantasy league request
  129. Reset League?
  130. Request League Reset
  131. Join my league ;)
  132. Joining after locked
  133. Join my league !!!
  134. League Reset Request
  135. can we create leagues after the start date?
  136. Can we do drafts on/after the 19th?
  137. The scroll bar on team info doesn't work
  138. Some retired players still inside fantasy league
  139. I created a league and it now can't be found
  140. League Reset Request
  141. Join my League!
  142. Dota 2 keeps crashing after joining Fantasy League
  143. League Reset Request
  144. New league created
  145. Only 6 people allowed in the league?
  146. [self fixed]Possibly a bug: Different Draft time for each player ?
  147. League Reset Request
  148. No Draftable Players Displayed During the Live Draft
  149. League Reset request
  150. Drafting bug
  151. League Reset Request
  152. The scroll bar doesn't work in team info.
  153. League Reset Request
  154. League Reset Request
  155. Looking for a league!
  156. League reset request
  157. Legue reset request
  158. League reset request
  159. League reset request
  160. League Reset
  161. Need Reset League
  162. join a league after the 19th?
  163. League reset request
  164. wtf is this
  165. League reset request
  166. Unable to join or create Fantasy League Have ticket
  167. I cant add player to a Team. Why?
  168. Draft Bugged !
  169. Fantasy League problems
  170. League reset request
  171. I think my draft has bugged out
  172. Want to Join a League :o
  173. League Reset Request
  174. my league is locked at 6 players HELP!
  175. Player missing from team LGD-GAMING?
  176. Join my league maybe ?
  177. League reset request
  178. League Reset Request
  179. Fantasy id
  180. I want to leave fantasy league
  181. League reset request
  182. join my league fantasy
  183. Can't transaction Ysaera
  184. join my fantasy
  185. new here
  186. league reset request
  187. Join my fantasy league
  188. League reset request
  189. League Transfer Request
  190. Created a new fantasy league, no league visible and ticket lost.
  191. Initializing The League
  192. Fantasy League Reset
  193. Fantasy league bugged - reset request
  194. Join league
  195. Additional Questions on Fantasy League
  196. Fantasy League bug
  197. League Reset Request
  198. League Reset Request
  199. Question about request to drop and pick up another player
  200. Live Draft crashes on Mac OS X
  201. Draft Deadline?
  202. League Reset Request
  203. pajkatt from dog/mouz should be a carry not a support.
  204. My Fantasy League is broken
  205. Chuan's Fantasy League role bugged
  206. need league id 73718 reset
  207. any video?
  208. League reset Request!
  209. Cannot swap within roster
  210. Fantasy League Reset Request
  211. Can't change time from 12am
  212. My League
  213. change player
  214. Fixes
  215. Join my fantasy league!!
  216. Players missing
  217. Join My League
  218. Join my league! Darft 30min
  219. Teams Disappearing
  220. Chat is stuck in the draft
  221. Not getting fantasy points
  222. Suggestion: Search by Team
  223. Can't swap players
  224. looking for a team for fantasy league !!
  225. Draft after season kick off
  226. League reset request
  227. Live Draft bugged - Can we reset?
  228. Fantasy Draft, join now
  229. Fantasy Draft Join Up
  230. Tried to join league but created one instead
  231. League Reset Request
  232. i got this bug or someting that blocks me from fantasy league
  233. Is it Possible to Change the Teams Name after Making the Team?
  234. Bugfixes for May 19 Update
  235. Drafted Player not "scheduled"
  236. Drafting Players Stop Working After2 Picks
  237. Adding the same player not being resolved by standings?
  238. Fantasy Draft Picking Bug
  239. Not able to set roster
  240. My pending player transaction didn't go through, it only changed the date.
  241. Create instead of join
  242. Bugged Draft -- only 2 players per team.
  243. Come Join My League
  244. League Reset request?
  245. looking for a Team mate
  246. What Matches Count for Points?
  247. Fantasy League, missing some players
  248. Reset required in Fantasy league
  249. Need players for a Fantasy League
  250. Suggestion: View previously played matches of any players